Effective exercises with a bar for female buttocks"

Effective exercises with a bar for female buttocks"

The weightlifting traditionally is considered men's sport, however for women use of a bar happens too it is very useful. For example, by means of this shell it is possible to strengthen perfectly gluteuses, having made the buttocks elastic and appetizing.

Pluses and minuses of trainings of buttocks with a bar

As well as any physical trainings, exercises with a bar have the advantages and shortcomings about which it is necessary to know.

Pluses of exercises with a bar for girls:

  • thanks to high loading allow to involve a large number of different groups of muscles therefore even if a main objective is strengthening of buttocks, along with it in the course of the training all body is tightened and becomes stronger, especially strong strain is experienced by legs, a back and a press;
  • help not only strengthen gluteuses, but also to round, "raise" and to accurately designate them, as a result hips gain special appeal;
  • give obvious effect which becomes noticeable quickly enough.

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Minuses of use of a bar for beautiful buttocks:

  • exercises traditionally reckon with a bar as one of the most stressful types of trainings for an organism, respectively, they are suitable only for the people who initially have quite good physical training (in particular, at insufficient development of muscles of a back use of a heavy shell for study of buttocks becomes impossible);
  • the bar is very injury-causing shell, especially if it is in the nonprofessional's hands (the waist and also knee joints and sheaves especially often suffers);
  • occupations demand the maximum accuracy in observance of the equipment therefore they ideally have to take place under constant control of the experienced trainer;
  • the specific shell, can be used only in the halls which are specially intended for this purpose, for home trainings, with rare exception, it does not approach (matter not only that very few people have houses a bar, but also in what is necessary for such occupations spacious and is desirable the soundproofed room, besides, many exercises, besides, actually, bar, assume existence of special exercise machines);
  • occupations with a bar are connected with the strongest impact load, especially on a backbone that does to an organism more harm, than advantage (it is possible to level this shortcoming only due to use of small weight of a shell);
  • can lead to significant increase in volume of hips at the expense of the strengthened load of muscles, and such effect is desired not for all (the girls wishing to squeeze through trainings into jeans of the smaller size will be especially upset).

To achieve good physical shape and health you should not ignore exercises for morning exercises.

Set of exercises for buttocks

Let's consider some of the most known exercises with a bar for buttocks.

Women's squats

This exercise is the most effective in terms of pumping of muscles of buttocks and also legs. At the same time also other groups of muscles are perfectly studied. But, whatever habitual and clear squats seemed, most of people carry out them absolutely incorrectly. Meanwhile involvement of a bar imposes to observance of the equipment special requirements as mistakes in this case are fraught not only with lack of result, but also injuries. By the way, technology of performance of women's and men's squats absolutely different. To men this exercise first of all helps to pump up the top half of legs while for the woman the purpose — elastic buttocks.

Important! It is necessary to begin occupations always with the minimum weight, haste and a pursuit of fast result in this case can have boomerang effect. To beginners experts recommend to master technology of the correct squat without loading and only after it to put a shell into operation.

So, correct performance of exercise:

  1. We stack a shell on back side of shoulders, holding it on a neck narrow hold.
  2. We put legs on width of shoulders, it is possible slightly more widely, we straighten a back, we part feet a little in the parties. We do not hang the head, a look — before ourselves or it is a little up.
  3. We take a deep breath a diaphragm, then we push out all air from lungs. On the following breath we start exercise performance.
  4. Very slowly, involving gluteuses (but not chetyryokhglavy muscles of a hip which are located under knees), we fall to a squat. Foot during squat has to stand steadily on a floor, heels do not come off. The back is a little stuck out back, the breast is stuck out forward, the waist is bent, however the back remains to a straight line (it is desirable even to incline it slightly forward, but not to stoop at all at the same time). Council: it is easier to hold a direct back if during performance of exercise to look up. Knees move forward, without being turned out in different directions, but also not the friend towards the friend.
  5. The negative phase of exercise (lowering) comes to an end at the moment when buttocks fell a little below than the line of sitting of the imagined chair (hips have to make an acute angle with the line of a floor).
  6. We are fixed in the lower point of a squat for several seconds. At this moment the gluteuses are most tense, straightened.
  7. On an exhalation we begin slow rise in a starting position — the more slowly, the tension of muscles is stronger, the breakthrough in this case is not necessary at all. It is a so-called positive phase of exercise at which muscles gather. The emphasis at rise has to fall on heels and on an external part of foot. Knees upon completion of squat have to remain a little bent, it will allow to keep loading on the developed muscles, without overstraining joints and a linking of a basin and also knees.
  8. We repeat exercise with a breath.

Important! A big bottom — not an occasion to refuse squats with a bar. Ugly volume buttocks happen at those who have many fat savings in this part of a body while the pumped-over muscles consisting of proteinaceous fabric always look effectively and esthetically.

On performance of one exercise not less than six one or three seconds on a squat and three on rise have to leave.

Video: Technology of performance of squats with a bar the Most widespread mistakes when performing women's squats:

  • the head is hung down, as a result the back is also filled up forward, rounded, and exercise is carried out incorrectly;
  • during squat of a heel come off a floor;
  • the back moves perpendicular to a floor (this equipment is relevant to men's squat, in women's the case needs to be inclined slightly forward);
  • squat comes to the end at the time of "usazhivaniye" on the imagined chair (hips parallel to a floor) — women's squats, unlike men's, have to be deeper;
  • at instep are completely straightened;
  • legs during performance of exercises are at shoulder length or even more closely to each other (the maximum load on buttocks is possible only in case of broad arrangement of legs);
  • socks are turned to each other (in this case there is dangerous load of knee joints;
  • socks are developed in the parties from each other (muscles of buttocks are involved in such situation not at full capacity).

Video: Mistakes at squat with a bar

Attacks with a bar

This exercise also represents a kind of squat, however one leg at the same time is put aside back, another, on the contrary, jumps out forward.

It is also necessary to keep in a tone intimate muscles to women, as well as muscles of buttocks or legs. The vumbuilding will help with it.

At its performance, mistakes therefore it is worth paying attention to the equipment are very often made too. Besides buttocks, the training allows to strengthen various muscles of a hip (both external, and internal):

  1. We expose a shell the same as for performance of usual squats.
  2. We straighten a back, we pull in a stomach. We take a full breath and an exhalation, on a new breath we start exercise performance.
  3. By the left leg it is taken a wide step forward, leaving the right leg bent in a knee and standing on a sock behind. We watch balance. The knee of the left leg has to be in one plane with foot and make a right angle with the line of a floor. At a leg zavalivaniye the knee joint, but not buttocks and hips begins to work forward.
  4. Having recorded a state to a full exhalation, we force muscles to be developed as much as possible.
  5. Slowly, due to pushing away by a heel of the left leg, we carry out a positive phase of exercise, returning to initial situation on a deep breath.
  6. We repeat attack, but now the right leg, or at first we carry out the set number of exercises by one leg and only then we pass to mirror option (it is allowed both the first, and second ways). One more option of performance of exercise does not provide return to initial situation, and assumes continuation of advance from other leg (a so-called step with attacks). This way is considered the most difficult, and it is necessary to pass to it only after technology of simple attacks is completely mastered.

Video: Technology of performance of attacks with a bar

Calling on a bench

Zashagivaniye on a bench is one of the most effective exercises for pulling up of muscles of buttocks even in simple option of its execution, but if to involve a bar, the result will be much more impressive.

Important! Success secret — correctly picked up bench height. She has to settle down approximately at the level of knees the leg put on it was bent at right angle.

Technology of performance of exercise:

  1. We become facing a bench.
  2. We take a bar in the same way, as for squat performance.
  3. We put the left leg on a bench full foot.
  4. We take a deep breath, on an exhalation we start a negative phase of exercise (rise).
  5. Leaning on the foot standing on a bench, mainly on a heel, all body weight, we straighten the left leg, raising a body up. Having appeared at bench height, we put on it the second leg. The complicated option of exercise is that the right leg is not put on a bench, and remains in the hanging state, in this case muscles of a buttock and a hip of a "working" leg are involved as much as possible.
  6. Exhaling, we return the right leg in a starting position.
  7. We continue a vyshagivaniye by the same leg, then we carry out exercise specularly. Alternation of legs in this exercise is not recommended to be done, it allows muscles to relax and does not give the maximum load.

The most widespread mistakes when performing a zashagivaniye:

  • rise on a breath, lowering on an exhalation or total absence of control of breath;
  • performance of a zashagivaniye due to breakthrough (as well as in squats, in this case it is very important to make all movements very slowly, as much as possible stretching and turning off muscles);
  • transfer of body weight on a sock, but not on a heel of the leg standing on a bench;
  • loss of control over balance;
  • case inclination forward due to removal of the knee standing on a bench for foot level (gluteuses unload, and the main loading is the share of a knee joint);
  • ssutulivaniye (the back has to remain a straight line with a deflection in a waist);
  • the look is directed under legs (the ducking involves violation of the correct position of a back).

Plie squat

Plie squat — one more exercise which allows to work perfectly muscles of buttocks even without weighting. When using a bar of the technician of performance of exercise following:

  1. We become directly, we move apart legs so that they approximately on 10 cm went beyond the line of shoulders, we develop feet in different directions (approximately by 45 degrees, but it is, actually, important that the feeling was comfortable, and situation — steady).
  2. Narrow hold we take a bar, the level is behind the head on shoulders (not on a neck!). Elbows are divorced in the parties, slightly back, shovels are directed to each other, brushes are straightened. The back direct, a waist is bent, the stomach is pulled in.
  3. We take a full breath a diaphragm, then exhaled. It is begun to fall on a breath.
  4. We carry out slow squat, having involved muscles of buttocks and not tearing off feet from a floor. Knees at the same time have to disperse in the parties. Unlike usual squats, the back does not need to be lifted up.
  5. Having recorded in the lowest situation (as well as usual squats, lowering it has to be deeper, than sitting of the imagined chair, but at a stage of development of the equipment it is possible to bring a squat to a right angle), on an exhalation slowly we rise. We do not forget that it is necessary to stop before knees are unbent completely.
  6. We repeat exercise without stopping — at an initial stage not less than ten times.

Important! Without having near at hand a bar, it is possible to achieve not smaller effect of squats of a plie if at the time of rise to come to socks of legs or to carry out a vyprygivaniye. This option is good still the fact that it allows to involve in addition gastrocnemius muscles.

Classical squats and plie, despite the seeming similarity, are different exercises therefore to replace one of them with another does not follow. The plie allows to involve a bit different groups of muscles and, in particular, gives much smaller load of a back. For this reason when performing a plie it is possible to increase weight a little.

Video: Squats of a plie and squat of sumo

Inclinations with a bar on shoulders

This exercise, besides its main objective, is very useful for a training of a backbone and a back, and still it allows to improve a bearing and an extension considerably.

Technology of performance:

  1. We establish a shell on shoulders behind the head (as well as for performance of all exercises described above).
  2. We straighten a back, we pull in a stomach, we bend a waist, having cramped shovels to each other, slightly we bend legs in knees. We put legs more widely than shoulders, we part feet in the parties the same as at squat of a plie.
  3. We take a deep breath, then exhaled. On a new breath we begin exercise.
  4. Not sutulyas and without losing a standard position of a back, we bend forward. At the same time we raise buttocks, as when performing classical squats.
  5. On an exhalation we come back to a starting position, involving muscles of a back, buttocks and quadriceps (the muscles which are under a knee).
  6. We repeat exercise, without stopping.

Romanian draft

The feature of this exercise is that it allows to work with very big weight, so, to give to the developed group of muscles the maximum load and to achieve, thus, fast and impressive result.

Whether you know? Exercise is obliged by the name well-known in the nineties last century to the weight-lifter Vlad Nikolae, the Romanian. He thought up unusual option of classical stanovy draft which became very popular in bodybuilding subsequently.

As well as in all exercises with a bar, when performing the Romanian draft it is very important to observe the equipment accurately:

  1. We pick up a bar, holding it before ourselves on the hands lowered, but a little bent in elbows.
  2. We become exactly, shovels are cramped to each other, a back absolutely a straight line (the basin is even recommended to be displaced slightly forward), the stomach is pulled in, knees are slightly bent, the head is a little raised.
  3. We take a breath and an exhalation a full breast. We begin exercise on a breath.
  4. Without hanging the heads, we do an inclination forward, bulging a bottom back and up. We do not round a back, we do not release a shovel. At the correct performance of exercise at this moment there has to be a feeling of tension of bicepses of a hip. We watch that elbows were not bent and hands remained straight lines.
  5. Without laying a bar on the floor, and having stopped the movement approximately at the level of shins, we begin an exhalation and return to initial situation. We set all the weight against heels as though we try to make a start them from a floor. Amplitude of performance of exercise has to be calculated so that muscles smoothly passed from a condition of a full extension before turning, without relaxing and without having a rest. The back and hands should not test tension, the maximum load is the share of bicepses of hips.

Read in more detail about the equipment and councils for performance of the Romanian draft for women and men.

The most widespread mistakes when performing the Romanian draft:

  • performance of the movement by breakthrough;
  • rounding of a back;
  • contact with a floor bar;
  • involvement in performance of exercise of muscles of a back;
  • bending of hands in elbows;
  • lowering of the head (the chin has to remain raised);
  • ottopyrivany bars forward on straight arms (the shell has to be directly at legs).

Video: Technology of performance of the Romanian draft

The buttock bridge with a bar

Secret of performance of this exercise — the correct starting position therefore we will begin the description with it.

For work, besides a bar, we need a steady low bench (optimum — 40 cm) which will not move together with us and will not overturn in the course of exercise performance:

  1. We put the prepared bar along a bench.
  2. We become facing a bar, a back to a bench and we take a shell two hands.
  3. We take seat on a bench, a bar we have across a body at the basis of hips.
  4. Then it is very careful that the signature stamp did not roll down from legs, we tear off a basin from a bench and we move slightly forward so that on a bench the head and shoulders was located, legs firmly stood on a floor all foot, and the case with the bar located across it sagged between knees and shoulders. An emphasis — on feet and shoulders. The stomach is pulled in, hands hold a bar from two parties at hips, a grasp from above.

Now we can start:

  1. We take a deep breath.
  2. On an exhalation we raise the sagged hips together with the bar which is on them up to achievement of the line parallel to a floor.
  3. We fix a body in the provision of the maximum tension, squeezing as it is possible stronger gluteuses.
  4. With a new breath we fall down to a starting position, but we do not take seat on a floor at all.
  5. We continue to carry out exercise without breaks and relaxation of muscles of at least 10 times.
  6. Upon termination of occupation we sit down on a floor and the weighting compound is carefully removed from itself.

Whether you know? It is considered that the first to use weighting compounds for increase in intensity of trainings were thought up by ancient Egyptians. For this purpose they used direct beams from iron or the similar objects from a stone which became some kind of prototype of a modern bar.

The most widespread mistakes when performing the bridge:

  • during the movement of a heel come off a floor;
  • the emphasis delyatsya on heels, but not on all foot;
  • tightening of gluteuses in the top point is not carried out;
  • after ejection up the case falls without fixing and a delay down;
  • in the lower point the muscles are given the chance to relax and have a rest;
  • the leg is bent at an acute or obtuse angle (the angle has to be right);
  • in an upper body emphasis is placed on a neck, but not on shoulders and shovels;
  • exercise is expedited by breakthroughs or too, muscles do not manage to be studied.

Video: Technology of performance of exercise buttock bridge

Prevention of traumatism

As the bar is a serious weighting compound, occupations with it differ in the increased risk of injury. Violation of the technology of performance of exercises therefore that to avoid it, it is necessary to follow the following rules is the main reason of accidents:

  • always to begin trainings with good warm-up which has to include cardioloading and having warmed (extension) of all muscles. It is necessary to finish occupations, respectively, from a hitch in the course of which the speeded-up pulse has to return to a usual state gradually;
  • during performance of exercises it should not be sick or uncomfortable. Our body is the best assistant and the adviser, it is necessary only to learn to distinguish signals which it to us gives. Categorical desire to be engaged which arises by the time of approach of term of another training, also is a sure sign of the fact that something becomes not so;
  • strict performance of the recommended equipment, including means that it is necessary to avoid two possible extremes — to be sorry for, without finishing and feigning and to be engaged in self-torture. The maximum study of muscles, especially during the work with a bar, is possible only when amplitude of movements is no more and not less recommended;
  • the increased speed during the occupations — one more enemy to our health. Carrying out all put movements slowly, we train and we tighten muscles, and making breakthroughs and accelerating — we risk to get stretchings and other problems;
  • ignoring laws of physics, in particular, of mechanics, we risk to lose balance and to be traumatized;
  • it is impossible to start occupations with a bar in the presence of certain diseases, first of all spine injuries, problems with joints and a cardiovascular system concern them. At least it is necessary to report about such circumstances to the trainer, but it is better to consult nevertheless at first to the attending physician;
  • being distracted by a foreign talk and even thoughts during the trainings, the person loses vigilance and can do harm to himself and people around;
  • delayed onset muscle soreness (characteristic muscular pain after the active physical occupations) — an occasion for a while to reduce intensity of trainings, but not to force the muscles to work "for a break";
  • strengthening of loading has to happen gradually, otherwise injuries are inevitable;
  • and, at last, occupations with a bar in alcohol intoxication in the consciousness need to be equated to serious crime once and for all.

The bar is the excellent assistant for girls and women who want to make the buttocks tightened and elastic. But to achieve success in use of this shell, it is necessary to approach a problem with all responsibility, to develop for itself the program, optimum in terms of loading, and to carry out all complex of occupations in strict accordance with instructions of the trainer.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team