Exercises by Kegel's technique for men: advantage and harm, correct performance

Exercises by Kegel's technique for men: advantage and harm, correct performance

The complex of gymnastic exercises by Kegel's technique is one of the most popular directions of alternative medicine today. Passing difficult medical intervention, it gives the chance to improve work of bodies of a basin and also to bring a body into a necessary tone. We will in detail consider all features of this gymnastics and also we will share the main secrets of its safe performance.

Kegel's technique for men

To some of the most common causes of various male diseases and also pathologies of bodies of a basin, stagnation of blood in a waist and a zone of a coxofemoral joint belongs.

It is possible to solve this problem by means of physical impact on a body, thanks to professional charging from the most famous American doctor on the world scene and the scientist Arnold Kegel.

In 1948 it developed a complex of various exercises thanks to which it is possible to improve a condition of bodies of a basin, without use of harmful chemical medicines.

Whether you know? Originally this technique was developed only for treatment of pathologies of a secretory and reproductive system at women, but at the end of the XX century the doctors found out that thanks to active impact on crotch muscles the gymnastics helps to cope also with male illnesses.

In spite of the fact that this technique did not gain huge popularity among supporters of traditional medicine, today doctors advise many men this gymnastics not only in therapeutic, but also in the preventive purposes.

The most related to this technique can call yogichesky practice. But, besides development of physical indicators of muscle tissue, Kegel's exercises increase the speed of current of physiological liquids in a basin thanks to what in an organism natural processes of self-control and regeneration are activated.


At periodic performance the technique is capable:

  • to lower symptoms of hemorrhoids and prostatitis;
  • to improve an erection and to bring a reproductive system into the necessary optimum;
  • to normalize a penis tilt angle during excitement;
  • to raise a blood-groove in bodies of a basin;
  • to strengthen walls of vessels of bodies of a reproductive and secretory system;
  • to strengthen feelings at sexual intercourse.

Harm and contraindications

Despite the proved advantage physicians worldwide and high efficiency, this gymnastics is recommended not to all.

First of all it is necessary to refuse it at:

  • inflammations of fabrics and bodies of a zone of a basin;
  • oncological formations;
  • diseases or disorders of activity of vessels in a coxofemoral joint;
  • chronic and sharp bleedings, including after surgical intervention.

At observance of the basic rules of the technology of performance and the general recommendations of physicians at sports, Kegel's technique is not capable to do to health of the man harm. But, at neglect the general safety rules, the gymnastics can cause:

  • stretchings of muscles and ligaments;
  • internal hemorrhages;
  • activization of chronic diseases.

Whether you know? Besides development of the latest approach in treatment of illnesses of a reproductive and secretory system, Arnold Kegel created also the special device for determination of force of muscles of a crotch and a bottom of a basin. It is used in the diagnostic purposes in many clinics worldwide to this day.

Indications to use of gymnastics of Kegel

The main zone of influence of a technique are bodies and tissues of a coxofemoral joint. Thanks to increase in speed of current of physiological liquids, even at serious pathologies of this zone it is possible not only to improve the general condition of an organism, but also to cause long remission of the most difficult illnesses.

At urine incontinence

Incontinence of urine is referred to widespread signs of aging. Over time muscles of a secretory system lose the tone thanks to what the body does not manage to keep the former volume of urine. Exercises of a technique promote recovery of natural sokratitelny ability of muscles thanks to what also natural secretory processes improve.

Learn more about what exercises of Kegel recommend at incontinence of urine for men and women.

For potency

Decrease in oxygen supply of bodies of a reproductive system is the main reason of problems with potency at men of all age. Natural decline in the ability to gas exchange of fabrics as a result of aging of an organism can be the cause of this process.

But, rather often problems with potency arise as result of a frostbite of an organism or after various injuries. The complex of loads of a pelvic zone helps to restore natural processes of gas exchange in fabrics, as increases potency many times.

At prostatitis

The most widespread indication to use of gymnastics of Kegel is prostatitis. In spite of the fact that today this illness is treated by means of dozens of traditional therapeutic programs, many choose alternative, softer ways of fight against it.

Important! Results of exercises of Kegel can be visible not at once, and be shown in some cases not earlier than in 1-2 months. Therefore each man should get surely persistence, patience and persistence.

only several weeks of use the technique gives the chance to eliminate developments of stagnation in adenoma and also to improve a blood-groove in basin fabrics. It is reached by strengthening of muscles of a body (pubic and coccygeal) which is located in a gleam between an anus and genitals.

At hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are one of the most unpleasant chronic diseases which occurs among many men. It reduces not only quality of life, but also in certain cases can lead to temporary dysfunction.

There is it owing to stagnant processes which are observed in a venous sphere of direct intestines that leads to emergence of specific formations, so-called gemorroidalny knots.

Learn what exercises of Kegel are recommended to do at hemorrhoids for men and women.

By means of gymnastic exercises the stagnation of physiological liquids is eliminated thanks to what gemorroidalny knots considerably decrease, and the pain syndrome goes to long remission.

After operation on removal of a prostate

After removal of a prostate the technique is often used in complex therapy on restoration of erectile dysfunction. Strengthening basin muscles, men manage to restore former sex life.

Besides, the gymnastics gives the chance to improve and a blood-groove to genitals of men. It raises not only potency, but also supplies pelvic bodies with additional amount of oxygen and the nutrients important for restoration of an organism after operation.

How to find the necessary muscles

The main influence of trainings by the Kegelya method for men consists in tension of so-called pubic and coccygeal muscles. Often many physicians associate the main causes of sexual dysfunction and early problems with a prostate with dysfunction of this zone of a body.

But, to reveal effect of various exercises on activity of this group of muscles, it is necessary to find out where it to be.

It is rather simple to solve this problem: pubic and coccygeal muscles (pelvic bottom) are in one of the most sensitive zones of a body of the man therefore it is possible to find it without special work.

For this purpose it is possible to use the following ways of reduction of muscles:

  • press hand fingers to an aperture between a genital and an anus and strain a bladder, imitating urination. During it there is sharp tension of pubic and coccygeal muscles which will stick out through walls of integuments;
  • during an erection it is necessary to put fingers on an aperture between an anus and a genital, and then to execute the jumping-up movements by a penis up. At the same time muscles of a pubic and coccygeal zone will sharply strain as she directly also is responsible for this movement of a body.

How to carry out exercises in house conditions

The main technology of performance of gymnastics by the Kegelya method consists in achievement of smooth load of zones which are responsible for certain functions of an urinogenital system. Thanks to it it is possible to develop endurance, to improve sokratitelny ability and to lead to increase in a zone of influence of muscles of a pubic and coccygeal zone.

It is possible to reach it thanks to several simple exercises which are carried out on the basis of the general equipment reduction of muscles of a pelvic bottom.

The first stage

Trainings of muscles of a basin begin with the simplest exercise which is responsible for sokratitelny ability of muscles of a basin.

In order that to execute it, follows:

  1. To accept a convenient pose of a body and to relax.
  2. To strain pubic and coccygeal muscles for 5-10 minutes.
  3. To relax, return to an initial state for 2-3 seconds and to repeat exercise again. For optimum effect it is recommended to begin with 4 approaches on 10 repetitions and to increase the number of repetitions over time till 40-50.

The second stage

After you managed to seize the first stage of a training of muscles of a basin across Kegel, it is possible to start improvement of endurance of an urinogenital system. That to reach it, it is necessary:

  1. To accept a comfortable position of a body.
  2. To strain pubic and coccygeal muscles of a basin for 1 second, and then to weaken sharply.
  3. To repeat process of reduction and relaxation of muscles for 5 seconds. Thus, work of muscles has to remind smooth rhythmic reductions. Begin exercise with 3-5 approaches, gradually increasing time impact on muscles from 5 to 10 seconds.

The third stage

The final stage of gymnastics is extension of muscles of a pelvic bottom. For these purposes an ideal example is the so-called exercise Elevator providing not only gain of volumes of muscles, but also development of their power indicators.

That to execute it, follows:

  1. To occupy a convenient pose and to relax a body.
  2. It is sharp to strain muscles of a pelvic bottom for 5 seconds.
  3. To slowly relax a body, at the same time tension from muscles of a pubic and coccygeal zone has to go gradually, to 4-5 stages. Exercise needs to be carried out in 3-5 approaches till 5-10 of repetitions.

Important! During performance of exercises across Kegel it is deeply necessary to breathe, the delay of breath has negative effect on efficiency of a technique, and sometimes can even seriously do much harm.

Useful tips for the best effect

In most cases performance of these exercises does not cause any problems in ordinary men. But to improve efficiency of weekly trainings and to accelerate achievement of the necessary results many times, it is necessary to use some cunnings when performing gymnastics:

  • it is necessary to train a body not less once in two days, and it is better daily;
  • before a training it is necessary to execute the general warm-up and extension of a body;
  • in order to avoid traumatizing, in the course of gymnastics it is necessary to control reduction of muscles
  • to begin trainings in a prone position, after achievement of complete control over a body it is possible to carry out gymnastics sitting or standing;
  • trainings need to be complicated gradually, it belongs not only to the number of repetitions, but also approaches.

What to do if there are difficulties

Rather often many men meet some difficulties complicating performance of exercises across Kegel. The most widespread among them — low efficiency of exercise.

The reasons for this purpose exists a little:

  • the age — the is more senior the man, the more difficult there take place destructive processes in his organism. Therefore not seldom men aged for the first results need at least 6 weeks;
  • the sedentary life — restriction of motive ability sharply worsens also a condition of muscles that not seldom can lead even to their full dystrophy;
  • chronic diseases — various pathologies of an urinogenital system can sharply reduce effectiveness of trainings, regardless of age of the man;
  • non-compliance with the basic rules and technique of trainings is the main reason of low effectiveness of gymnastics. The neglect subtleties of the technology of exercises affects tension of muscles that influences also their high-quality study not in the best way.

It is rather simple to deal with these problems, impact on a zone of a basin has to happen in a complex therefore except exercises it is necessary to replace a way of life and to increase daily mobility.

Also it is necessary to get acquainted in detail with technology of performance of exercises and before starting major activities, it is necessary to paint the plan of trainings for month. Without it quite often to exercises lose interest in 2-3 weeks.

Besides, rather often at men at Kegel's gymnastics painful or unpleasant feelings in a basin zone are observed. It is the first sign of difficult inflammatory and destructive processes in a zone of a pelvic bottom.

Therefore in that case it is necessary to see the attending physician, otherwise there is a high probability to aggravate the general condition of an organism or to get a new chronic disease.

Charging across Kegel is one of the main examples of effective and painless elimination of male illnesses and companion problems. It causes powerful impact on muscles of a pelvic bottom that directly influences activity of bodies of this zone. However at trainings it is necessary to adhere surely to the main technology of performance of gymnastics, otherwise it is possible not only to delay desirable effect, but also to cause a serious injury of pubic and coccygeal muscles.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team