Begin to practice boxing already today

Begin to practice boxing already today

If there was desire to visit boxing lessons, then it is already good and it is possible to tell that the first stage is passed in preparation for the first training. Now it is possible to pass to the second stage, namely, visit of the hall for the purpose of acquisition of the subscription and for the conversation with the coach.

Try to pick up the most convenient schedule of visit to don't miss any training. The coach by all means has to acquaint with what is necessary for boxing, but we will try to consider everything independently. So, if you only the beginner, then respectively on apparatuses and in sparrings any coach of the country and world never puts such "boxer". Therefore only jump ropes and sportswear will be necessary. Consider that it has to be the most convenient, breathing and not frying, will train differently uncomfortablly.

Then in several weeks it will be necessary to buy bandage, gloves, and we send to the cap. It should be notedIt should be noted that it is rather expensive, but, nevertheless, without these elements any coach in the sparring won't put. It is worth watching even movies about boxing where without these elements any athlete doesn't come to the ring, neither at the training, nor in the championship. Now it is possible to pass to the equipment stage before the competition. For this purpose without fail it is necessary to buy red and blue sports T-shirts, shorts for boxing, the bandage or, otherwise, "shell". At the same time, and the cap you have bandage, gloves. Also special footwear is required, it is called bokserka. Such footwear doesn't slide and rather strongly holds the leg that allows to move surely on the ring.

By all means consider all stages, estimate own opportunities concerning each element, and only then it will be possible to pass to implementation of the plans concerning boxing classes. The main thing is to don't miss trainings and most diligently to fulfill each requirement of the coach. Also consider that the better attributes the boxer will buy, the longer they will serve to him.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team