Exercise fire hydrant: as well as for what to do it

Exercise fire hydrant: as well as for what to do it

Each girl, even that which does not admit it openly wishes to have the beautiful tightened body and elastic buttocks. The feeling of own sexual appeal lightens the mood, instills confidence. However not all are able to afford to allocate time or money for occupations in fitness club. The help for girls (and for men too) can render a set of exercises for inflating of buttocks in the conditions of home trainings, including exercise a fire hydrant.

What exercise and for what is

In the modern world the people carry out the lion's share of time in a sitting position. For us to have a rest after work means to spend a couple of hours on the Internet, games, as a last resort — at the TV besides that we work, mostly, sitting at offices. It weakens buttock muscles, it gets out of a shape, the bottom droops.

To tighten muscles of buttocks and hips, to return rotundity to forms, exercise under the name fire hydrant will help to reduce a bottom. Level of complexity of such training — initial, beginners can execute it independently even. In addition, dumbbells, bars, exercise machines and other special devices will not be necessary for you (except an elastic tape if you want to increase complexity level).

This training is carried out on a floor, being kneeling also hands, with withdrawal of the bent leg aside.

Such training gives the chance:

  • to increase the hardness of case muscles;
  • to develop maneuverability of a knee and hip;
  • to round and increase muscles of buttocks;
  • to stretch hip muscles;
  • to avoid increase in muscles standing;
  • to strengthen stomach muscles;
  • to improve balance.

It is important! If you have problems with balance, you should be kept, carrying out moves.

What muscles work

Making exercise a fire hydrant, we force to work muscles which belong to groups taking away (an edge muscle, the short, long and big bringing muscles, a thin muscle) and buttock (big, average and small). Besides work:

  • napryagatel of a wide fastion;
  • lateral wide muscle of a hip;
  • semi-tendinous muscle;
  • hip biceps;
  • popliteal muscle.

The bringing muscles force to work a coxofemoral joint. They stabilize a supporting leg when making exercise (this function is also performed by a popliteal muscle), are responsible for side raising of a hip.

The big gluteus straightens it and turns outside. The average muscle takes a joint aside, rotates it. The small muscle turns a coxofemoral joint inside.

Napryagatel of a wide fastion takes a coxofemoral joint aside, bends and twirls it, from a supporting leg stabilizes a basin.

The lateral wide muscle of a hip is put in action at turn of a knee joint outside (when the knee is bent).

The semi-tendinous muscle does not allow extension of a knee joint.

The biceps of a hip works at emission of a leg aside, bending of a knee joint, the movement of a shin outside, and hips — inside. Also muscles of a back, hands and a stomach work.

Whether you know? a fire hydrant jokers call exercise a pissing doggie.

As well as how many times to do

The hope to have a beautiful Brazilian bottom can be carried out if it is correct to carry out a training.

Correct technology of performance

Correctly to pump up buttocks, it is necessary to study how technically truly to do it.

Important! Before any trainings it is necessary to prepare muscles not to injure it, that is — to do warm-up.

This simple occupation is carried out on a floor, it is better to lay a rug. The sequence of actions looks as follows:

  1. Kneel, rest hands against a floor. The corner between hands and a body has to make 90 °, as well as in a coxofemoral joint, hold a back directly, pull in a stomach, you look forward.
  2. Make a breath, exhaling, begin to do a training.
  3. Without unbending a leg, slowly raise it that it was at the level of a back.
  4. Record a leg in such situation for several seconds.
  5. Slowly lower a leg, taking a breath.

Number of approaches and repetitions

It is the best of all to start from 10 raising anew of one leg, then another, doing 3 approaches. In breaks between approaches it is possible to execute an extension: having fallen buttocks by feet, take away hands back, hang the head on a floor. Try to relax as much as possible, you breathe freely. Try not to move within a minute.

It is also possible to walk or shake by hands and legs.

In 2 weeks it is possible to begin to increase gradually the number of rises, bringing to 30.

As muscles need rest too, it is better to train every other day.

That exercise a fire hydrant really gave effect, it is necessary to carry out it in a complex with other trainings for gluteuses.

To pump up a bottom, use exercises on a fitball and squats.

Exercise variations

For achievement of bigger effect this training can be complicated by means of such variations:

  1. Stretching legs an elastic tape.
  2. Carrying out moves a direct leg.
  3. To carry out exercise lying.
  4. Taking big and small detours knees.

Mistakes of beginners

Carrying out a training, beginners make such mistakes:

  1. Take a basin aside.
  2. Will stoop.
  3. Bend a back in a waist.
  4. Take away a leg too highly.
  5. Strain joints, but not muscles.
  6. Carry out a training breakthroughs.
  7. Break a right angle in a knee joint, lower a knee.
  8. Move a leg back or forward.
  9. Cramp knees.
  10. Throw a leg, but do not lower it gradually.
  11. Relax stomach muscles.
  12. Incorrectly breathe.

If at once at you it does not turn out to raise correctly a leg, begin with moves with a knee.

Many girls also train intimate muscles.

Counters and subtleties

Beginning trainings, especially in house conditions, without trainer, it is necessary to know some subtleties:

  1. Carrying out a training, you have to feel burning in muscles, but not pain. Severe pains should not be also at extensions.
  2. Do not forget to fix a leg above.
  3. You watch that buttock muscles were strained.
  4. Adhere to initial speed.
  5. Do not hang the head.
  6. Be not overstrained, increase the number of repetitions gradually, the number of repetitions — no more than 4.
  7. Keep balance.
  8. Relax an elbow, do not strain a joint.
  9. Over time complicate a training, using its variations.
  10. Begin with warm-up.
  11. Carry out an extension.
  12. Train regularly.
  13. Drink a lot of water, but not at one go, and small drinks, slowly.

Whether you know? Fibers of muscles are capable to be burned, as well as fat. The most active this process becomes after 40 years. Therefore at any age it is worth to remember physical activities.

Even if the summer comes to an end, it does not mean that it is possible to cease to care for the figure and to relax. In other words, preparation for summer begins next day after its termination. Remember that it is impossible to make a bottom beautiful, having smeared it with something or having eaten something — trainings are necessary.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team