Effective exercises for a triceps with dumbbells"

Effective exercises for a triceps with dumbbells"

The triceps, or three-headed humeral muscle in many respects defines appearance of a hand — elasticity, the relief and thickness depend on it. To support a muscle in a tone or to pump up it to the desirable size it is possible in different ways, however the easiest and available to everyone — a gantelny home training. Let's consider in detail how optimum to tighten or pump up a triceps by means of application popular sports the technician.

Triceps anatomy

The main function of a triceps in a uniform corporal organism is the correct work (extension) of a forearm in an elbow joint and data of the upper extremities to a trunk. He settled down on all back surface of a shoulder and represents the tryokhpuchkovy (tryokhgolovchaty) sheaf which is at the same time:

  • long;
  • lateral;
  • medial.

Bunches are connected around an elbow, however, despite simultaneity of their action in the course of work (exercises), load of this muscular group is distributed unevenly therefore for effective sports pumping of a triceps and future esthetic type of hands it is necessary to remember rules of work with dumbbells and comprehensive complex loadings.

Whether you know? The person has from 640 to 850 various muscles. He spends a half of all energy for their continuous reductions — if without sports loadings, then about 40%.

As it is correct to swing a triceps dumbbells

The recommended basic rules:

  1. Regardless of that how many the training will last, before performance of a gantelny complex the warm-up is necessary — it will prevent microinjuries and will well affect future result.
  2. Absolutely in all such exercises the immovability of a hand in its top part limited to an elbow is required.
  3. Before transition to performance of a special complex the manual muscles should be strengthened simple basic loadings (push-ups, pullings up on a crossbeam, a press with not heavy bar, etc.).
  4. For beginners the weight of dumbbells also has serious value. At first it is necessary to choose it so that and without strong tension the shell would keep on an outstretched arm, over time loading has to increase.
  5. The general property of all exercises is their smoothness — sharp breakthroughs need to be excluded completely (the rule concerns complexes and for other muscular groups). Besides desirable power tension it will allow to stretch as much as possible and effectively muscles.
  6. Frequency (number of repetitions) of load of both hands has to be are identical. An optimum training — 3 sets consisting of 12 repetitions on each triceps.

General exercises on a triceps with dumbbells

Nearly in effective pumping of a triceps the outgoing position of a body is crucial (and not just stock weight). The full-fledged training surely consists from slightly exercises differing from each other, for example — different types of a press of dumbbells (French, etc.) and extension of extremities back. Similar loadings need to be alternated, including them serially in separate sets.

Important! The isolated technology of the exercises intended for development of a triceps does not provide load of other muscles therefore feelings of tension in other parts of a body should not be, otherwise the training is ineffective and it can even be harmful.

Dumbbell press two hands because of the head sitting or standing

When the press is carried out by two hands from situation "sitting", despite quite easy performance, technically is one of the most effective and effective occupations for a triceps. Step-by-step actions are as follows:

  1. Sitting on a bench, it is necessary to become straight as much as possible, then to cave in in a waist, having placed legs widely on a floor (for stability and support of balance).
  2. The dumbbell undertakes two hands and is got for the head, at the same time elbows kind of look in a ceiling.
  3. On an exhalation it is necessary to lift stock vertically up that that part of an extremity that it is located above an elbow, did not move.
  4. There will be enough couple of seconds for stay in such situation, then the dumbbell falls for the head again.

Dumbbell press because of the head one hand

This exercise should be begun only after study of a triceps with two hands as it is considered rather difficult, especially for a beginner. Technology of performance is similar to the above press, a difference only in a raising of one extremity. It is possible to make more difficult — instead of a sitting position to pass into standing.

Extension of a hand back in an inclination

This exercise universal and not difficult, with success is carried out by athletes of both sexes. To men it helps to work for a short time separately a muscle, having achieved the desirable volume of shoulders and also to effectively show a relief. Girls by means of extensions will be able to remove flabbiness on back side of hands and also to improve their form.

Important! Despite relative simplicity, regular extensions back in an inclination (especially at the wrong equipment) can cause unpleasant pain in elbows: at their emergence just it is necessary to take dumbbells easier and to reduce number of repetitions. If does not help (pains can even amplify), then it is necessary to refuse such occupation for 7–14 days seriously not to injure an elbow joint.

Workmanship begins with the fact that it is necessary to lean one knee against a bench, having put at the same time a hand from the same party (for balance maintenance).


  1. The case is parallel to a floor for what it has to be slightly inclined forward.
  2. The direct backbone, and neck is leveled on back level.
  3. To strain a press at pulled most in stomach.
  4. The dumbbell needs to be taken an unused hand and to bend it in an elbow at an angle 90 °.
  5. At the movement the elbow rises until the shoulder is not parallel to a floor. The forearm with a shell is directed from top to bottom.
  6. The two-second breath, and at exhalation an elbow is unbent back till the moment when the arm becomes completely straight. Necessary feeling at this moment — the triceps is intense as much as possible, the shoulder is recorded.
  7. The dumbbell is held in a straight arm several moments.
  8. The brush returns to a starting position on a breath.
  9. After the planned number of repetitions of a hand are interchanged the position.

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Extension of a hand back in an inclination sitting

Becomes similarly previous, only now it is necessary to sit down on edge of a bench. And here the performance poocheryodnost is not obligatory, it is possible to work with two hands at once.

The French press lying on a bench with dumbbells

The French press aimed generally at the development of a three-headed muscle suits not all: at many, even professional, athletes after exercise elbow joints begin to hurt.

Important! The weight of dumbbells needs to be chosen, proceeding from such principle: for extension of muscles — weight maximum (for the beginner), 10–12 repetitions on 3–4 approaches; for strengthening of fabrics and a raising of a tone — the small weight of stock, 20–25 repetitions in 4–6 approaches.

To avoid an unpleasant consequence, it is possible to use one simple method — to spend on drink a course of hondroprotektor and to be engaged with elastic bandage.

Technology of performance:

  1. To create a bench from three stools.
  2. Sitting on a bench, to put dumbbells on knees. Slowly stacking a body in horizontal position, it is necessary to transfer tools to a breast accurately.
  3. After finding of stability of a body of a hand are extended over themselves with the elbows developed towards stupnyam. Shoulders are perpendicular to a floor (surely).
  4. At the beginning of bending of hands the shoulders slightly bend to the head that elbows "looked" in the top joint between a wall and a ceiling. Such situation will ensure effective functioning of the trained muscle during all exercise.
  5. Everything occurs smoothly and accurately. Elbows do not disperse in the parties, their situation — the maximum nearness to each other.

The recommended number of presses — 8–12.

Video: technology of performance of exercise the French press lying on a bench with dumbbells

Press of dumbbells lying narrow hold

Such hold is universal too: with its help the development of the maximum force and a set of weight, effectiveness of a classical press are quickly reached — at the expense of the strengthened work of a triceps and also other involved muscles (front deltas and chest).

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Technology of performance:

  1. In a prone position on a bench to set legs against a floor.
  2. The hands raised up are perpendicular to a floor.
  3. It is necessary to lower slowly hands with the subsequent their movement (bending elbows) along the case down.
  4. Then without delays the elbows become straight — at implementation of a press up.
  5. 2-3-second deduction of dumbbells in the top point with the maximum tension of a triceps.

Video: technology of performance of exercise a press of dumbbells lying narrow hold in order to avoid standard injuries in time or after work with dumbbells and, as a result, stagnation and disappointment in trainings, it is necessary to consider the most widespread mistakes made by beginners at exercises on a triceps:

  • not to reject a hand from a vertical position. For correction of a mistake it is necessary to hold an extremity for a triceps;
  • at the beginning of a way the sequence is extremely important — the beginner cannot take too heavy and massive dumbbells at all;
  • there is a curvature of a back or the waist is curved. The decision — exercise needs to be carried out, looking at itself in a mirror;
  • when performing the case should not be shaken and pushed. Shells have to rise and fall smoothly.

Whether you know? The most hardy and strong muscle in a human body is heart. According to the estimates of scientists, reserved forces and durabilities of warm body can stretch up to hundred years.

The described trainings in a house situation will be perfect for those who because of certain factors cannot be in gym. The main thing that the result on the quality will not be worse, than what is reached on heavy exercise machines.

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