Exercises for beautiful hips and buttocks in house conditions

Exercises for beautiful hips and buttocks in house conditions

Most of women, especially with approach of warm season, begin fight for the slender body. Hips and buttocks are considered as the most problem zone at the bulk of persons interested to lose weight. But in this fight for symmetry exercises very opportunely are suitable for hips and buttocks. Having added a little persistence and having shown strength of mind, it is rather easy to catch such long-awaited and desirable result.

Except qualitative food, it is necessary to carry out some of these exercises regularly:

  • full and incomplete squat (it is possible with dumbbells);
  • swings serially legs;
  • scissors;
  • raising of the basin and legs;
  • bendings.

For more effective result it is necessary to repeat these actions every day, but because of the lack of time it is allowed to resort to them at least every other day. At the same time it is recommended to do active sports and to lead the mobile life, using any opportunity to walk on foot, replacing journey of short distances on transport and movement on the elevator. Irreplaceable exercises in this case are jumps, run and walking.

Each occupations are recommended to be begun with the easy warm-up warming muscles which will prepare them for the forthcoming loading. As such exercises there can be dances, walking on the ladder, the exercise bike, running on the spot or any simple vigorous actions. Further, it is necessary to pass directly to exercises, at the same time each of them needs to be repeated till 20-25 times. Performing physical exercises for hips and buttocks, it is required to pay attention to breath which shouldn't be sharp and faltering, and, on the contrary, smooth. At the maximum load it is necessary to do the exhalation, and getting the initial home position - the breath.

It is developed many methods returning to women beautiful forms among which there are exercises in house conditions. Some rather easy loadings will be considered below.

  • Having settled on the floor the stomach down, it is necessary to arrange hands parallel to the trunk and to bend the legs divorced on the parties. Then, having torn off hips with knees, to last them up. Performing this exercise, the back to hold weakened, and to strain buttock and bederny muscles.
  • Further, remaining in the same initial situation, it is necessary to place hands under hips brushes up. Having crossed anklebones and having closed knees, it is necessary to raise the body, trying to do it as it is possible above.
  • Then it is necessary to lay down on one side, leaning on the elbow. The leg located from below, has to form the right angle with the body, and top - to lift. Having undertaken the hand the shin raised legs, it is necessary to lift another, at the same time without bending it.
  • After these exercises it is necessary to turn over on the back. Under buttocks to arrange hands (palms have to be turned down). Further, serially to raise legs and to pull forward the sock that muscles of the leg were strained.
  • Then it is necessary to lay down on one side again. To arrange the second hand before the body. Serially to raise and take away the legs bent in knees as it is possible further.

For maintenance of the necessary condition of hips and buttocks, regular exercises, but with smaller efforts are required, than aiming to get muscle bulk.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team