Crossfit bases of scaling of trainings on the example of the technique

Crossfit bases of scaling of trainings on the example of the technique

Crossfit - the functional technique of trainings which includes elements of gymnastics, heavy and track and field athletics, rowing. Scaling – one of the main aspects of this technique and its philosophy which consists in ability to put athletes in identical conditions, despite different level of training.

Not so long ago at the word "crossfit" everything athletes who at first lift the heavy post hundred times were represented, then two hundred times, well and kilometers ten run for the dessert do pullings up. Now crossfit pozitsioniruye\tsya not only as fitness which helps to become the most prepared person on the earth (watch CrossFit Games), but also as the program of trainings for improvement of health, rehabilitation. According to CrossFit Journal, crossfit helped the large number of people to improve quality of life and also promoted rehabilitation after injuries and operations.

Crossfit will make trainings interesting, team and inspiring, its feature - refusal of specialization.

The first reason – safety. All have the aspiration to show as far as it is good including at the beginner who for the present doesn't know sense of proportion and can be overzealous too the danger also consists in it. At this stage it is necessary to keep calm and to intelligently pick up loading.

The second reason following from the first – the technician. The weight, complexity, intensity have to be picked up so that at increase in speed of the technician of performance of exercise remained top-level, and otherwise trainings will do more harm, than advantage.

The third reason – respect for balance. Huge plus of the crossfit - its flexibility and the possibility of scaling. It is possible to write the complex for the trained athlete and to give same, but already about the scaled complex to your grandmother, and to them it has to be equally heavy. At the same time the athlete shouldn't throw up with ease the post to the ceiling, and the grandmother, overstraining, to twist the sun on the horizontal bar.

How does all this magic happen to scaling? After assessment of level of training of the client and studying all his diseases and contraindications at the coach the picture is formed that can be done and that it is impossible. For example, hardly the good coach will tell the person with congenital heart disease to run three kilometers in 10 minutes, and to the client with hernia who though does stanovy draft with the ideal technique, but is engaged the second week, will hardly allow to lift hundred kilograms.

Weight has to be picked up so that it was possible to the training person to make ten repetitions at sufficient loading, without distorting the technique.

The intensity of the complex is selected so that pulse wasn't all the time with the extreme frequency of kicks and didn't exceed indicators, admissible for the person.

Technique has to be executed as in the textbook, and here, unfortunately, not to do without the skilled eye. Together with it loading and intensity shouldn't weaken, they have to force to move and make enough efforts, having kept that balance of the grandmother and athlete.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team