Exercises for hands against a skin obvisaniye

Exercises for hands against a skin obvisaniye

Beautiful hands are not just esthetically attractive, it is still sign of youth and a healthy lifestyle. But even quite healthy people infrequently manage to keep beautiful hands after 45–50 years. The reason for that — the drooped skin. However, not everything is so sad: rather regularly to carry out a number of exercises that at any age your hands perfectly looked without any cosmetic manipulations.

Skin obvisaniye reasons

The main reason of the drooped skin — natural biological aging of an organism, process which begins at any person after 25 years. Reproduction of cages slows down every year more and stronger, and the integument becomes thinner.

Oxygen gets to capillaries less that affects delay of blood circulation and insufficient moisture content of epidermis. As result — dryness of skin. The lack of moisture conducts to an obvisaniye, wrinkles, rough structure of skin. For comparison: if to remove all water from any fruit, it will turn out sukhofrukt. An example though not really pleasant, but quite precisely showing an essence of the happening processes.

The lack of muscle work of everyday life is one more reason of flabby skin. Many noticed that at first skin droops on a triceps. It and is unsurprising: any successful fellow, any compression of a fist gives static load on a biceps (it is in general one of the most involved muscles of our organism) while the triceps enters work much less often. Therefore if to undertake nothing, the triceps is given the first.

It is worth mentioning also loss of weight. In this case subcutaneous fat is lost, but the integument remains the same, and, naturally, it will droop.

Whether you know? Two conditions are necessary for growth of muscle bulk: progress of burdening and a large number of proteinaceous food (about 2 g of pure protein on 1 kg of body weight). And many repetitions do not need to be done, there are enough 6–8 times, and here the repeated number of approaches trains endurance.

As it is correct to carry out trainings

As for performance of trainings, professionals do not recommend to train every day if this is not about preparation for competitions. But we speak not about professional bodybuilding. Therefore it is necessary to tell that 3–4 occupations a week will be norm in this case. Keep in mind: the organism surely has to be restored. As any means increasing endurance (it is simpler — doping), we do not use, begin with 3 times a week. You feel normal — pass to 4-times occupations. Can happen so that you will be involved and the organism will want big loadings. In that case it is possible to begin to train 5 times a week is a maximum, it is not necessary to be engaged in exercises more. Besides at the 5-day mode it is better to have a rest not 2 days in a row, and, for example, on Wednesday and Sunday.

Usually the person without additional pharmaceutical feed of an organism quickly is tired of the 5-day mode of trainings. As soon as you feel it, at once reduce the number of trainings.

Examine the best exercises for a triceps.

Time of occupations is chosen by you, but all trainings have to take place approximately in at one time. It is more expedient to do it in the late afternoon. Reasons for that a little:

  • since morning the power training gives big load of heart, than evening;
  • if you work, then in the morning you will hardly be able regularly to be engaged;
  • if you are engaged at home — not all have a conditioner, and in the summer in the first half of day it is enough hot.

Set of exercises for hands that skin did not hang

We will tell about some most effective exercises, suitable not only for lifting of skin on hands, but also for strengthening of muscles. These are simple exercises, they suit both to beginners, and advanced athletes.

Learn how quickly to learn to stand on hands.

Several remarks on technology of performance:

  1. All exercises need to be done thus: by effort — an air exhalation through a mouth, on lowering of weight — a breath a nose. It is important!
  2. As you are going to tighten skin, but not to gain muscle bulk, do not take big weight. Select weight thus that it was for you rather heavy, but at the same time you could make not less than 8 repetitions, it is better — 10–12.
  3. Before the training it is necessary to warm up well, to especially work shoulder joints and to warm muscles. Also it is necessary to remember need of cardiopreparation — simply it is necessary not only to warm up well shoulder joints, but also to do exercises of such intensity that after it you slightly would be out of breath.
  4. Normal time of a training — 45–60 minutes. Will be insufficiently less, more — it is inefficient.
  5. In one set there have to be 3–4 approaches, a break between approaches in a set — 1-1.5 minutes, between various sets it is possible to have a rest 2-2.5 minutes. In other words, choose from below-mentioned exercises 4–5 and carry out them on 3–4 times everyone. Performance of 1 exercise is a set, how many times you it executed — approaches, and that number of times which you made for 1 approach — repetition.

Push-ups from a floor

It is possible to be wrung out from a floor in several ways: the wide successful fellow loads a breast, and narrow when hands are pressed to a trunk — a triceps, he interests us.

It is important! Remember that the more slowly you do exercise, the loadings are higher.

Exercise performance:

  1. Reach a starting position: sit down on hunkers, put emphasis hands in a floor so that palms were at shoulder length, and hands are absolutely parallel.
  2. Take away legs back so that they created an emphasis. The body in a profile has to remind the flat hill, the back — equal, or is even slightly curved down.
  3. Taking a breath a nose, lower a body to a floor so that the breast almost touched a floor (but it is impossible to lay down on a floor).
  4. With an air exhalation through a mouth raise a body, bringing it into a starting position.

The French press with dumbbells

The French press separately loads a triceps. There are 3 types of this press: standing, sitting and lying. The first 2, as follows from the name, differ only in in what situation they are carried out. Position of hands at the same time identical: they are raised over the head and bent in elbows. Depending on dumbbell weight, exercise can be done by 1 dumbbell, having taken it both hands, or to hold on dumbbell in each hand.

Read in more detail how it is correct to do the French press lying with a bar.

It is more expedient to carry out exercise by 1 dumbbell. In this case it is possible to take bigger weight, and exercise will be more isolated: hands will not dangle here and there (as in a case with 2 dumbbells), force will be spent only for a press (in the vertical plane), and the triceps will be loaded only. So, take a dumbbell as follows: cramp palms so that together with the set aside thumbs they formed some kind of cup with an opening in day. 4 fingers of one hand lie on 4 fingers another, the thumbs which are taken away down are crossed. In the turned-out cup the dumbbell head has to lie, and in an opening between thumbs and all others there is a signature stamp.

Whether you know? The majority of various presses load absolutely different groups of muscles, depending on the successful fellow: narrow hold (elbows are pressed to the case) gives load of a triceps, and wide swings a breast.

When the dumbbell is taken by the correct hold, it should be lifted over the head, and then to bend hands in elbows. As a result of a hand have to form a corner about 90 °: are vertically lifted up and taken away back. Further carry out the following:

  1. Keeping hands in a starting position, lower them down to an emphasis — as it was already told, with a breath through a nose.
  2. Exhaling a mouth, raise hands in a starting position.

The French press lying it is carried out in the same way, with only that difference that the body has to be in horizontal position on a gymnastic bench, and the hands bent in elbows — in vertical position. The case lying parallel to a floor, and hands form a corner 90 °.

Video: The French press with dumbbells lying Forearms in a starting position, as well as in the previous options, are parallel to a floor too. Normal height of a bench is selected so that you felt a sure emphasis legs in a floor.

Raising of dumbbells on a biceps serially

The exercise separately loading a biceps. Order of performance is as follows:

  1. Take in each hand on dumbbell, get up exactly, a vypryamta a back, hands with dumbbells are lowered down forward by palms. At rise the dumbbell is horizontally, palms outside (reverse grip).
  2. Serially lift each dumbbell so that the forearm was in the highest point parallel to a floor. It is not necessary to lift above as the biceps will cease to work. In the specified highest point the biceps is most loaded.

Important! Avoid to chittingovat, that is to help work of a biceps as work of all body (it occurs when you do exercise breakthrough, putting legs and a back into operation). Carry out exercise evenly, here the technician's main thing, but not weight. If you have no uniform rise without breakthrough, lose weight.

Costing hammer

The exercise loading a forearm and a biceps. Differs from previous (rise on a biceps) only in the successful fellow. Dumbbells have to be in vertical position — the successful fellow hammer.

Other technology of performance is absolute the same, as for the previous exercise.

The return push-ups from a bench

This exercise loads a triceps. It is necessary to carry out it in such a way:

  1. Sit down on a bench (the recommended height — such that when sitting on it hips were in horizontal position).
  2. The hands pressed to hips put emphasis about edge of a bench.
  3. Extend legs forward so that to lower buttocks from edge of a bench. Your upper body has to be in hover. At the same time all body has 2 points of support: legs and hands bent in elbows. Do not forget that hands have to be pressed densely to a trunk — it is necessary for effective implementation of exercise.
  4. Bending hands in elbows, lower a trunk down as far as it is possible.
  5. Rise in a starting position follows from the lower point.

When you better master technology of this exercise and loading for you will be already small, try to execute it, using a small support for an emphasis of legs (a padded stool, a bench, in halls for this purpose there are special devices). In a starting position of a heel rest not against a floor, and lie on a support (height approximately same, as well as bench height). Legs will be at the same time in horizontal position. Thus, for performance of this option of exercise it is necessary to make more efforts.

Study the best views and technology of performance of push-ups.

Extension of hands in an inclination

One more exercise for a triceps. Its performance will require a bench, vertical or with an easy inclination. Technology of performance:

  1. Bend one leg in a knee, put a knee on a bench, the second hand (of the same name to the leg which is on a bench) rests against other end of a bench (if a bench with an inclination, then the hand rests against the high region).
  2. Take a dumbbell in a free hand, press a hand to a torso. The shoulder (biceps and a triceps) has to be densely pressed and be located absolutely parallel to a torso. That is if it is the right hand, then the elbow has to touch a liver.
  3. Starting position — the elbow is bent at right angle.
  4. With an exhalation do assignment of a forearm back against the stop then with a breath through a nose return it in a starting position.

Important! It is very important to keep a back in this exercise correctly: slightly curved down so that it had a concave appearance, as a last resort, that the back was a straight line. Specifics of this exercise such is that round-shouldered position of a back can lead to a trauma.

Additional recommendations

Several additional advice which I will help you to hold trainings more effectively:

  1. It is necessary to do warm-up if you do not want injuries of joints. The value and cardioloading (any loading without burdening have if you are engaged in the hall, ideal option — the exercise bike), and well warmed muscles.
  2. Do not try to take big weight — technology of performance and the number of repetitions is more important. But too you should not do more than 15-18 repetitions. When with ease you carry out such number of repetitions, increase weight.
  3. Classes should be given in 1.5-2 hours after a meal. It is better that this meal consisted in the most part of carbohydrates (porridges, potatoes, grain, sweet, fancy bread, fruit).
  4. During the training drink so much liquid how many you want. It is possible to drink also sweet drinks (only with sugar, not with sweeteners), but it is better water.
  5. An hour later after the training, on the contrary, put emphasis on the food rich with protein (low-fat fish, chicken meat, bean, peas, dairy products). It is possible earlier, but usually right after the training does not getting hungry.
  6. If there was muscle pain, do not worry - it is quite normal reaction of an organism: lactic acid stands in muscles. Take a heat bath with addition of 6-8 spoons of any salt. If you are engaged in the fitness center, visit a sauna.
  7. Combine iron with exercise machines. Iron (especially dumbbells) gives more general loadings, that is besides the main muscles on which exercise is done, also some other groups work. On exercise machines you receive more isolated loadings when only one group of muscles gets into gear.
  8. Do not forget about use of cosmetics: linseed oil (to use in food and to grease skin), srubs store or house with addition of ground coffee beans, eucalyptus oil, cream.

You remember: if you want to improve a shape of hands by means of power trainings, but were never engaged with iron earlier, then, perhaps, after a while the enthusiasm can run low and it will want to stop everything. It is in that case recommended to reduce loading, for example, to do on 3 approaches twice a week. And for certain in 2–3 weeks the number of exercises will want to be increased again, and later few months you already just do not want to miss trainings, deriving from them with anything incomparable pleasure.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team