Exercises for legs in house conditions

Exercises for legs in house conditions

One of problem zones for most of women can call legs. Exactly there fat which does legs not such attractive as earlier begins to be laid with age. The symmetry and beauty of legs more depends on healthy nutrition and, of course, physical exercises.

Speaking about exercises for legs, it should be notedit should be noted two types of exercises: - exercises which promote combustion of fat;

- the strengthening exercises.

The first type of exercises will help to cope first of all with surplus of the collected fat. It is possible to carry cardioloadings to fat-burning exercises. The simplest of them are run, walking on the ladder, rope jumping, driving the bicycle.

Being engaged in such exercise stresses regularly, it is possible to lose weight not only in legs, but also to lose the total weight. Once only the pleasant look gives occupations of minutes 30th two-three once a week. Besides combustion of fat, it is possible to make thus the legs more tightened and to give them the beautiful form.

The second type of exercises is designed to strengthen muscles of legs directly. A lot of time of exercise will also not be taken. It is possible to allocate minutes 20-30 in day in the morning, in the evening, during the lunch break. It isn't necessary to perform all exercises in a row – it is worth choosing the most optimum for himself taking into account features of the structure of the body and the most problem sites.


It is necessary to rise, straighten exactly the back, to put hands on the belt, and legs shoulder width apart. It is the best of all to squat slowly. When knees become at right angle, it is necessary to stand a little and then to become straight slowly. Everyone is the best of all to perform exercise in two approaches till 15-20 times. If to squat, raising the heel, calves will be pumped up first of all if standing on full foot – hips and buttocks.


It is necessary to lay down on the back, the polozh of the hand for the head. To raise legs so that concerning floor level they formed the right angle. To part legs as it is possible more widely, and then them to cross. To repeat so 15 times in two approaches.


It is necessary to sit down and straighten the back most low. Without hurrying to do rolling from one leg on another. Enough 10-15 rolling on each leg will be to make.

Leg swings

To become directly, the leg to reduce, to strain the press. It is desirable to rest against something hands (table edge, the chair back). To make the leg swing aside it is the highest. To make 10 repetitions each leg. It is possible to do also leg swings forward and back. This exercise promotes also good extension.


Polozha arms on hips to take the wide step forward, to bend the knee at an angle of 90 degrees. To return to the initial stance. To make on 15 times in two approaches.


To lay down sideways, having extended legs, leaning on the left hand. To raise the extended right leg up by 90 degrees. To lower (not to the floor) at an angle 45 degrees. To repeat, without lowering the leg on the floor, eight times. Then ee most to repeat that eight times through it was grazed: the leg extended horizontally should be bent in the knee, then to extend up. Again to bend in the knee, to extend at an angle 45 degrees. To repeat the same on the second leg.

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