Dangers of equestrian sport

Dangers of equestrian sport

The equestrian sport is the most spectacular sport from all. But in it there are various difficulties.

The first complexity consists in financial side of the question. Ammunition for the horse and regimentals of the rider costs absolutely considerable money what to speak about keeping of the most animal.

The second complexity consists in the correct education of the horse. Has to be trained in the presence of the experienced horsebreaker. At assumption of small mistakes in education of the sports horse they become very difficult to be corrected, and sometimes it isn't possible to eliminate absolutely.

But the most important complexity consists it is in danger. Horse quite unpredictable animal. As well as all herbivorous, at approach of danger she is ready to run in any party if only to escape. The danger, according to her, can proceed from anything. Start up it will be some unfamiliar thing which this animal never saw. The rider can not notice such subject, and the horse will find it first of all, the fright can happen unexpectedly from what the equestrian, most likely, will appear on the earth. At the seeming danger the horse can incur, and stop it and won't become. The stoppage will occur only when the horse understands that nothing threatens it. To sit on the scared and very quickly jumping animal quite difficult and at the same time even skilled riders often appear below.

Horse very large animal. The equestrian sport includes different types where there are different obstacles for overcoming by sports pair. In that case falling of the horse at which there can be the traumatizing the animal aren't excluded, and also the weight the horse can press down the goer. Incorrectly picked up, and also unmodern ammunition can do much harm both to the animal, and the person. When falling the rider of his leg often get confused in stirrups that leads to traumatizing extremities of the equestrian. At incorrectly put on saddle or the improper bridle the horse can receive various scrapes and according to the trauma.

Despite beauty, showiness and passion of equestrian sport, it is always necessary to remember first of all safety measures, not only being in the saddle, but also near the horse. The neglect all or some rules can lead to irreparable consequences.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team