Description of the main chakras of the person and work on chakras"

Description of the main chakras of the person and work on chakras"

The power centers located on a human body in those places where its force — mental and vital is concentrated are called chakras. And before learning their disclosure and cleaning, the person needs to understand for a start what is it what value for the person they have and to get acquainted with their main types.

Chakra in translation from Sanskrit is literally translated as a wheel, a circle, a disk. It is compared to a flower which needs to learn to be opened. Through them the person accepts vital energy from space.

At ordinary people they, so to speak, are passive, but can gradually develop. Having learned what is chakras, it is possible to pass to how to open them. For fast disclosure there are various special practicians and exercises.

The power centers affect traits of character of the person, and each of them is connected with a physical state and health.

There is no consensus about the number of the power centers, but nevertheless they are allocated by seven main. All chakras on a human body have the arrangement and colors on aura.

Basic. Is located at the end of a spine column, between an anus and genitals. Connected with such bodies:

  • prostate/uterus;
  • kidney (left);
  • prostate;
  • uric puzyryom;
  • urethra;
  • musculoskeletal device;
  • rectum.

Thanks to Muladhare there is "saturation" by energy, health, sexuality, confidence. It red color, but if on it impurity black appears, it can demonstrate deterioration in health, a depression and even about a blood disease.

Sacral — at the level of connection of a sacrum with a backbone, is slightly lower than a navel. Connected with:

  • intestines;
  • liver;
  • right kidney;
  • bodies of a reproductive system.

Influences the creative beginning, sexual inclination, helps to be hardy and active. Svadhistana's color orange, but if black is shown, is a signal concerning diseases of genitals, frustration of sexual nature or neuralgic diseases.

Pupkovy — at the level of a navel. Connected with:

  • spleen;
  • liver;
  • intestines;
  • stomach;
  • pancreas;
  • bilious puzyryom.

The cheerfulness, ease, confidence, leadership skills gives to the person Manipur. It yellow color. Existence on aura of black speaks about possible diseases of bodies with which this center is connected.

Warm — in the middle of a thorax, heart level. Connected with:

  • thorax;
  • heart;
  • bronchial tubes;
  • trachea;
  • lungs;
  • hands.

Promotes ability to love, to be happy, to feel harmony and freedom. At its pollution, heart troubles can develop, arise bronchitis or asthma.

Whether you know? Anakhata is called the power center of transition as the first true level on the way of knowledge of itself begins with her opening. Only then the person sees himself from outside, to him understanding comes — others are important not less him. In Anakhat "we" finds major importance, before in a so-called lower triangle the person the feeling "I" directs.

Get acquainted with such types of yoga as: Ayengara, Bkhakti, Prana, Kundalini and yoga-tanetsem "Mandala".

Throat — in a neck. Connected with:

  • thyroid gland;
  • vocal chords;
  • neck, throat;
  • respiratory organs;
  • teeth, language, nose;
  • organs of hearing;
  • skin.

Gives to the person ability to hear, speak, feel, to accurately think, analyze the obtained information, desire to develop. Vishudh blue color. If it is not enough, deformation of a backbone, a disease of bodies of a throat is possible and there will even be a stroke.

Frontal — in the center of the head. Connected with:

  • nervous system;
  • brain;
  • person.

Thanks to Adzhna the person is capable to think, feel pity, it testifies to an intuition. Color — indigo. Its shortage can become the cause of a blindness, disease of a brain, weak-mindedness.

Parietal — on the top. Connected with a brain. Allocates with aspiration to training, speaks about wisdom, intelligence. Violet Sakhasrara, but if she is polluted, it can become the reason of emergence of various fears, depressions.

Whether you know? The lower power centers have communication with elements therefore they adopt their qualities: Muladhara — Earth, Svadhistan — Waters, Manipur — Fire, Anakhat — Air, Vishudh — Air. Two top — energy of high vibrations, because of it they are not connected with elements in any way.

Disclosure of chakras which helps the person to be healthy, active, grow spiritually and morally — process rather difficult. That it to make, eat several ways and exercises.

Accept a favourite pose of yogis — a lotus pose, close eyes, relax. Sing a mantra of OHMS (number of times has to be multiple to three).

Focus on Muladhar, draw in the imagination the closed red flower in a tailbone zone — it softly vibrates and is dismissed.

When the flower, having touched your body, reveals completely, enjoy its look some time (seconds 5-7). It is the first stage on the way to how to open chakras.

Then pass to Svadhistane. Present a bud of an orange flower to its areas. Do the same manipulations, as with Muladhara. Repeat the same actions at each level further. Continue step by step: be focused on Manipur (yellow flower), then on Anakhat (green), then on Vishudh (blue), following — Adzhna (blue), well and the last — Sakhasrara (violet).

Again sing several times a mantra of OHMS and open eyes. This exercise on opening of chakras helps the person to feel pacified, in harmony with itself.

Meditating, the person is in such state during which he can independently focus on what will want. To open the power centers through meditation, it is necessary to master seven steps of yoga step by step.

They say that in Muladhar the energy (kundalin) which is in summary form and having an image curtailed dragons is located. Mastering each step of yoga, the person raises this energy on a backbone, gradually opening each center.

Auto-training, in other words — removal of muscular and nervous tension through auto-suggestion, has a greater effect and helps to reveal the power centers. But nevertheless it is recommended to choose the good mentor who with skill will pick up the methods suitable you.

Important! Remember that for better effect you have to get rid of a big congestion of negative energy in the life! Otherwise any your efforts will be senseless.

It is possible to make active them by means of mantras. It is necessary to sing them gently, stretching a voice, a high pitched voice, but it is quiet, concentrating on each power center.

Having done exercise for Muladhara's disclosure and having observed within several seconds the revealed red flower, undertake a mantra of LAMAS.

Then pass to Svadhistane and sing a mantra to YOU. And everything is farther one after another: in Manipur sing a mantra of FRAMES, in Anakhat — YAM, in Vishudh — the BOOR, in Adzhna — VOM, in Sakhasrar — OHM.

The lack of harmony or disbalance of power can arise when blocking the power centers (it does not allow energy to rise above). For harmonization during meditation consistently lay hands to all centers. Sakhasrare harmonization is not necessary, it — the generalizing center opening only in the presence of other six really strong power centers.

Continue to do so to identical feelings in both hands — heat, a pulsation or pricking.

It is possible to harmonize energy in a month, but only at regular meditations (how often you will do it, choose).

The considerable value for the person has also clarification of chakras. It is necessary to take away a negative and the destroying programs from consciousness. The person, sharply reacting to various vital circumstances, without understanding that, blocks the power centers.

Clarification of chakras can be made, having addressed the expert, or to be engaged in it — having artificially summoned love and having excluded holes at all levels.

You will feel how it is correct to make it, will see the problem places and will understand what centers need special attention (on them it is worth turning energy).

For this method the streams of hands have to be opened — bring a palm to chakra and clean it with a stream. But it is suitable for application concerning other people more (by the way, some healers so work).

One of ways of clarification of all chakras — a great mantra of OHMS. There are certain recommendations to its reading:

  • Accept a lotus pose. Become straight, then relax, having made several deep breaths.
  • It is the best of all to read a mantra early in the morning and on an empty stomach (the stomach should not be occupied with digestion of food, the empty stomach will only promote meditation).
  • Quietly sing a mantra then begin to do all this louder, distributing vibrations on each cage of an organism.
  • It is possible to meditate and having included an audio recording, but nevertheless the text of a mantra needs to be remembered by heart. The sound has to get in an organism.
  • Also visualization promotes — at vibration in a concrete point present that it is washed by bright light, cleaning all negative

Important! At meditation of people has to feel well. If mantras irritate you, the head begins to hurt, stop, having postponed cleaning of chakras for some time.

Healthy chakras are of great importance for the person therefore at damage they need obligatory restoration and sometimes even treatment. Remember that it has important value.

  • Get up facing the East, relax, focus on the breath.
  • Paint such picture in the head: your body is surrounded with a power cocoon with two apertures — from below and from above.
  • Draw in imagination a power beam which enters through a bottom and gets into a body through a foot, reaches Muladhara. Stop, feel heat and pulsations in her.
  • Experience — energy rises up, stop on each center and mentally activate it.
  • The power beam has to destroy all blocks which are found on the way.
  • Pay attention to the feelings, feel how energy spreads on a body, sating each its body with heat.

Your task is free movement of energy to Sakhasrara. Many people draw in the head pictures, so to speak, of excess objects, perceiving them as a certain problem or failure. Represent that all negative destroys a power beam.

Exercises for opening of chakras, their clarification and harmonization promote positive perception of the world, health, firmness of mentality, ability to overcome difficulties, without destroying themselves. But all this is possible only when using checked the technician and huge desire to learn itself and to look for the way.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team