Exercises for the internal surface of the hip

Exercises for the internal surface of the hip

At most of women the problem zone – legs. And if to tighten buttocks and to make hips roundish – not so difficult, then it is correct to work the internal surface of the hip very hard. It is necessary to carry out the certain set of exercises that this part of the leg became attractive.

Before beginning any training it is necessary to prepare the organism for loading. As warm-up cardioexercises will approach. In gym it can be the stepper, the exercise bike, the ellipsoid or the racetrack. In house conditions it is recommended to jump through the jump rope if the area doesn't allow, then it is possible to make jumps on the place, but without use of stock. Optimum time of warm-up-7-10 minutes. After muscles were warmed it is time to start exercises on the internal surface of the hip.

To be necessary the chair or the window sill as the support for performance of the first exercise. It is necessary to rise directly, legs are placed on the maximum width, socks are developed in the parties, hands lie on the support. Now slowly to do squats so that hips formed the parallel with the floor. In this situation to be late several seconds and slowly, without breakthroughs to rise. Legs at the reset completely don't need to be straightened. Performing exercises correctly, muscles of the internal surface of the hip will be in constant tension. At squats it is necessary to watch the waist, it shouldn't cave in. It is recommended to do 3 approaches till 15-20 times.

The exercise following – swings. For performance it is necessary to lay down on the floor, on the right side. To bend the left leg in the knee and to put before left. At the same time the sock will be almost perpendicular to the body. The head to arrange on the hand bent in the elbow. Now it is necessary to raise slowly the right leg up as it is possible to lower above and also slowly, but not to put on the floor. It is necessary to make 15-20 repetitions in 3 approaches, and then to change the side. One more effective exercise for the internal hip – "Distributing". For performance it is necessary to lay down on the floor. The people only beginning occupations can settle down completely on the back, and to enclose hands under buttocks. More trained have to "stand", leaning elbows against the floor. Now it is necessary to raise direct extremities up, at the same time the corner between legs and the floor will make 90 degrees. Further legs meet and disperse, at the same time zakhlesta become: one foot "flies" for another. It is necessary to repeat not less than 25 times in 3 approaches. It is gradually recommended to increase number of times. This exercise is considered one of the best for study of the internal surface of the hip.

That process of improvement of the internal hip went quicker, it is recommended to reconsider the diet and to give preference to healthy nutrition. To refuse too greasy, fried and spicy food and also fast-foot, carbonated drinks, sweet and farinaceous food. To cook food optimum by method of cooking, roasting or on couple. Besides food it is possible to use the moisturizing body lotions and to do the course, at 10-15 procedures, wrapping. All this will help to return to skin the tone and attractive appearance.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team