Effective councils for weight loss of calves

Effective councils for weight loss of calves

Full calves will be able to sadden life of any girl. To constantly hide them – business not from pleasant. Really, thickish shins yet added to nobody femininity! And not always usual weight loss turns out to achieve visible results. And if you already and have no place to grow thin, and stubborn calves of legs don't wish to be given, then time for search of really effective remedies in their reduction came.


1. For a start be defined whether your full calves are result of their excessive nakachannost which got to you by inheritance and whether is in them though the fat drop? If your answer ""yes"" on the first question and ""no"" on the second, then you, unfortunately, have to reconcile. Only the surgeon will help to reduce them in this case. Or you should spend the life rest on the bed, without allowing muscles of legs to perform their work. Calves in that case will really thaw, but hardly is what you so aspire to. Fall in love with yourself such what you are. If you it can do though how many to please, then poll of male opinion showed that most of men prefer full calves excessively thin and ideas of full calves at them absolutely others.

2. But here you were defined that fat on calves nevertheless is available for you, and at last are ready to fight against it. For a start enter the taboo on excesses in the diet. If you want to lose weight, and it concerns not only your legs, then you should be malnourished rather, than to overeat. And people with full legs shouldn't afford it at all. Remember simple communication: each added 2 kilograms increase your calves by 1 cm.

3. Involve legs in the course of performance of physical exercises more often. Power exercises are capable to strengthen your muscles of legs, and than they are stronger, less fat will be laid by that for them. Be not afraid to pump over legs, be afraid to give short to them necessary loading.

4. Do the extension every day. The extension allows to extend visually muscles of legs and to make them much more gracefully. Allocate half an hour for the extension every day, and the effect won't keep itself waiting long.

5. You remove excessive liquid as it considerably affects appearance of your calves. If at the end of day you noticed that calves swelled, became firm to the touch and cyanotic by sight, place them in horizontal position and make massage.

6. Be engaged in cardioexercises. Against the background of the general weight loss kardio can become the excellent assistant in combustion of fat on calves. But if you continue to eat for three, even several hours daily kardio won't be able to bring results.

7. Do anti-cellulite massage by banks. It will help to improve blood circulation and will help to bring excessive liquid out of lymphatic fabric.

8. Get rid of addictions. Smoking promotes formation of cellulitis as considerably worsens blood circulation. Alcohol dehydrates the organism, and water - the important factor in fight against excess weight.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team