Effective exercises for the training of hands, the stomach and legs

Effective exercises for the training of hands, the stomach and legs

The tightened body allows to try to catch on itself delighted looks of the opposite sex, to wear the fitting clothes and to feel healthy, the sport helps to get rid of many sores. Exercises for the training of hands, the stomach and legs help to achieve such effect.

Effective exercises for the training of hands

Having executed warm-up, begin the training with exercises for development of bicepses and tricepses. To pump up the first group of muscles, put legs on width of shoulders, straighten the back and tuck the stomach in. Pick up dumbbells, press shoulders and elbows to sides – they shouldn't move to exercise performance time. Raise hands with dumbbells to the shoulder, record for couple of seconds and return them on the initial position. Repeat exercise so many time how many you will be able. It is possible, in several approaches.

Keeping situation, raise the right hand from dumbbells up, then slowly lower for the head and again straighten. Repeat such exercise of 10-20 times, then execute it other hand. Thanks to it it is possible to tighten tricepses.

Effective exercises for the stomach training

To get rid of fat and to tighten stomach muscles, it is necessary to perform exercises on the press is the most effective the way to achieve desirable result. Lay down on the floor, slightly move apart legs and bend in knees, and link hands in the lock behind the head. Execute liftings of the case, without tearing off the waist from the floor. Then put hands under buttocks palms down to lower loading from the waist. Straighten legs and slowly raise from the floor by 30-40 cm, record situation for couple of seconds, and then also slowly lower. Repeat exercise of 20-30 times. Again bend legs in knees, and put hands on the nape. Lift the case and at the same time try to reach the elbow of the right hand the knee of the opposite leg. Return on the initial position and repeat exercise, but already in other party. Thanks to it you will be able to pump up oblique muscles of the stomach.

Effective exercises for the training of legs

The first two exercises will suit more women as they are directed to pullings up of muscles of the internal part of the hip – it the place is considered problem at women. Lay down on the back, extend hands along the trunk or link on the nape, raise legs perpendicular to the floor up. Then execute leg swings cross-wise, that is ordinary "scissors". After that turn over sideways, bend the lower hand in the elbow and put under the head, top put before the trunk. Extend the lower leg perpendicular to the trunk and slowly raise it most highly. Then also slowly lower on the floor. Repeat exercise of 20-30 more times, then turn on another and perform exercise already with other leg. Become directly, put legs on width of shoulders, and put hands on the breast or extend them before yourself. Transfer body weight to one leg and sit down, but the leg at the same time don't tear off the second from the floor. Execute squats of 5-10 times, then transfer body weight to other leg and again make squats.

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