Effective exercises for girls on strengthening of flabby muscles of hands

Effective exercises for girls on strengthening of flabby muscles of hands

Quite often women don't pay due attention to muscles of hands in fear that they will be pumped up too strongly. As a result over time muscles of hands become flabby. There are several exercises which will help to bring them into the tone.

If you are afraid to pump up big muscles of hands, use the minimum weight of dumbbells of 1-1.5 kg. But absolutely without cargo it is impossible, otherwise muscles won't feel any loading. The set of exercises for hands aims to work all muscular groups: biceps, triceps, forearm and some of muscles of shoulders. It is necessary to carry out 3 approaches in each exercise, each approach consists of 10-15 repetitions. Between approaches take the break on 30 sec. Always carry out the main movement on the exhalation.

To bring into the hand tone, it is necessary to be engaged at least 3-4 times a week. It makes sense more if you seek for formation of the visible muscular relief.

Exercise for the biceps and the front part of the humeral muscle: take dumbbells, sit down. Bend 1 hand in the elbow, attracting the dumbbell to the shoulder. Change the hand. Exercise only on the biceps: sit down, rest one hand against the knee, lower the worker down, having pressed the elbow to hip inside. Bend the hand then replace. Exercise for the biceps and muscles of the forearm: become with dumbbells in the lowered hands. Palms are turned to the body. Bend hands, aspiring to dumbbells to shoulders.

To strengthen the forearm and razgibatel of fingers, bend hands with the dumbbells taken by the top grip. That is palms will look to the earth, but not up. Still exercise for muscles of forearms: to sit down on the bench, to put forearms between hips. Palms can look both down, and up. Depending on it different muscles of the forearm are loaded. It is necessary to make movements only brushes, up-down.

That exercises helped, don't forget to combine them with healthy nutrition. Exercise stresses demand consumption of enough protein, muscle fibers are under construction of it.

Exercise on the triceps: lay down on the bench, raise hands with dumbbells vertically up. Lower hands down, so that dumbbells in extreme of the point appeared at the level of the breast. After squeeze out again up, without tearing off the buttock from the bench. It isn't necessary to place strongly widely hands, otherwise the pectoral muscle, but not the triceps is involved in the basic. The following exercise too on the triceps. Become, dumbbells in hands. Raise hands, palms look forward. You get dumbbells for the head. The same exercise can be performed lying on the bench. On the triceps: lay down, it is possible on the floor. Raise straight arms with dumbbells up, palms look at each other. Bend hands in elbows, at the same time elbows are constantly recorded in one point and don't deviate anywhere. Are in the final point of the dumbbell at the level of the forehead. Push-ups – one more effective exercise for all muscles of hands. Also it isn't necessary to protest that they aren't necessary to women. Push-ups perfectly promote the tone of muscles of upper extremities, in addition involving also pectoral muscles. It isn't obligatory to be wrung out as the man, it is possible to kneel, the main thing is to observe the technique. Buttocks shouldn't stick out up, and the back – to be curved. The body has to represent the straight line. It is possible to look in the floor. In the extreme position touch the floor by the breast. Do the exhalation on the movement down.

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