Complexes and programs of exercises for weight loss of girls in house conditions

Complexes and programs of exercises for weight loss of girls in house conditions

The summer is in full swing, and it means that before many girls the problem of urgent disposal of excess fat folds on a body becomes acute. The most purposeful women for this purpose go to gyms and the fitness centers, and those to whom such opportunity is inaccessible, only grievously sigh, complaining of a lack of time or means. And meanwhile both to lose weight and to tighten muscles, and it is even possible to get rid of unappetizing orange-peel standing and hips and in house conditions, it is only necessary to want.

House training for girls

Contrary to popular belief, home trainings are not a just worthy alternative to professional works in the hall, but even have a number of indisputable advantages. We will be fair, is at this way of fight for a good figure and the shortcomings. So, we will weigh all pro and against fitness at home.


Economy of means

Sports activities in the specially allotted place under control of the professional coach — pleasure very expensive. Having spent a little time for theoretical preparation and having adjusted itself on result, it is possible to save not bad, and on the gained money to buy something from clothes couple sizes smaller.

Saving of time

Many women explain the started figure with lack of time for visit of the gym. Occupations of the house allow not to spend time for the road and, thus, it is rational to use each free minute.

Free choice of the mode of occupations

At occupations of the house there is no need to adapt to a gym operating mode, choosing that time which best of all fits into a habitual daily routine for a training.

Independent selection of the program

Not always there is an opportunity to pick up the trainer or the sports center under individual inquiries. At home it is possible to be engaged somehow, as much as necessary and when necessary.

The unlimited field for creativity and self-improvement

Occupations in the hall are usually quite monotonous. Houses can be thought out at own discretion for themselves new exercises.

Psychological comfort, freedom and relaxedness

Some women hesitate to be engaged in groups and is even individual with the trainer, being afraid to look clumsy and ridiculous because of curvy shapes. House occupations completely solve this problem.

Opportunity at any time to change not pleasant program

Happens so: money is paid for occupations, and after the beginning of trainings it becomes clear that the woman does not pull the offered rhythm or does not feel desirable effect. Occupations of the house allow to change at any time completely approach to a training, for example, to replace power exercises with yoga, respiratory gymnastics — dances, etc.

Hygienic moment

After the home training it is possible to take a shower in comfortable conditions and to change clothes quietly according to plans. In the gym of souls the general, and opportunities for targeting of a make-up are limited.


We will distinguish from shortcomings of a home training:

Problems with discipline

Many women complain that it is heavy to them to force itself to be engaged regularly. When the expensive contribution for visit of the fitness center is made, it is more than chances that trainings will be done not miss.

Lack of necessary stock

Performance of many exercises assumes use of professional exercise machines and other sports equipment. At home it is necessary to do without it.

Limited space, need to keep quiet.

In the small apartment it is difficult to carry out the exercises connected with active movement, run, jumps. It is interfered both by small dimensions of the room, and fear to disturb neighbors with excess noise.

Lack of professional control

Occupations in the hall assume participation of the trainer who will point to mistakes when performing exercise and will help to pick up the individual program while houses of occupation pass without such control.

Lack of a bright example and incentive

It is easier for much to be engaged in group, than alone as the environment of healthy people with the tightened figures gives a good incentive and shows what it is necessary to aspire to.

Existence of hindrances and undesirable observers

Some women are not engaged houses because they are afraid to become a subject for sneers from house. Besides, in house conditions it is not always possible to focus on a training because of various distracting factors (phone calls, children, etc.).

Lack of pleasant bonuses

In many gyms, besides a training, there is an opportunity to swim for a while in the pool or to visit a sauna.

Basic rules of occupations

Home trainings will give the maximum effect if to follow the following basic rules:

  1. Trainings have to be regular, ideally — daily. Of course, at high temperature or a severe headache the gymnastics will not bring benefit, but to look for the reasons to give an easy time to itself at least for day, does not follow. Over time the organism will get used to such mode and will demand the put loading.
  2. Allocate for a training certain time during the day. It is better if it are morning hours, right after awakening and till a breakfast. But such mode can seem to pronounced owls who feel in the morning completely broken too tiresome. Adapt to own biological rhythm, but organize the life so that classes were always in the same hours.

Whether you know? The world record on the most radical weight reduction belongs to the American Rosalie Bradford. Having initial weight in 544 kg (that, by the way, is also an absolute record, in any case, among women), Rosalie, due to physical exercises and the healthy nutrition chosen for the patient by doctor Richard Simmons about 136 kg could lose weight, having dumped, thus, 408 kg and having reduced the weight exactly four times!

  1. It is the best of all to be engaged in physical exercises on an empty stomach. However if for occupations the evening is chosen, you watch that of the last meal prior to the training not less than two passed, and better three hours. In this period it is possible to eat apple or to drink a glass of juice, but heavy food in a stomach should not be. After classes it is possible to eat at any time, however if at once to sate an organism with calories chock-full, all advantage of occupations will be nullified.
  2. The program of occupations for weight loss essentially differs from the trainings directed to accumulation of muscle bulk. To get rid of excess weight, it is necessary to force to work only own body, using its weight. No iron should participate in process. Besides, static, but not dynamic exercises, but an extension and the dosed cardioloading give the maximum effect.
  3. Trainings have to cause a feeling of fatigue, but not tire out. Regulate intensity of occupations so that to balance between two extremes — total absence of effect (rapid breathing and active sweating) and impossibility to stand on the feet or feeling of the heart which is jumping out of a breast.
  4. Experts recommend to persons interested to lose weight to make the program of three-four exercises for tightening of different parts of a body and to carry out them till 8-10 times in three approaches, thus, each exercise during the training has to be executed to thirty times.
  5. The efficiency of occupations directly depends on the correct breath. It is necessary to breathe a diaphragm, but not a stomach, and to carry out all exercises on an exhalation. Selecting itself the program, surely pay attention to technology of breath during performance of each exercise, finally due to the maximum saturation by oxygen of all cages of an organism, including on problem zones, and fat splitting is carried out.
  6. Smaller number of times is better to execute exercise, but it is correct. For example, if it is impossible to raise highly legs at once and to hold them under the required corner, it is better to be limited to a small corner, however the equipment has to remain faultless. Over time, when muscles will get stronger and will be tightened, it will be possible to bring an angle of lead to the necessary size gradually.

Important! It is proved that the organism best of all burns fats in the first half of day for this reason exercises for weight loss are recommended to be carried out in the morning.

And one more council: regular trainings are only a part of the program for weight loss. Without having got rid of a habit to use fast food, to gorge on for the night and to jam sweets any trouble, to fight against fat folds on sides it is useless!


If the woman is young and healthy, and the excess weight which is available for her is estimated in two-three kilograms, moderate physical activities on specially picked up program will not do it any harm.

But when the person really suffers from excess weight and wants to change cardinally the way of life, having lost weight by several dozen kilograms, performance of this task is inevitably connected with serious load of an organism. First of all digestive tract, a cardiovascular system and a back reacts to such stress. For this reason the cardinal programs of weight loss always need to be agreed with the attending physician.

It is recommended to address for similar consultation also in the presence in the anamnesis:

  • ulcers, gastritis;
  • pancreatitis;
  • colitis;
  • cholelithiasis;
  • other diseases of a stomach, intestines, pancreas, duodenum and also any painful feelings in a stomach;
  • hernias;
  • osteochondrosis;
  • gouts;
  • problems with a backbone;
  • any painful feelings in a back, a neck, a waist.

Whether you know? Dumped during the shift (a performance at the actor, court session at the lawyer, an important meeting with the manager, etc.) one and a half kilograms of weight come not from combustion of fat, and from organism dehydration. Such weight very quickly returns to normal, at the same time similar loadings bring to the person not benefit, but harm.

The poisonings, viral respiratory diseases and other painful states proceeding in a sharp form are an occasion to postpone a training until normalization of a condition of an organism.

How to make the program

Exercises for weight loss are not just burning of calories. All techniques of sports occupations are based that the correct physical activity has to consist of several stages:

  • warm-up;
  • increase in pulse to a certain level;
  • maintenance of pulse at appropriate level;
  • gradual decrease in pulse.

The Nervous work allowing as it seems to much to fight against excess weight, in fact has nothing in common with programs of weight loss. For this reason it is necessary to approach fight against excess weight systemically, and to build each training according to strictly certain algorithm.

It will be useful for you to esteem how it is correct to combine kardio and power trainings.

Warm-up and hitch

Warm-up is a preparation of muscles for the main training. Usually at this stage one or several not too difficult exercises allowing to increase gradually pulse rate, to warm muscles, to warm up all joints, to customize a respiratory and cardiovascular system on the rhythm, necessary for a training, are carried out.

Video: warm-up before a training and a hitch For example, for warm-up in the program of weight loss it is possible to execute swing or the circular motions calculated on gradual development of all muscles from the top to feet.

Get acquainted with a set of exercises for morning exercises for women.

We move from top to down, involving serially:

  • neck (rotary motions, inclinations);
  • shoulders (exercise mill with straight arms);
  • elbows (rotary motions, swing advances, assignment of elbows back, brushes all the time on shoulders);
  • brushes (rotary motions, hands are extended forward);
  • top part of a trunk (inclinations forward, aside, back, aside);
  • hips (rotary motions);
  • knees (by the sharp movement it is drawn in to a breast from a standing position);
  • legs completely (squats).

All exercises are recommended to be carried out till 10-15 times in each party with gradual increase in amplitude and speed of the movement. It is the best of all to finish warm-up a short step on the place with high pulling up of knees to a breast or jumps on the place. It will allow to warm all body and to increase the movement of a stream of blood.

The hitch is some kind of warm-up on the contrary. Most warmed muscles and rapid breathing need to be brought to the normal state gradually that transition from tension to relaxation was carried out smoothly. If it is about dynamic exercises, for a hitch it is enough to perform the same operations, but at quieter speed, but programs for weight loss assume the special finishing exercises.

Important! Warm-up and a hitch have to borrow on average in 15% of the general time of a training. For example, if all half an hour is allocated for occupation, then five minutes warm-up, 20 minutes — the main training and in conclusion of five more minutes — a hitch has to make of this time.

The easiest way of a hitch is to finish a training with running on the spot with gradual transition to a step. Alternative option — jumps on a jump rope with gradual reduction of speed.

Frequency and duration

As the mode of trainings in house conditions pays off independently, does not depend on work of the gym and is not limited to the cost of the subscription, surely it is necessary to use and be engaged in these favorable factors every day.

Sometimes speak about four or five trainings a week, but the more days off you will afford, the it will be heavier to hold the established rhythm, training houses where there is no incentive and a motivator. As for training duration, it is very important to calculate it correctly. Experts claim that occupations should not last less than half an hour, at the same time the maximum time throughout which physical exercises will give effect, is 60 minutes.

Important! Process of combustion of fat is started provided that correctly distributed physical activity keeps at least 30 minutes. At the same time if this process lasts more than an hour, in an organism catabolic processes begin — muscle protein breaks up to amino acids.

Muscle tissue is very important for an effective training, without it burning of calories will take place much more slowly therefore it is impossible to allow destructions of muscles at all. The purpose of occupations for weight loss is to burn fats, but not proteins!

How to calculate loading

Often wishing to lose weight quickly and considerably make one serious mistake: begin to exhaust themselves the maximum physical activity, teetering on the brink of physical capacities of an organism.

As it is paradoxical, such approach time gives boomerang effect: the person begins to gain even more weight though he continues to train. Everything speaks very simply: any sharp change of a habitual way of life is perceived by our organism as an alarm signal to which it is necessary to react urgent formation of a stock for a rainy day.

The laid fat on our sides also acts as such stock! Loading during the training has to pay off individually, proceeding from own feelings.

It is important that occupations at the same time:

  • gave pleasure;
  • caused fatigue;
  • left at the end feeling of desire to pull up trees, but not to fall dead.

For the maximum effect it is recommended to alternate difficult and simple exercises to keep the general level of loading on average on the same level. It is interesting that correctly organized training allows to burn in 30 minutes more calories, than hour of self-torture or work half of force.

Important criterion of the correct training — existence of desire to be engaged next day. It means that the organism was completely restored after the set loading and is ready to new fulfillments.

The most effective exercises for weight loss

There is a set of very effective exercises for combustion of fat. Some of them are carried out on special exercise machines, others equally well are suitable both for occupations in the gym, and for home trainings.

Read in more detail how it is correct to warm up to female athletes before a training.


In the program for weight loss the following exercises for warm-up are often used:

  1. Circular a vrashcheneiya the head (the neck works, exercise begins with the chin lowered down, further the head moves aside, it zaprokidyvtsya back and through the opposite side returns to a starting position).
  2. Ducking to the right, then to the left (this exercise, by the way, perfectly burns fat on a stomach and sides).
  3. We bend hands in elbows, brushes we touch shoulders, we carry out circular motions by shoulders at first forward, then back.
  4. Hands are extended forward. We rotate brushes at first in one, then in another the parties.
  5. We carry out inclinations forward and back, to the right and to the left. It is possible to replace with roundabout of a body in a waist (from an inclination to an inclination through the party and return to initial situation through the opposite side back forward).
  6. Circular motions by a basin.
  7. Swing pulling up of knees to a stomach.
  8. Deep squats.

Video: warm-up If a training happens in the hall or on hand there is an exercise machine, at a warm-up stage the jogging on the racetrack perfectly will approach or a couple of minutes on average speed to work on the exercise bike. Very good and simple option is to use a jump rope, gradually increasing the speed of jumps.

Get acquainted with a set of exercises with an expander and a hoop for pokhudenya.


To remove fat from hands and to reduce their volume the following exercises will help with house conditions:

  1. Return push-ups. We put a chair closely to a wall that it did not move in the course of the occupations (in gym for this purpose the level or the Swedish wall is used). We become a back to a chair at distance in several steps and then, having bent legs in knees, we are reluctant hands in a seat (we clasp with hands a level) so that hands were at shoulder length. We extend a body in a string, hands completely direct, lean on a chair. We bend elbows, lowering a body down, to a chair as far as there are enough forces. We come back to a starting position.
  2. Push-ups from knees. We lay down on a rug facedown. We bend legs in knees, we lift them at right angle (for convenience it is possible to cross feet). Hands at shoulder length, rest palms against a floor. Trying to hold a body very exactly, we lift the case up, before full straightening of hands. We come back to a starting position. For increase in intensity of a training it is possible to carry out this exercise with narrower setting of hands.
  3. We lay down facedown. Legs straight lines, socks rest against a floor, hands — at shoulder length, as in the previous situation. We rise over a floor before full straightening of hands, holding a body on palms and socks. We do not raise the head, we do not sag, all body has to be extended as a string. We fix situation for 10 seconds on a full exhalation.
  4. We move a wall. We become facing a wall at distance about 1 m. We place legs more widely than shoulders and we rest hands against a wall, having bent them in elbows approximately flush with legs. We strain muscles of hands as much as possible, having imagined that a wall it is necessary to get moving forward. We fix situation for 10 seconds on a full exhalation.

To help to reduce the volume of hands such device as the rowing exercise machine helps with gym, for example.

Learn more about the best exercises with a fitball for a back.


For strengthening of a back well proved such exercises:

  1. Side level (static exercise). We lay down on the left side. Slightly we raise a body, leaning on the left elbow, it has to be slightly below than a shoulder. We come off a floor, keeping on an elbow and side of the left foot. We stand at attention, as when performing a usual level. We fix situation for 10 seconds on a full exhalation.
  2. Giperekstenziya (static exercise). We lay down on a floor facedown, hands are extended over the head. We tear off from a floor of a leg and the top half of the case, having accepted position of the turned bridge. We do not lift up the head, the look is directed directly. We fix situation for 10 seconds on a full exhalation.
  3. Stool. We become a back to a wall at distance of one step. We sit down, kind of sitting down on the imagined chair until the upper body is driven into the corner. Hands freely hang down. We fix situation on a full exhalation, in muscles of a back so far, buttocks and legs the burning sensation will not appear.
  4. Cat. We go down on all fours. On an exhalation as much as possible we curve a back an arch as it is done by a cat when stretches. We come back to a starting position as it is possible stronger having curved a back in the opposite direction, to a floor. Smoothly we carry out several cycles, being late in top and the lower point at least for 10 seconds.

In gym for strengthening of a back it is possible to carry out the listed above exercises with special weighting compounds.

Examine exercises from yoga for weight loss of a stomach and sides.

Stomach and sides

Stomach — one of the most problem zones at persons interested to lose weight therefore it needs to pay special attention.

For this purpose well such exercises approach:

  1. Mobile level. From the provision of a usual level (emphasis on palms and finger-tips) we throw out a basin up so that the body made an equilateral triangle with a floor.
  2. The pulled-in stomach. This static exercise approaches for a start and the end of a training, however it can be done also at any time during the day. Having pushed out from itself all air, we pull in a stomach so strongly as though we want to press it to a backbone. We fix situation due to muscle work of a press for 10–30 seconds.
  3. Scissors. We lay down on a floor, we enclose hands under buttocks. Slightly we raise direct legs over the floor level (the less corner, the is more tension on muscles of the lower press) and we carry out them cross moves as though we work with scissors.

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