Effective dumbbell exercises on shoulders

Effective dumbbell exercises on shoulders

Dumbbell exercises will be done by hands strong and will create the beautiful relief. Results will be noticeable in 2–3 months of regular trainings.

Dumbbell exercises are called not without reason one of the most effective and easy ways of pumping of humeral muscles. It is possible to be engaged with free scales as at home, and in the hall. Loading is increased gradually, and in the course of the training — watch correctness of performance of exercises.  

Most of the beginning athletes in the pursuit of the beautiful relief prefer to work with the post. According to them, the heavy sports equipment will help to develop quicker force and to pump over deltoid muscles. But this delusion.

Many coaches will tell that the general dumbbell exercises aren't less effective trainings with the post. At least, at the correct performance of the same army press you will be able to involve two bunches of deltoid muscles in the sitting position from three. Besides the delta, during the training also other muscles of the shoulder girdle and also the muscle of the breast and the back work.

Set of exercises with dumbbells on shoulders

Universal exercises which approach both to men, and women, exist. In house conditions it is better to carry out them in front of the mirror to give the correct load of the necessary muscles. At once to begin with big loadings, choosing dumbbells on 5–7 kg, isn't necessary. Such approach will lead to microruptures of muscle fibers and injuries of joints. If you didn't play sports earlier, then preference should be given to apparatuses weighing 1-2 kg. In the month it will be possible to take dumbbells heavier.

Dumbbell press sitting

Ideal exercise for the prokachivaniye of deltoid muscles. Performance requires the bench or the chair with the low back, two dumbbells on 2 kg. Home position: sitting, the back equal and direct, the chin is parallel to the floor, hands are bent in elbows, dumbbells are located at the level of eyes. On the exhalation smoothly we squeeze out apparatuses up, then we reduce dumbbells together, without developing brushes, and we are late in such situation for 3–5 seconds. On the breath we come back to the home position. We repeat the press of 15 times, and then we take the break — no more than a minute. In total it is necessary to make 3 approaches.

When performing exercise you watch that hands moved in one plane and synchronously. You hold the back exactly not to injure the backbone.

Arnold's press

Classical exercise on shoulders which was fallen in love to many bodybuilders. It was included into the program of trainings of Arnold Shvatsenegger, for as received the name. Home position: sitting on the bench, the back direct, legs are bent in knees, hips are parallel to the floor. Dumbbells are at the level of the neck, elbows are bent at an angle in 90 degrees, palms are turned to the person. On the exhalation smoothly we squeeze out apparatuses up, turning hands in brushes so that palms looked outside. We are late in the extreme point for 3–5 seconds, and then also smoothly we come back to the home position.

The number of repetitions and approaches same — 15x3. It is better to choose dumbbells easier not to injure luchezapyastny joints.

Raising of dumbbells in bending

Home position: standing, the case is inclined forward, the back direct, hands are lowered and hold dumbbells. On the breath we part apparatuses in the parties, lifting them as it is possible above, and on the exhalation we come back to the home position.

The number of repetitions and approaches — 10x3. When performing exercise it is necessary to watch that the back remained the straight line. If you begin to stoop, then the training will turn back the trauma.

Before the training and after it surely carry out warm-up — arms swings, circular spins in luchezapyastny, elbow and shoulder joints, pandiculations, turns of the neck and the case. Simple exercises will prepare muscles for loadings and will remove stress after the training.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team