Cardiotrainings for weight loss: effective exercises in house conditions"

Cardiotrainings for weight loss: effective exercises in house conditions"

Kardio exercises are an obligatory element of fitness programs and also can be used as separate complexes for improvement of a physical state, combustion of fat and creation of a beautiful figure. This type of sports trainings is very effective for weight loss whether it is not dependent on that you are engaged in house conditions or you visit gym. How it is correct to hold home cardiotrainings that they have to include and what it is necessary to pay attention to, we will tell in more detail further.

What is a cardiotraining

It is a type of sports trainings which feature is the physical activity with high intensity at insignificant power loadings.

The person makes movements for the account of energy which appears as a result oxygen from lungs gets to blood and glucose molecules are oxidized that in biology is called as aerobic glycolysis. For this reason cardiotrainings are called sometimes aerobic.

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In the course of performance kardio exercises there is a training of groups of muscles, work of a cardiovascular system improves, the volume of lungs increases, and thanks to it the endurance and working capacity increase.

Trainings are not really long: they can borrow from 20 min. to an hour a day, however have to take place dynamically.

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Main advantages of this type of physical activities are as follows:

  • strengthening of various groups of muscles and development of physical shape, without creation of an expressive relief;
  • improvement of work of a cardiovascular system, strengthening of a cardiac muscle, normalization of a warm rhythm;
  • loss of weight as a result of burning and reduction of a fat layer;
  • "drying" of an organism before sports meets for manifestation of a relief of a body;
  • training and improvement of work of lungs, increase in their volume;
  • increase in endurance and resistance to stress — an organism learns to do more work, than earlier, keeping cheerfulness and activity, and it will promote combustion of subcutaneous fat in bigger volume;
  • improvement of work of the immune system;
  • normalization of level of arterial blood pressure, on condition of observance of the correct mode of a training and control of pulse rate during performance kardio exercises;
  • increase in elasticity of vessels.

It is necessary to consider that the advantage and efficiency kardio exercises depends on such indicators of physical activity:

  • type;
  • durations;
  • intensity.

Whether you know? There is a formula by which each person can easily recognize pulse level borders during physical activity. For this purpose it is necessary from 220 to take away age of this person. To calculate the maximum allowed value, the received number is multiplied by 85%, minimum — for 65%.

Harm and contraindications

Cardiotrainings have practically no contraindications, however at respect for the correct intensity and pulse rate. In order that kardio exercises were useful, the person should be convinced of lack of such problems with health:

  1. Diseases of the vascular system. In this case trainings are allowed with low intensity.
  2. Problems with joints and sheaves — assume an opportunity to be engaged not in all types of cardiotrainings. For example, it is possible to replace run with swimming.
  3. Elevated pressure. Such people should keep pulse under control, watching it not only on the exercise machine monitor, but also using the special equipment prior to occupation, in time and later.

Types of cardiotrainings

Cardiotrainings are the general concept which covers a large number of the types of physical activity united by way of obtaining energy an organism and the nature of holding a training.

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Carry to cardioloadings:

  • run which can be made as in the fresh air on the cross-country terrain or at stadium, and in the closed hall on the racetrack;
  • cycling or driving on the exercise bike;
  • occupations on the elliptic exercise machine which allows to distribute load of various groups of muscles, modeling walking, run, raisings up;
  • swimming by various technicians, and in particular a breast stroke, both in an open reservoir, and in the pool;
  • step aerobics;
  • walking during which to increase efficiency for all body, it is recommended to make bending and extension of hands at the same time special sticks for walking can be used;
  • rowing;
  • boxing;
  • badminton;
  • occupations yoga;
  • team active games;
  • rope jumping;
  • ski race;
  • skating.

General recommendations

The effectiveness of cardiotrainings in many respects depends on regularity and correctness of performance of exercises.

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For obtaining maximum efficiency from sports occupations of a such type it is necessary to adhere to such recommendations:

  1. Occupations are on an empty stomach banned. But it does not mean that before a training it is necessary to gorge on in plenty. In the mornings the light breakfast for half an hour prior to occupation will be ideal.
  2. It is necessary to know how many beats per minute are made by your normal pulse and to control the maximum allowed value whether depending on that you are an experienced athlete or is not present;
  3. Loading during the training needs to be increased gradually.
  4. Training, it is not necessary to be distracted by a foreign talk as it will affect a respiratory rhythm which can be broken.
  5. Load of various groups of muscles has to alternate.
  6. If there is a choice, then it is more preferable to make cardiotrainings in the fresh air.
  7. For occupations it is recommended to select the comfortable and breathing clothes.
  8. Frequent change of speed well influences development of endurance.
  9. It is impossible to stop sharply a training, having suddenly stopped.
  10. It is necessary to finish a cardiotraining walking, restoring breath.
  11. During the training the spirit of the person therefore it is better to pick up that type of physical activity which is most nice and interesting is very important. It is also possible to turn on the favourite music which will promote improvement of mood. Besides, it will form a basis for rhythmical movements and will be able to distract from fatigue.

Kardio exercises will be effective if to carry out them:

  • regularly from 3 to 5 times a week, at the initial stage are not recommended to take a break more than 2 days between occupations;
  • in the morning — for increase in endurance of an organism of a cardiotraining recommend to carry out to this period;
  • in the evening from 17 to 19 o'clock — the period is ideal for the fat-burning and increasing metabolism occupations.

Important! During the cardiotraining the optimum rate of pulse is 60–70% of norm. Level of 85% is not recommended to be exceeded if you are not a professional athlete with long experience of trainings.

If there are difficulties to allocate time for a training as in gym, and at home, it is possible to make cardioloadings and during performance of daily cares. So, for example, it is possible to think reaching for work by bicycle or not to use the elevator, and to climb in office or home steps. Each cardiotraining has to take place according to the following scheme:

  1. Warm-up — 10% of time.
  2. Training — 80%.
  3. Hitch — 10%.

As it was already told, during cardioloadings it is important to watch the heart rate (pulse). Correctly made program of a cardiotraining has to be developed according to an individual warm rhythm of the person.

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At rest pulse of the healthy adult on average makes from 60–100 ud. / mines while heart of the trained aerobic athletes for transfer of the same volume of blood can make less reductions, about 40-60 ud. / min.

For each stage of a training there are norms of heart rate which pay off for each person depending on his age:

Pulse zone

Training stages




Easy physical activity, adaptation to training process after a break, an organism begins to waken, comes to a tone


Zhiroszhiganiye zone

Good level of loadings and pulse frequency for combustion of fat and development of endurance


Aerobic cardiozone

Lungs work more actively, consuming more oxygen thanks to what respiratory and cardiovascular systems develop. Calories are burned well, the endurance increases


Anaerobic cardiozone

Improvement of physical shape as a result of intensive loadings, trainings of a cardiac muscle and work on endurance


Maximum load

Work at the maximum speed with big return of energy. It is allowed only at experienced athletes and short time can last

Excess of the heart rate of 100% is hazardous to health!

Important! During the cardiotrainings it is impossible to feel an acute pain or strong fatigue. In that case sports occupation it is necessary to stop and allow an organism to have a rest: perhaps, the organism is not ready to such level of loadings and intensity yet.

For control of pulse rate at all you should not hold a hand on a wrist and to look at a second hand of hours — for this purpose there are many modern technical devices:

  • pulsators;
  • fitness trackers;
  • activity trackers;
  • cardiomonitors, etc.

Healthy nutrition at occupations

Main objective of cardiotrainings is burning of a fat layer of an organism and reduction of body weight. To reach it by physical activities alone rather hard and consequently, it is necessary to make the correct program of food.

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The fitness instructor can make it and if you wish to be engaged in this business independently, pay attention to the following recommendations:

  • food has to be regular and nourishing. The person receiving cardioloadings should not starve as forces are required for his organism;
  • the basis of a diet is formed by digestible proteins — cottage cheese, low-calorie kefir, low-fat meat, a breast of chicken, fish;
  • slow carbohydrates also have to prevail in a diet — for example, wholegrain porridges, bakery products from coarse flour, vegetables, bean;
  • water has to be present at food in enough. The drinking mode will help to avoid dehydration of an organism and will accelerate metabolism. After the trainings it is possible to drink grape or cranberry juice;
  • it is better to finish meal one couple of hours prior to physical activity, and after the training it is possible to eat after an hour;
  • it is better to carry out morning jogs on an empty stomach or having made easy having a snack apple or a handful of dried fruits, it is possible to drink a glass of kefir also;
  • fractional food of 4-5 times a day, small portions, will help to avoid feeling of hunger and to sate an organism, having provided it with force for trainings. after

It is worth limiting the use of such products:

  • sweets;
  • farinaceous food;
  • alcohol;
  • carbonated drinks.

Cardiotrainings for weight loss in house conditions

Performance kardio exercises does not demand special stock in the form of the racetrack or the exercise bike at your place at all. Combustion of fat on a stomach and sides in house conditions will require will power, patience and desire to lose excess weight.

The program of exercises for legs, hands, muscles of a stomach and back in a complex will increase endurance of an organism, will improve physical shape and will reduce a fat layer. It is important to remember that at occupations of the house it is necessary to watch pulse rate.

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Experts say that in order that the fat layer began to thaw and decrease, cardioloading has to last not less than half an hour. If sports last less, there is only a strengthening of a cardiovascular system and physical state. Optimum the decision in warm season is run on the street within 30–60 min.

How to pick up the program

During independent creation of the program of trainings it is worth listening to such recommendations of experienced fitness instructors:

  1. It is necessary to observe regularity of trainings. It is possible to make the schedule of occupations, having allocated certain time for sports loadings.
  2. Gradual increase in intensity.
  3. Change of types of exercises, the integrated approach uniting kardio and power exercises.

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Also it is worth paying attention to interval trainings which feature is change of speed, loading and intensity of performance of exercise during the occupation. They allow to get rid quickly and effectively of extra kilos, without reducing muscle bulk. It, for example, can be:

  • run in which it is possible to be engaged in the park, in the yard of the house, on the sports ground. Running, the athlete gradually increases loading, starting with minimum, then the movement can be continued at the same speed, carrying out other types of exercises — an added step, run with highly raised shins, run under the hill or on a ladder up;
  • jumps — in the parties, in height, with squat, a vyprygivaniye, jumps on a jump rope. For this type of exercises it is possible to use the Swedish wall in house conditions or a horizontal bar on the sports ground. So, leaning on a ladder, it is possible to jump on its crossbeam or to jump off from it;
  • driving the bicycle which can be made at stadium, in the park or to use the house exercise bike. It is important to remember change of speed and loadings during driving.

Before stopping the choice on any given type of cardioloadings, it is worth paying attention to strengths of the organism: if run comes to the person easily, for example, it is worth choosing this type of occupations — the pleasure from sports activities increases their efficiency.

Kardio of exercise

Further we will talk about how it is correct to do concrete kardio exercises.

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Squat with a vyprygivaniye


  • starting position — legs at shoulder length, buttocks are strained, the stomach is pulled in. To execute a squat, controlling that the basin was behind, knees did not leave abroad toes, heels did not come off the earth, the back equal, is not bent;
  • making a start legs, to execute a jump, extending extremities it is similar to a frog;
  • then to return to a starting position.

It is possible to begin with 1 approach on 15 times, having increased the number of approaches up to 3 further.

Important! It is necessary to carry out exercise at slow speed.

Pulling up of legs to a breast


  • starting position — lying on a back, on a horizontal bench or a gymnastic rug. Hands are under buttocks, palms down, or clasp a bench;
  • having bent knees, on an exhalation we tighten them to a breast. It is necessary to stop in such situation for several seconds and on a breath slowly to lower legs in a starting position.

At the initial stage it is possible to execute 15–20 exercises, having increased the number of approaches further. For complication it is possible to use an inclined board, to hold a dumbbell between legs, changing its weight. At the same time it is important to observe breath control.

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Attacks forward


  • starting position — legs are at distance more widely than hips, a foot in parallel each other. The back is a little bent in lumbar department, knees are slightly bent;
  • taking a step forward, we transfer the center of gravity to the leg exposed in front, controlling direct position of a back;
  • at attack the right angle between a hip and a shin has to be formed, at the same time it is necessary to track that the bent knee was recorded at the level of foot in hover and did not concern a floor;
  • then it is necessary to return to a starting position, having made a start a front leg;
  • further the attack on the following leg is carried out.

For complication it is possible to pick up dumbbells of various weight, a bar, to do attacks in the parties or to carry out attacks with raising of a knee.

It is necessary to carry out exercise at an initial stage on 10 times on each leg, increasing the number of approaches subsequently.

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Level + push-ups


  • starting position — a level: an emphasis on the toes and hands bent in elbow joints. The body has to be equal, not cave in in lumbar department, the back should not stoop, the head on one line with a back, legs are placed, hips at shoulder length;
  • controlling position of elbows which have to be under shoulders, it is necessary to connect palms. Serially unbending elbows, it is necessary to pass into a classical initial position for push-ups when palms are strictly under shoulders, hands and a back equal;
  • to make push-up, having been late in a position when the breast is most close to a floor;
  • later it is necessary to pass into a starting position, having exposed at first one hand with a support on an elbow, then another.

Exercise consists of 10 repetitions on each hand, gradually the number of approaches increase up to 3.

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