Effective sets of exercises for fast weight loss of legs

Effective sets of exercises for fast weight loss of legs

Sometimes the relief of our legs is so far from ideal that demands some correction. Especially it touches female legs, the female physiology provides adjournment of fat cages on a waist and hips. In this article we will consider what exercises promote fast weight loss of legs and development of muscle bulk.

Anatomy of legs

People use muscles of the lower extremities and buttocks in everyday life every second: standing, walking, running, jumping, walking upstairs, taking shopping, dancing classes, driving the bicycle and even sitting. They begin from a basin and come to an end on toes.

  1. Muscles of legs last from a basin to a foot. Separate muscular groups are near the corresponding bone and are surrounded with a connecting cover (fastion). Together with sinews of a fastion guarantee that the muscle is attached to a bone, and with its help the compression or transfer of effort is possible. Muscles are crossed by nerves, blood vessels and lymphatic channels.
  2. The muscles which are responsible for hips and buttocks help the person to walk upstairs, to walk or just to sit on a shop. The big gluteus is responsible for the movements of a coxofemoral joint. It is supported by average and small muscles of buttocks which reach for a hip. They provide internal and external rotation of a hip and allow the person to go.
  3. Under buttocks in deeper layers there are other muscles which also stabilize a basin and mobility of a coxofemoral joint and the lower extremities promote. The pear-shaped muscle which begins from a sacrum and is attached to a femur concerns them. If it presses on the next sciatic nerve, the person can have a severe pain (Pirifortis's syndrome).
  4. The quadriceps muscle — participates in all movements of legs. Quadriceps and a sinew of a patella on a patella promote the movement of the lower part of an extremity. For example, by means of muscles of a quadriceps of people sits down, having crossed legs.
  5. Shin muscles — become more active when the person goes, jumps, runs, squats or moves with foot fingers.
  6. Foot muscles — their collaboration with internal muscles of an extremity gives the chance to foot fingers to move, they stretch an arch of foot and soften force of blows at jumps. External muscles provide stability and allow to rise and fall to foot.

The reason of emergence of thick legs or deep thighs the Surplus of women's hormones generally affects figures of women — too deep thighs and legs are formed. It happens if at the woman the menstrual cycle is broken, in this case the shortage (surplus) of estrogen or progesterone is the reason of completeness.

These hormones are produced in ovaries and when there is a hormonal imbalance, fat cages collect in body tissues.

Such completeness meets at men in case in an organism testosterone level decreases.

Whether you know? Long ago it is known of the positive effect of a dream having a great influence on metabolism speed — if you sleep 7–8 hours a day, the metabolism during the day will be quicker. Scientific research showed that people who sleep less than 6 hours a day have the increased appetite and hardly lose weight.

Warm-up before a training

Before beginning any sports training, it is necessary to warm well all muscles, i.e. to make warm-up:

  1. It is the best of all to begin warm-up with the slow running on the spot which is carried out at moderate speed. Take away several minutes for jumps with a jump rope. When legs and feet become more active, the body is warmed quicker than in case warm-up is begun with activization of hands.
  2. Some more minutes of warm-up are required to prepare muscles, sinews, ligaments and joints for sports loadings. For example, if the person swings muscles on the exercise machine with loading, then it is worth beginning with several easy movements: without installation of weight to make 20–30 repetitions, in house conditions this any bending and extension of extremities.
  3. The muscle strain can be a part of warm-up also. However it has to be static stretching, that is keeping of the relevant provision of an extension within about 20 seconds. It also belongs to easy exercises which are not carried out in all the range of the movement.

Important! Between warm-up and the beginning of a training there have to pass no more than 5 minutes. Though body temperature can increase much longer, but the raised muscular blood-groove begins to be reduced quickly already in a few minutes.

Exercises for weight loss of legs

These exercises will be useful to people who wish that their legs lost weight and gained symmetry. To achieve the objective quite really, but it is necessary to remember that for its achievement it is regularly necessary to train, for this purpose optional to keep to a diet, enough sports loadings.

It is necessary to do exercises on strengthening of muscle bulk that can be carried out as in house conditions (run, walking, squats, moves legs, swallow), and being engaged on special exercise machines. If the person not the beginner in sports loadings, then is the best of all to be engaged with weighting compounds (dumbbells or a bar) — it promotes obtaining faster result.

In house conditions

To lose excess fat, not less than three times a week are desirable to play sports. In house conditions to give classes it is necessary every other day. Only about 60 minutes of free time and small free space in the house for occupations are required. After the training it is necessary to do independently massage of hips and lower extremities. It helps at weight loss, massage stimulates blood circulation and process of a metabolism in an organism. It also perfectly removes cellulitis.

Important! Mineral water is an ally in fight against fatty tissue. It should be drunk as often as possible during the day, it is preferable with lemon juice addition as it is very useful for cleaning of an organism of toxins.

For inside of hips

We bring to your attention several effective exercises for inside of hips.


Balancing exercise, simple performed by, but ideal for formation of an internal part of hips. How to carry out:

  1. Get up directly, strain stomach muscles then move body weight on the left leg.
  2. The right leg, without bending, lift from a floor to waist level, at the same time inclining an upper body with the hands extended forward. Between the left and right legs the right angle is formed.
  3. When performing exercise the left (basic) lower extremity has to be slightly bent in a knee.
  4. Hold a position within 15 seconds. Then do the same exercise, but already on other supporting leg.
  5. It is recommended to carry out swallow to ten times (for 15 seconds on each leg) in three approaches.

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Side move the bent leg

This exercise trains an internal part of a hip and helps to lose weight in this problem area. How to carry out:

  1. Training lays down on the right side. At the same time the head is supported by the right hand bent in an elbow and leaning on a floor.
  2. Legs are extended parallel to a floor and lie one over another.
  3. Now the left extremity needs to be moved ahead of itself so that the sock appeared before the right knee. The stomach is pulled in in itself, the right leg is slowly raised (without changing situation) by several centimeters from a floor.
  4. For one occupation do three approaches on 15 repetitions of exercise.

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For outer side of hips

In a month of performance of this exercise it is possible to expect that hips will lose weight, this training for their outer side is especially effective. How to carry out:

  1. It is necessary to rise directly and to straighten shoulders, muscles of a stomach are strained.
  2. The right leg the attack becomes forward (a step to 50 cm) and the emphasis in a floor is accepted by all foot. At the same time it is necessary to watch that the knee did not support the level occupied by socks.
  3. The left extremity moves forward back at all possible length and leans on toes. After acceptance of the correct rack the elastic semi-squat in this position becomes.
  4. In the same way 15 repetitions become, then replace a leg and repeat exercises.
  5. In total on each leg about three approaches on 15 exercises become.

Options are possible: not to do a series of exercises on each extremity, and after each attack and squat to interchange the position of them: that is, the attack from the left leg, then from the right leg becomes, in the course of performance of people moves forward. Such option is suitable for occupations on open sports grounds, but it does not do for the limited room.

Important! Without carrying out warm-up it is undesirable to begin occupations as for cold muscles the risk of a trauma is too high — microinjuries or small cracks in muscle tissue can be result. Always do exercises after full warm-up.

For buttocks

Those who wants to reduce volume in buttocks need the following exercise.

Side moves

When performing this exercise there is an extension of muscle tissue. How to carry out:

  1. The position on the right side is taken. The upper body leans on the right hand bent in an elbow which adjoins to a floor, legs are extended parallel to the earth and laid one on another.
  2. The right hand takes a free position and is used when performing exercise for balancing.
  3. Now the right leg, without being bent, slowly and smoothly rises by 90 degrees. At rise the foot takes a position a sole up.
  4. The lower extremity raised to waist level on couple of centimeters is raised through I cannot in the same situation.
  5. Then the initial position smoothly is accepted.

For each leg carry out 20 moves for one approach up. For a training it is required to make three approaches.

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For calves

Squats perfectly are suitable for pulling up of muscles of calves and bedyor. After the first occupations of squat cause painful feelings in muscles. But it is that case when the suffering pays off beauty as as a result the sportswoman will receive harmonious legs. Squats will be more effective if to carry out them with weighting compounds (dumbbells or a bar). How to carry out:

  1. To rise directly, a back equal, legs are located a little more widely than a basin.
  2. Further it is necessary to rise smoothly on tiptoe, to hold a stomach intense.
  3. Then knees are bent, the person smoothly squats, at the same time extending hands forward, and is late in this situation for couple of seconds.
  4. After that also smoothly and slowly passes into the return phase of exercise (rises).
  5. Do not forget to balance not to lose balance in the movement.
  6. Exercise should be repeated three approaches on 15 repetitions.

Whether you know? The Aesculapian and the citizen of Rome, Claudius Galen, is the author of the list of the main requirements to trainings. Here is how they sound: exercises have to be regular, it can do to the athlete and also have to become complicated gradually.

Muscles of a shin are also perfectly tightened by jumps through a jump rope. It is possible to jump both on one, and on both legs.

On exercise machines in gym

It is optional to be engaged at home alone, it is much more convenient to visit the gym where exercise machines are provided for occupations. Besides all athletes in gyms are engaged under supervision of the trainer which makes the individual plan of sports activities. During the trainings the physical shape of the athlete, state of his health and age are surely considered.

Pay attention to features of trainings in gym: for women, for men.

Press legs

There are variations of this exercise. It is possible to wring out the platform two legs or one. At change of height of raising of legs the loading will be transferred to buttocks (at high rise) or to hips (at low rise). It is impossible to tear off a waist from an exercise machine back during the training. Make 3–4 approaches till 12-15 of repetitions on two legs at the same time or on everyone.

Elliptic exercise machine

The elliptic exercise machine provides a cardiotraining and is very useful to a cardiovascular system. When performing exercises the athlete is in vertical position (costs), hands lean on special hand-rail, the top part of his body is in quiet situation, and legs — in the movement.

The elliptic exercise machine offers modeling of walking or run, but at the same time legs do not rise in air as at run, so, there is no heavy stress for joints occurring at contact of foot with soil.

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It is the main advantage of the elliptic exercise machine, load of feet, anklebones, knees and hips decreases. Occupations on elliptic exercise machines — an excellent training of a cardiovascular system for the people undergoing rehabilitation after a leg injury or an ankle.

For finding of harmonious legs of occupation run or walking on the elliptic exercise machine it is necessary to combine with performance of exercises on other groups of muscles. For the beginner 20 minutes of occupations on the elliptic simulator, for the experienced athlete — are recommended 50 minutes. Speed of performance of exercise on the elliptic exercise machine and also duration of run or walking surely is determined by the trainer or the attending physician (in case of rehabilitation after a trauma).

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Exercise bike

When driving the bicycle, quadriceps and gluteuses and also popliteal sinews, muscles of hips and caviar are put in action. Quadriceps are responsible for push force on exercise machine pedals.

As the person can press on a pedal very much, the bicycle with heavy transfers causes physiological adaptation of an organism to loadings and growth of muscles. The result of occupations on the exercise bike is very similar to result of occupations weightlifting.

  1. For weight loss of extremities and improvement of their muscle bulk it is necessary to work on the simulator, using the program with a big resistance.
  2. For stimulation of a quadriceps — some programs for cycling are recommended to install resistance at which the person cannot move pedals quicker, than 60 revolutions per minute.
  3. Sprint driving — rotation of pedals with the greatest effort for less than a minute. It also forces legs to develop huge amount of energy, contributes to the development of muscles and increase in force. Restoration (rest) between sprint arrivals takes from 30 seconds to several minutes.
  4. Rotation of pedals in a sitting position, holding buttocks in 5 cm over a seat — an effective way of development by the four-head of a muscle.

The program of trainings for weight loss of legs in house conditions

These exercises have to be carried out in a complex, every other day. Before the occupations it is necessary to do warm-up for a warming up of muscles and joints. Training time (together with 10-15-minute warm-up) should not have duration less than one hour.

The plan of occupation in house conditions:

  • swallow — 30 times on each leg;
  • running on the spot — alternation of 30 seconds of fast run with one minute of quiet walking;
  • side move the bent leg — three approaches on 15 times;
  • exercises for external and inside of hips — three approaches on 15 exercises;
  • side moves — on 30 moves for each leg;
  • for gastrocnemius muscles — three times on 15 repetitions.

Whether you know? The primogenitor of application of scientific approach to sports occupations it is considered to be the Ancient Greek philosopher and the athlete by the name of Ikkos from Tarent. He became the founder of food on the mode and a four-day cycle of trainings.

Set of exercises for weight loss of legs: video

Features of trainings of ballerinas for fast weight loss

At dancers of the ballet to be in good shape is production need, their constitution is brought usually closer to ideal. But one diet of such figure not to achieve, at the exit it is only possible to receive painful leanness therefore physical activities are necessary for muscles.

Strong and harmonious legs are very important for ballerinas therefore the whole set of exercises which purpose is weight loss of legs is developed. This complex is divided into two stages.

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The first stage — rope jumping:

  1. Are carried out within three minutes with landing on both legs. When performing exercise it is necessary to watch that feet adjoined to a floor all surface, and not just socks. It is caused by the fact that at the correct position of a foot also load of a muscular system increases.
  2. Two more minutes the athlete jumps, falling by both feet, but in each jump in turn throwing out before itself legs, right, left.
  3. Further three minutes of jumps at which engaged serially falls by one, by other leg follow.

It is a little rest, the next stage also begins.

Whether you know? Not to gain excess weight at meal time, dancers of the ballet make such focus — before each meal drink a glass of well cooled water (sometimes even from the freezer). Cold water fills and cools a stomach that, on the one hand, reduces feeling of hunger, and, with another, interferes with fat deposits.

The second stage — squats and moves legs:

  1. The athlete becomes directly, legs are in a position at shoulder length, the hand leans against a chair back. After acceptance of the correct position begin to do squats at which between hips and a shin the right angle has to be formed. It is necessary to carry out squats 10 times for one approach, for one occupation to do three approaches.
  2. Squats of plie — just the same position as in the previous exercise, but at the same time a foot are developed that toes were sent to the parties is taken. Squats with observance of a right angle begin. To carry out 15 times for one approach, for occupations to do 2 approaches.
  3. Moves the lower extremities aside — the athlete becomes directly, both or one hand find a support and waves serially begin each leg. This exercise is directed to a zone of riding breeches. To carry out 10 times for one approach on each extremity, to do 2 approaches for one occupation.
  4. As completion of a training the extension at which the leg is on a high support, for example, on a chair back is carried out. It is necessary to reach finger-tips of legs all over.

Additional loadings

If the symmetry of legs is still far from ideal, then, besides regular trainings in the gym or houses, it is desirable:

  • to forget whenever possible about transport and to go on foot;
  • to dance;
  • to jump on a trampoline and through a jump rope;
  • never to walk on the elevator, only on foot upstairs.

Whether you know? The physiotherapist from Sweden Gustav Zander was a creator of exercise machines for sports activities. Ill in the childhood and teenage age, having become the doctor, Zander set a goal to help other people to strengthen health and to become stronger. The first exercise machines were created as the medical equipment.

Councils for fast weight loss

Before beginning fitness classes, it is necessary to take some steps:

  1. To limit itself in sweets, alcohol and unhealthy food. Not to use bakery products and pasta. It is the best of all to replace them with brown rice and bread from bran, to add to the menu of porridge from grain of all types.
  2. To try to eat it is more than protein: it contains in eggs, fast meat, beans, cottage cheese.
  3. To include healthy fats in food: for example, avocado, sunflower seeds, olive oil, fish.
  4. To enter fractional food and to eat approximately each 3-3.5 hours.
  5. To use more vegetables and to drink daily about 1.5 liters of water (on a big cup before each meal).
  6. If there are problems with excess weight, injuries, chronic diseases — before the trainings it is desirable to consult with the doctor.

Important! Do not try to dump by means of extreme diets in a week all excess weight — it all the same as a result will return back, besides will take with itself(himself) still a couple of extra kilos for company. The best solution with an excess weight — a long-term low-calorie diet and regular trainings by sport.

Having desire to be and remain further healthy and beautiful, the person has to work constantly on himself and develop not only intellectually and spiritually, but also physically. Training on exercise machines in the gym or doing house exercises, quite really as a result to get the tightened body and harmonious kras

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