Correct breath and health"

Correct breath and health"

Breath is a natural process in our organism therefore very few people pay attention to how it occurs.

Very few people know that our appearance and health, our youth depends on how we breathe mostly.

And whether correctly you breathe?

The Indian yogis claim that the correct breath represents a life basis, is the key to health and longevity. Let's understand that such correct breath.

By definition of people, expert practicians of yoga and respiratory gymnastics, physiotherapists the correct exhalation has to last by three-four times longer, than a breath. Frequency of breaths exhalations in a minute — about six times.

But the main rule is it is necessary to breathe a nose, it is intended for breath, and companies only for meal.

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In nostrils at the person hairs which perform function of cleaner of the arriving air from bacteria and dust are located and also warm or cool it depending on weather. The oxygen arriving through nasal bosoms sates all bodies, fabrics and cages of an organism, activates work of a brain.

Correct and the most useful to health breath in which the diaphragm, that is breath is involved by a stomach is considered. In this case on a breath the thorax clenches, and the stomach is stuck out. On an exhalation the belly muscles strain, the stomach is pulled in, and the breast finishes. At the same time almost all pulmonary part, breath deep, saturation by oxygen maximum is involved.

Whether you know? In the Land of the rising sun there are special "air" clubs. At additional expense residents of Japan in these institutions can enjoy the air purified via special filters and sated with pleasant aroma.

Why it is important?

The correct breath provides uniform access of oxygen to all fabrics and the systems of an organism, breath by a diaphragm softly stimulates internals, improving their work.

In east medicine the respiratory practicians are used for maintenance of youth of an organism, the gymnastics promotes longevity, it is considered that synchronous work of internals (on condition of healthy respiratory process) slows down cell aging, in particular and an organism in general. Not only lungs are involved in the correct process, there is a reduction of muscles of a back, humeral and the press that considerably improves a bearing, doing it equal. The equal bearing is a lack of problems with a backbone, such as osteochondrosis, for example.

The better the organism is saturated with oxygen, the blood circulates quicker, pressure and work of a cardiac muscle is normalized, work of a brain and nervous system is strengthened.

The air emission by a mouth which is not filtered from microbes, microscopic particles of dust and dirt subjects the person to infections and stressful situations, worsens mental activity. It is noticed that children in the presence of adenoides and polyps at oral breath acquire a training material much worse, besides lag behind in physical development the peers who do not have a similar problem.

As it is correct to breathe

So, we found out: how correctly we are able to breathe, will depend, how well we will feel. Now we will consider technology of the correct process.

Technology of the correct breath

For a start it is necessary to understand own respiratory equipment. For this purpose or sit down in a comfortable position, or lay down. Lower a palm on a stomach and watch the cycle of a breath exhalation.

If on a breath the stomach rises, and on an exhalation falls — your equipment is right. Otherwise it is necessary to be trained for process correction.

So, cycle of healthy process:

  • Breath — two-three seconds.
  • Exhalation — three-four seconds.
  • Two-three seconds — a pause between cycles.

Important! Measured diafragmalny breath about eight cycles in a minute completely satisfies the need of all organism for oxygen.

Wrong breath and its reasons

The reasons, on kotorymlyud can incorrectly breathe, a set: the most frequent are usually connected with health - it is nose diseases: antritis of all types, chronic cold, sinusitis and rhinitises, other inflammations mucous, adenoides and polyps. At a stuffy nose necessarily in the course of absorption of air the mouth participates, on a breath the stomach is pulled in, on an exhalation — on the contrary. Oxygen arrives very little, air is not purified, not brought to necessary temperature, as at nasal process.

Desire to seem more harmonious can cause one more, at the same time many keep press muscles in constant suspense, trying to pull in as much as possible rounded stomach.

The same situation occurs at excessively fitting clothes, especially it complicates process in a sitting position.

All muscles, necessary for the correct healthy procedure, are strained, the person is forced to breathe superficially that quite misleading.

How to learn it?

It is not difficult to learn the healthy respiratory equipment, the main condition — to treat it responsibly and to practise daily fifteen minutes, is quite enough this time.

Whether you know? At too frequent breath, too deep and intensive cycle, production of gastric juice is stimulated, thereby provoking feeling of hunger.

Respiratory practicians and introspection

When training practice, a main issue is understanding of own actions, observation of them and own feelings.

So, during the training, lying on a back, try "to hear" and focus on the next moments:

  • air is involved by nostrils, comes through a nasopharynx to a throat, a trachea, fills lungs;
  • is late for some time;
  • smoothly, more slowly, than on a breath air passes back;
  • try to experience each stage whether there are no hindrances or feeling of discomfort, fix even a sound which you make on a breath and an exhalation.

Exercise for a training of deep belly process:

  • lying on a back in the weakened state we breathe a stomach;
  • on the correct deep breath you have to feel the movement of a basin back, on an exhalation — the basin as though rises;
  • the breast practically does not participate in process.

That it was easier to constrain a thorax, it is possible to draw hardly it for the period of the training, for example elastic bandage.

Important! Do not forget to breathe at the same time a stomach: the breath a stomach is stuck out, exhaled is involved.

Morning breath for weight loss, a classical complex:

  • to adopt the provision "sitting";
  • we inhale deeply, with lasting four seconds;
  • we are late for the same time;
  • exhalation — smooth, four seconds;
  • to repeat the cycle ten times.
  • situation "lying";
  • fast breath;
  • delay for six seconds;
  • slow exhalation with press tension;
  • repetition of a cycle six times.
  • we do not change situation;
  • one deep breath, then two short;
  • delay for four seconds;
  • deep exhalation, afterwards two short;
  • repetition — ten times.


Cardiotraining and the correct breath — two inseparable things. Cardioloadings force to be reduced more intensively a cardiac muscle, quicker on vessels blood runs, lungs and saturation of an organism with blood work occurs much more actively more intensively.

At the same time the metabolism improves, fat deposits are gradually burned, there is a loss of weight. The advantage of physical exercises directly depends on healthy respiratory process.

Learn more about kardio exercises, in particular about advantage of run, crossfit trainings, exercises with a fitball.

There is a lot of types of cardiotrainings:

  • run or racetrack;
  • aerobics;
  • bicycle or exercise bike;
  • swimming;
  • rowing;
  • fast walking;
  • tennis and other active sports.

All these occupations differ therefore the rhythm of breath needs to be selected for the feelings, for example, under a cycle of specific action: the breath — three steps (a pedal turn, etc.), exhaled — also, it is desirable to divide it into two stages.

Besides depending on intensity of a training the process cycle, or deep and slow (run, the bicycle) changes, or more frequent (step aerobics).

The correct breath is characterized not only an opportunity for a long time to keep physical shape or to lose weight. From that, how correctly there is a process, both physical health, and health, and ability of nervous system to resist to daily negative psychological factors depends.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team