Effective exercises for strengthening of muscles of a neck

Effective exercises for strengthening of muscles of a neck

Cervical department of a backbone — an important link between a body and a brain. These are ours stability and mobility at the same time. The inactive way of life of the modern person is capable to provoke neck spasms, and developments of stagnation in exchange processes — development of osteochondrosis, pain and hypostases. To prevent pain syndromes, to stop development of a disease and it is possible to strengthen neck muscles at the expense of a simple set of exercises which efficiency is proved in practice.

Briefly about the structure of cervical muscles

Muscles of a neck are an integral part of a muscular corset and play a key role in formation of a backbone. Cervical muscles support the head in balance and help to make various movements by it, participate in processes of swallowing and promote reproduction of sounds. The muscular structure of a neck is very specific. It is accompanied by its functionality and affects features of a blood system, arrangement of the nervous terminations and internals of the person. Muscles surround a neck in several layers in the longitudinal and cross direction. Anatomic their multiple layers can be divided into three big categories: superficial, median, deep.

Muscles of superficial category are responsible for turns and a ducking, rotations of cervical department of a backbone, ensuring mobility of the lower jaw and protection of veins. Median cervical muscles, are generally tied with a front part therefore the movements of a throat and a mouth, swallowing and formation of sounds is their site of responsibility. The category of deep muscles acts as a link of cervical vertebras and edges, participates in breath and other functions.

Important! Cervical muscles are an armor for protection of internals of the head, bones of a skeleton and a basis for formation of the top department of a muscular corset of all organism and a backbone in particular.

Because of the responsible function the muscles of a neck have tendency to an overstrain. The lack of the movement, the bearing far from an ideal, and even stresses can break blood circulation in cervical department, cause hypostases and unpleasant pains and also provoke backbone diseases. The discomfort from spasms of muscle tissue is quite capable to develop into chronic migraines and osteochondrosis which, in turn, is dangerous by pinching of the arteries and the nervous terminations connected with a brain.

Certain way to remove tension and puffiness of cervical muscles, to normalize a blood-groove — stretching of muscle tissues by means of simple, but effective special exercises.

Exercises for strengthening of muscles of a neck

The cervical gymnastics is simple, however it quite deeply studies all muscles. If you wish to increase activity, to remove aging process, to improve a dream and to avoid development of osteochondrosis, then regular performance of a set of exercises is capable to provide it. Before the training we advise to get acquainted with its good points, shortcomings and contraindications.

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The main advantage of a set of exercises to cervical department — its universality. It is applicable as physiotherapy exercises, recovery charging after injuries, prevention of osteochondrosis and the rejuvenating tightening procedure. It has no restrictions on gender and age, and occupations do not require obligatory visit of the equipped gym. Exercises give long therapeutic effect, at the same time medicines in general are not applied. If to try to carry out a complex regularly, then it is possible to avoid completely a recurrence in the future. The feeling of fatigue, dizziness, a bad dream, headaches, a ring in ears are consequences of difficult blood circulation in cervical area. The gymnastics helps to normalize a blood-groove and not only saves from these symptoms, but also serves as prevention of strokes.


Expectations from exercises for strengthening of muscles of a neck are not always positive. Itself cannot appoint a complex if osteochondrosis is already diagnosed, and pains in a neck strong and long. In this case consultation of the doctor is obligatory. Besides, increase in mobility of vertebras of cervical department and also incorrectly carried out exercises are capable not to remove, and to increase pain, to give an impetus to development of such diseases as a hypertension, the increased intra cranial pressure, to formation of hernias nuclei pulposi.

Examine from an asanama for improvement of a backbone.

Occupations will be effective at their regular performance, and positive changes do not occur after the first training. Time and patience that neck muscles really became stronger will be required.


The area of a neck is a concentration of a set of the nervous terminations and a labyrinth of blood vessels which feed cells of a brain therefore the complex will be useful to strengthening of muscles to not everyone. There are certain indications on health limiting performance of exercises for cervical department of a backbone. Doctors do not recommend a training if are diagnosed:

  • the increased arterial or intra cranial blood pressure;
  • diabetes;
  • aorta aneurysm;
  • cardiovascular diseases in any their manifestations, the preinfarction angina is especially unsafe;
  • any formations in cervical area;
  • the started osteochondrosis in a sharp stage.

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Rules of performance of exercises

The gymnastics for a neck is directed to prevention and treatment. As any physiotherapy exercises, for it have a number of rules which are required to be observed by preparation and performance:

  1. Exercises are recommended to be carried out in the morning or in the evening: 9–10 and 17–18 hours are ideal time.
  2. The neck gymnastics is never carried out right after a dream: let's an organism wake up.
  3. The complex is carried out in the morning after a breakfast, but after a while since it is possible to provoke nausea and weight.
  4. Air the room where the training will be held.
  5. In advance be prepared for exercises: choose a convenient chair, suitable clothes, collect hair if they at you long.
  6. Try to repeat each exercise no more than 5 times.
  7. Success of a complex — regularity, train the first 2 weeks every day, then there will be enough 2–3 once a week.
  8. Control the equipment and position of a back: it is obliged to remain a straight line always. To facilitate to itself a task, train in front of the mirror.
  9. Follow the important rule: at first warm-up, then — the main complex.

Choose time when it is convenient to you to carry out exercises for cervical department of a backbone that both warm-up, and the main complex were executed completely and became a full-fledged training with advantage for health.

Important! The gymnastics for a neck is directed to a muscle strain. It is necessary to carry out a complex qualitatively, but not quickly.

Set of exercises for strengthening of muscles of a neck

The carried-out exercises are aimed only at medical influence for cervical department of a backbone. It means that it is impossible to call them a full-fledged power training for athletes and athletes: force and volume are acquired in the gym. However as improving physical education the complex will be useful to all.

Start of a training — not performance of the first exercise from the chosen complex, and warm-up. It is given with the purpose to prepare muscles for loading. On it only 5-7 minutes are allotted, but it is an obligatory stage if you want to benefit really for a neck from the carried-out gymnastics. A complex for warm-up of a neck:

  1. Measuredly and without hurrying rotate the head at first in one, and then in the opposite direction. Surely control that muscles of a neck were relaxed.
  2. Carry out serially turns of the head: at first to the right side, then in left or on the contrary is not essentially.
  3. Do a ducking alternately to the right shoulder, to left, amplitude of inclinations small. Does not matter at all in what party you will begin to do exercise, main that both parties received loading equally.
  4. Cast away the head a little back and in such pose execute 2–4 rockings to the right and to the left. Slowly return to a starting position and execute this sequence of movements to five times.

Exercises for warm-up absolutely simple, but their purpose are to avoid any injuries during training. Always observe sequence: warm-up — a training.

Important! Warm-up is done at smooth speed and is slow, without breakthroughs.

After end of a preparatory stage it will be possible to pass to mastering of the main training complex for cervical muscles.


Exercise begins with acceptance of a starting position — an equal rack with a direct back and the developed shoulders. Take away hands for a back to the region of a waist back and fasten them there in the lock. Slowly extend a neck forward. Try to last a chin up, but not the case, to leave shoulders on the place, but the back at the same time caves in a little. Remain in the provision of an extreme point. At the initial stage, i.e. in the first week of trainings, there is enough delay in this pose for 1 second, further time can be increased step by step up to 10 seconds. After a pause, without hurrying, consistently, come back to a starting position. Relax neck muscles, but in 1 second repeat again from the very beginning. To carry out 5 repetitions.


The starting position for this loading of cervical muscles can be chosen between sitting on a chair and a standing position. In any of these poses the head is located exactly. Do not forget about a direct back. Lay palms of both hands to a forehead and densely rest against them. Continue to press a forehead on a palm to the greatest possible loading, at the same time try to hold hands not movably and to create them kind of resistance to head pressure. Weaken pressure. Bring hands similarly back to the area of a nape and carry out an emphasis on palms already occipital part of the head. Weaken pressure. Apply the right palm to the right side of the head in temporal area. Now carry out an emphasis on a hand to the right. Weaken pressure and repeat similarly for the left side. Do till 10-15 an emphasis with loading for each of the parties.

Important! You do not press specially palms, exercise is intended for neck muscles therefore the vector of force is directed from the head to hands, and not vice versa.


It is carried out sitting on a chair or standing: as conveniently personally to you. From the chosen situation directly, slowly and smoothly incline the head to a shoulder, you aspire as if to reach it the top. Now record situation in the maximum point of an inclination for several seconds.

Also slowly return to a starting position. Repeat all actions with load of the opposite side. There is enough 5 repetitions for one training. With an operating time of skills try to finish deduction of the head in a peak point of exercise up to 30 seconds.


For the following exercise remain to sit or stand in a starting position: back equal, head directly. Slowly lower a chin before full pressing with a neck. Be late in this pose for 10–30 seconds. Then without hurrying come back to a starting position and 1 second later do the opposite movement — the zaprokidyvany heads, but already by a chin up.

Again fix the head in the top point for 10–30 seconds, and then slowly lower it to a normal starting position. In this exercise it is important to work only with cervical department. Try to hold the head directly, not to bend a neck. To carry out 5 repetitions.

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Exercise is carried out sitting. Raise hands over the head up, bend them in elbows, connect palms to each other, fingers look up. Try to hold elbows parallel to shoulders, at the same time the linked palms should not fall by the head, leave a free gap about 10-15 cm. In this pose do slow turn of the head aside. Record situation in an extreme point for 10–30 seconds.

Slowly return the head in a starting position. 1 second later similarly repeat turn, but already in other party. Make 3–5 turns for each party. You watch that hands at the same time did not fall by the head.

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Look into the sky

Exercise is allowed to be done sitting on a chair or standing: choose a comfortable position. The head is directed directly in a starting position. Gradually turn the head aside. Having reached an extreme point, raise a chin and last it up, throwing back the head to the level, greatest possible for you. Record a pose for 10–30 seconds.

Also slowly come back to a starting position. 1 second later repeat turn with a head zaprokidyvaniye similarly, but already in the opposite direction. To do 3–5 repetitions.

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Sit down on a chair, you hold the head directly, the back permanently direct is your starting position. Raise straight arms over the head palms up and close them, having hardly adjoined finger-tips. At the same time do not turn the head and do not lower, it remains constantly in a starting position, i.e. hold it directly. Try not to bend hands in elbows, last palms up as branches of a tree aspire to the sun.

Whether you know? If to carry out exercises accompanied by favourite music, then in an organism serotonin — hormone of pleasure and joy is actively produced therefore the training will be more effective.

Remain in a pose of the maximum extension for 10 seconds and slowly return to a starting position. Hands need to be raised the directed movement in the parties — up, to lower upside-down also the movement in the parties. After acceptance of a starting position surely be late in it for 1 second. There will be enough 3–5 repetitions.

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Features of performance of cervical gymnastics for children

Behind muscles of a neck it is necessary to watch and strengthen them from early age. However the complex described above is not suitable for a children's organism because cervical vertebras of children just develop, and such loadings are contraindicated to them. Besides, the main condition of correctness of performance of charging is slow and measured repetition of movements what very few children are capable of. For this reason exercises have to be adapted for each age. Especially carefully it is necessary to be engaged with newborns. For the correct development the child is recommended to do massage, since monthly age.

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Its correct performance will be shown by the pediatrician, the nurse or the children's massage therapist. At the same time it is already possible to begin to do the simplest exercises for strengthening of a neck. Vykladyvaniye on a stomach is one of the very first exercises for kids. It is necessary to carry out it only on a firm and plain surface, for example, on a table or a changing table. The child keeps within a stomach down, he tries to hold the head in this pose. If you see that to it it is difficult, then carefully turn his head on one side. It is necessary to repeat exercise every day on 2–3 times, leaving the kid in this pose for several minutes. It is gradually allowed to increase time up to 15 minutes. Other safe exercise for babies is a vykladyvaniye on one side. It is also carried out on a plain firm surface. Put the kid on one side, at the same time conveniently arrange his handles and legs. In a few minutes change the party. Turning is carried out 4–6 times. For children of 4-6 months of exercise complicate a little.

The revolution from a back on a stomach alternately is added to the right and left parties by means of the adult and a pripodnimaniye for handles of the top part of a trunk from a prone position on a back, with a small amplitude. It is necessary to remember that the gymnastics and massage for children are carried out at the same time regularly. Occupations will bring benefit in the presence of a positive response of the kid therefore reckon with his mood and by all means watch his health. Increase loading gradually, do not overstrain the child.

Precautionary measures

The first step to performance of exercises for cervical department of a backbone is even not warm-up, but medical consultation. Only when you are convinced that your health allows to carry out a complex, it is possible to start trainings. At the same time surely it is necessary to follow the following rules:

  1. If during performance of any exercise you feel at least small discomfort, dizziness, at you will darken in eyes, nausea and so forth will develop, occupation should be stopped immediately.
  2. Never forget that the neck is the most vulnerable and fragile part of a backbone. The care when performing exercises is the main installation for occupations.
  3. Your general health sets the rate of all training. Choose between slow and moderate — the therapeutic effect is quite so reached.
  4. Never make breakthroughs and avoid frankly sharp movements.
  5. Do not overload cervical department: 5 repetitions of one exercise are quite enough.
  6. You watch food: the refusal of sweet and salty products will yield the best results of trainings.

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Doctors claim that prevention is the best treatment. The simple complex for strengthening of muscles of a neck allows to resist effectively to appearance of osteochondrosis in this part of a body and also to use it as auxiliary therapy at treatment of this disease and its consequences.

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