Exercises for an extension for every day: begin already today

Exercises for an extension for every day: begin already today

Most of people who begin to visit gym all exercises according to the plan prepared earlier carry out, without paying due attention to a warming up and an extension of legs or backs. Of course, it does not concern those cases when classes are under the leadership of the trainer, but in general the fact remains. Nevertheless, you should not take it for the rule as stretching plays an important role in formation of a body and is necessary not only to those who dream to stretch out or are engaged in studying martial arts.


Practically any exercises bring benefit to an organism (if are carried out correctly) therefore it is unsurprising, as the extension has the advantages.

Carry to the main of them:

  • increase in flexibility of a body together with increase of force of muscles, their mobility and endurance;
  • development of feeling of control of the body and increase in blood circulation and oxygen by their movement to muscle tissue;
  • accumulation of force and muscle bulk through an extension of fastion (connecting fabric which covers a muscle, a nerve, a sinew and a bone);
  • acceleration of healing of injuries and reduction of painful manifestations in muscles;
  • removal of tension from joints and muscles, liberation of muscles;
  • washing away of products of disintegration by inflow of blood and body spirit for new approach;
  • simplification of intense activity by preparation of muscle tissue.

The correct and regular extension provides both short-term, and long-term results, so, stretchingovy exercises will become the most effective way of connection of reason and a body (so-called neuromuscular connection is established).

Learn more run, interesting about advantage.

Already for this reason it is worth including them in the program of the trainings.

Main types

All exercises on an extension and increase in flexibility of a body divide into several types, among which static are considered as the simplest and universal.

Nevertheless, it is impossible to forget also about the others which, unlike the first option, though are not suitable for daily use, but have not smaller positive impact on the general condition of an organism.

Important! Slight stretching is capable to provoke temperature increase of muscles that leads to increase in a threshold of a rupture of fibers. Besides, function of energy-generating enzymes — very important elements in the course of the training significantly improves (they give us more energy which can be spent for performance of exercises).

If you are not tormented by pronounced pain, then can quietly master the dynamic, ballistic and actively isolated stretching exercises.


One of the most effective options which consists in fixing of a body in a certain situation for 30–60 seconds. This look is the most widespread and often recommended as equally is suitable both for beginners, and for experienced athletes.

The main thing, having occupied a certain pose, to focus all the attention on muscles to which the main loading is directed. At the same time force of impact on joints and sinews will be softer that will exclude a possibility of appearance of injuries at trunk inclinations forward, folds in vertical position (the most important in this exercise — to manage to relax and hang under all weight of the top part) or a twine.

Whether you know? Women are more flexible, than men that is explained by need of incubation and the child's birth.

In the latter case the feeling of relaxation is provided not in an inguinal zone, and in knees.


This type of stretching provides stage-by-stage impact on different groups of muscles. Such exercises are based on performance of controlled movements of hands and legs by means of which you will be able softly to spring within the range of opportunities of your body.

It can be the slow movements of a body (with accent) or its fast movement: various moves, rifts from a twine in a twine.

The following movement can become an excellent example of a dynamic extension: put a palm as a chain and do a move in it, thereby avoiding the ballistic movement. Or you can make a free swing, but without throwing, and carrying out a leg though it will be more difficult option, than exercise with a palm.


In the principle of performance this option is in many respects similar to a static look, and the only difference consists in lack of need of use of own effort instead of which the partner will help to execute exercise to you.

For example, you can sit down the friend opposite to the friend and having joined hands to bend in turn forward or just to help to fix legs in the necessary direction.

Minus of such extension is obligatory presence of the second participant that is not always possible.


Stretching of this look is characterized by performance of uncontrollable movements, as distinguishes it from the previous options.

Elastic movements of a trunk down with a good amplitude (repeat several times) that it was possible to touch in a fold by toes can be an example of such movements.

Such type of an extension at the initial stage of occupations has to be carried out with extreme care as there is a risk of sprain.

Ballistic stretching is useful to experienced dancers and athletes.

Active isolated

The set of exercises on an extension of active isolation provides use of the equipment at which each separate muscle of a body is isolated, localized and stretches. It perfectly is suitable for a warming up of muscle tissue before a training and for its end.

At the same time load of joints significantly decreases, and the range of their mobility only increases. Carrying out exercises of active isolation, you will be able to get rid of the rigidity limiting operability of muscles and joints.

At occupations it is possible to use a rope for linen, a rope jump rope, a belt or just long belt. With use of such stock it is possible by means of own efforts to tighten that part of a body which needs to be stretched. That is active stretching is called when, having accepted a certain position of a body, you hold such pose only at the expense of force of muscles. The simplest example of similar exercises is the high raising of a leg and its deduction in such situation. Thus, tension of some muscles helps to relax the stretched muscles, mutually counterbalancing them. The extension is capable to increase active flexibility and to increase force of muscles.

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Basic rules and councils for performance of exercises

To achieve the maximum effectiveness and to reduce a possibility of negative consequences after classes similar exercises, it is worth following several simple rules always. The main thing from them is the good warming up of a body before performance of an extension that will help to increase quality of supply a muscle with oxygen and will improve blood circulation.

Important! Do not try to stretch extremities before emergence of pain and if you already felt discomfort, so it is time to stop because you as it is far came.

It is also important to carry out smoothly all movements as sharp movement of extremities or a trunk can cause a trauma. On average on performance of one exercise about 60 seconds have to leave. It is impossible to strain and clamp muscles as they give in to stretching in the weakened look better. During the occupations it is necessary to hold a back most exactly, at the same time avoiding the sharp termination of an extension. Otherwise there is a probability of receiving microinjuries of muscle tissue with the subsequent their scarring that will make muscles less flexible, and physical activities by more painful.

You should not stretch also before estimated intensive loading as it will only lower a tone of muscle tissue and will worsen results. In the course of performance of exercises surely you monitor the breath and control it. It has to be equal and rhythmical.

That stretching brought only benefit, carry out occupations on a regular basis, having made them a part of the life then the result will not keep itself waiting long. It is a little simple to know how it is correct to carry out exercises for an extension, it is necessary to drive away from itself laziness and to focus on improvement of all the body, having made the daily schedule.

The approximate list for beginners

If you never played sports and the concept of an extension is unfamiliar to you, it is worth selecting all exercises very carefully. Let's give several most popular them them which will suit beginners.

We are warmed five minutes. For this purpose it is possible to execute running on the spot, jumps from situation squating (not less than 15-20 times), vigorous moves legs in different directions, rifts from a leg on a leg (20–30 times), and it is important to place most widely them, keeping a steady position when transferring body weight on the one hand on another.

Performance of inclinations of a trunk (on 20 times). For this purpose at first it is necessary to become exactly, so that heels were close and to bend as much as possible forward, trying to reach hands as low as possible. Also you can reach a sitting position and, having widely placed legs, to try to reach hands fingers. Not less useful exercise for development of a good extension — butterfly. Sit down on a floor and close a foot then press hands on knees, trying to stretch hip inside. Also other stretchingovy exercises under the name cat and cobra give similar effect.

In the first case we go down on all fours, we lean on a floor knees and palms and we try to cave in as much as possible down, then curving a back in the opposite direction (as it is possible above). When performing the second it is also necessary to lean knees on a floor, but only already we extend the case forward, trying as it is possible to reach further hands, and then we return back it, at the same time straightening and straightening legs.

It will be interesting to you to learn more about sports walking and exercises on a fitball.

Having finished the specified exercises, it is possible to pass to slow inclinations of the case into the parties, having reached before it a standing position (in each inclination we are late for 15–30 seconds).

Bridge — one more characteristic exercise for an extension of muscles of a back. All you need is — from a standing position to cave in back and to rest hands against a floor, having recorded a body in such situation for several seconds. Very soon after regular performance of exercise you will be able and independently to rise from bridge, and so far it is possible to facilitate exercise putting hands not on a floor, and on a sofa or a chair.

Well and, at last, it is necessary to master only the equipment of a twine (to sit down on a longitudinal or cross split and at the same time not to get any injuries, all movements have to be carried out extremely smoothly and accurately). If necessary you can ask someone that insured you.

There will be quite enough described complex that your body got used to similar loadings, and over time you will be able to add to this list also some other tasks.

Muscles after an extension hurt

It is known that without pain there will be no result also therefore the moderate discomfort in a body after classes only proves that you spent time not for nothing. Usually after performance of all exercises on an extension (especially for beginners and even if in house conditions) next day you feel tension in legs and a back, and when walking or to a raising after steps it will only amplify.

Whether you know? It is simpler to women to sit down on a longitudinal twine, and to men — on cross that is explained by anatomic features of floors.

There is nothing strange that after the training you will be hurt by muscles and some tension in joints, the main thing — absence of an acute pain will be felt. Otherwise, if painful manifestations have sharp character or strongly limit you in movements, it is necessary to see at once a doctor to exclude presence of a trauma and to train in more sparing mode. By the way, weight is obese also slight pain which appear next day after the training, easily are eliminated with active warm-up: squats, short jog or repetition of separate exercises from a standard complex on an extension.

It is better to exclude power loadings during this period.

Important! In the presence of serious problems with health, in particular with muscles and joints before being engaged in an extension, it is necessary to consult with the doctor or the experienced trainer. The same concerns also pregnant women.

Contraindications to occupations

Any physical activity reasonably will bring to your organism only benefit therefore it is no wonder that serious contraindications to occupation an extension do not exist.

However, despite a possibility of performance of exercises practically by everyone, it is worth refraining from them if:

  • there are severe injuries of a backbone;
  • there are inflammatory processes at coxofemoral joints;
  • the person suffers from constant pains in lumbar department;
  • leg pains are connected with their bruise;
  • regularly the increased arterial blood pressure torments;
  • the woman expects a baby and not really well feels though even at the normal course of pregnancy any physical activities have to be moderate;
  • the body which is insufficiently warmed, that is you did not carry out warm-up.

Also such situations when the health worsens in the course of performance of exercises are possible. So, quite often people complain of sudden dizziness, a muscular spasm, unclear clicks or a crunch in a body that, certainly, it is far from the concept norm. Therefore at emergence of any of the listed symptoms it is necessary to stop immediately occupation and to have a rest 10 minutes. If the state is not stabilized to be replaced, so better exercise or in general to stop an extension.

In all other cases you have nothing to be afraid, and regular stretching will result only in the positive results which first of all are expressed in the beautiful and tightened body.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team