Exercises on the crossover for a breast, a back, shoulders, hands, legs and buttocks

Exercises on the crossover for a breast, a back, shoulders, hands, legs and buttocks

Study of all groups of muscles, improvement of a body and active fight against excess weight — results of trainings on the crossover. It has a number of advantages of less functional shells and allows to carry out on it one exercises for a back, a breast, bicepses and tricepses, legs and buttocks. This sports equipment approaches as professional bodybuilders, and those who just wishes to train a beautiful body.

What the exercise machine is

The crossover — the exercise machine on which study hands and legs, a back, shoulders and a press increase blow force. Also this shell is used for a warming up of muscles and increase in muscle bulk. Treats to group of power simulators. It is demanded thanks to universality in use.

Whether you know? The crossover is demanded among body builders during the competitions as only several exercises on it are capable to bring muscles into a presentable look.

Distinguish the following types of crossovers:

  • power;
  • angular;
  • with an adjustable horizontal bar;
  • for professional athletes;
  • for amateur trainings,
  • for pumping of pectoral muscles;
  • for a tone of a body and elimination of extra kilos.

The best exercises on the crossover

The crossover intensively pumps over and tightens muscles, is also often operated when drying a body. On this exercise machine it is possible to carry out various options of trainings for various groups of muscles.

Among the beginning athletes it is accepted to focus attention on study of a wide back and massive triceps. The following exercises pump over just these zones.

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For a back

Trainings on the crossover effectively study back muscles. One of popular exercises — draft of the horizontal block. It well is suitable for acquisition of a beautiful and brawny back.

Video: technology of performance of draft of the horizontal block to train this part of a body, exercises have to be most sparing as can do much harm to a back and a waist. At the expense of a comfortable position sitting during performance of draft of the horizontal block such danger is excluded.

  1. Grasp the exercise machine handle.
  2. Sit down on an exercise machine bench so that knees were a little bent.
  3. Equal back, in a waist a small deflection.
  4. Exhale and pull on yourself. Link shovels. You watch that the back was not curved.
  5. Inhale and pull the handle to a stomach bottom. Level a back.
  6. As soon as elbows reach position at a trunk, cramp shovels.

It is important that the waist was curved. Elbows are not recommended to be parted as the focus of loading is shifted.

It is important! If the established weight is big and raises you from a position up, ask the workmate or the instructor to hold you.

One more option of study of a back consists in the following actions:

  1. Approach the crossover and sit down in the middle on knees or one knee.
  2. Undertake hands handles.
  3. Bring closer elbows to the center of the case and you part them back.

On a breast

On the crossover it is effective to train pectoral muscles as resistance of blocks of this exercise machine does not allow them to relax for a second. Various options of exercises intensively work out each department of pectoral muscles.

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Technology of performance of exercises on the crossover for pectoral muscles:

  1. Establish identical weight on the exercise machine on the right and at the left. Norm of weight will be defined it is dependent on own opportunities. Exercise is carried out correctly if there are no breakthroughs.
  2. With an equal back become between racks, bend a little forward. Some athletes practice a starting position with one leg exposed forward for the best coordination. Such approach demands uniform alternation of legs.
  3. Be recorded in a starting position. Raise hands and grasp with them the block. Elbows have to be slightly bent, shovels — are linked.
  4. On an exhalation slowly cramp hands before yourself. You watch that all tension concentrated in chest department. You can get a little one hand for another.
  5. Inhale and return hands to a starting position.

On shoulders

For study of shoulders on the crossover it is recommended to carry out moves hands from the top block back — exercise which is directed to the back delta. Attention should be paid to technology of performance, and weight does not play a crucial role.

  1. Starting position: put legs on width of shoulders, put hands cross-wise.
  2. On an exhalation it is necessary to part hands so that elbows looked back.
  3. On a breath return to a starting position.
  4. The back needs to be held exactly. You do not cramp a shovel and do not throw back the head. Establish weight such that it was possible to execute exercise of at least 8 times.

Video: exercises on the crossover on shoulders

On a triceps in the crossover

For a triceps training on the crossover the main exercise is an extension of hands on the block. It increases force of hands and gives them relief.

  1. Use the short handle and take it direct hold. Press elbows to the case.
  2. Occupy a steady pose — heels on one line, or you will expose one leg forward. At the second option carry out exercise with uniform load distribution on each party.
  3. Press handles from above. Straining tricepses, lower them down. During all exercise the position of elbows has to be invariable.
  4. At first execute 10–15 extensions for warm-up with weight not exceeding 50 kg. Further establish weight on the level, or what is specified in respect of trainings, and execute not less than 10 times on 3–4 approaches.

On the crossover it is possible to do also other options of exercises for hands, such as, for example, single extension which imitates a dumbbell press because of the head.

  1. Take the horseshoe handle and fix it from below.
  2. Sit down on a bench so that the handle was above the head.
  3. The back should not adjoin to a cable. For this purpose take away a hand a little further.
  4. Carry out exercise from nape level. Bend a hand, then straighten it.
  5. For efficiency of a training do it till 10-15 extensions for 3 approaches.

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Extension of hands a reverse grip also swings a triceps. In this exercise most of all loading goes on thumbs. If you have weak brushes, then before starting a training, train them.

  1. Install the weight and the horizontal handle on the exercise machine.
  2. Take a little inclined position in front of the exercise machine.
  3. Grasp the handle with the lower hold and lower it to the level of shoulders. Press elbows to a trunk.
  4. Exhale and miss hands before their full straightening.
  5. Inhale and raise hands to forearms.

For a biceps

Having begun to train bicepses, find for them time constantly. Their pumping demands perfect performance as even the small inaccuracy nullifies efforts of all training.

Read in more detail how to pump up a biceps.

For pumping of a biceps carry out bending of hands with handles. This exercise is suitable also for beginners if it is correct to pick up weight.

  1. Fix handles to the exercise machine. Grasp them with hands so that elbows looked in different directions.
  2. Legs — at shoulder length.
  3. Hold a deep breath, the breath. Bend hands in elbows.
  4. When there comes tension peak, record a position for couple of seconds and strain a biceps.
  5. Exhale and level hands.
  6. Do bendings in a smooth rhythm, without participation of the case.

For legs and buttocks

For study of muscles of buttocks carry out the following exercises:

  1. Dead draft. It is carried out from the lower block. It is used as an alternative to dumbbells for study of a biceps of a hip. It is recommended for performance to beginners. Become on a support, legs together. Grasp with two hands the handle which is fixed from below the exercise machine. Back at the same time equal. Pull on yourself the handle. Carry out a small squat, lowering it.
  2. Squats in the crossover. Do also from the lower block. Loading is directed to buttocks and hips, swing a back and a press. Advantage of this type of squats is that they do not strain knees. Put legs more widely than shoulders and relax them, you hold a back directly. Choose the handle on the discretion (most convenient to work with a straight line). Part shoulders, close shovels. When performing squat make a start heels.
  3. Assignment of a leg or extension of a hip. Studies average and small buttock muscles. At first attach to a leg of cuffs of the exercise machine and do moves by legs — back or aside, record a position for several seconds, then accept a starting position. An exercise machine support — a case fixer. You watch that when performing exercise the waist did not cave in.

Important! Carry out assignment of legs in the presence of injuries of knees as this exercise does not load them.

In operating time on the crossover follow some rules of training:

  • before a training on the crossover it is necessary to do warm-up within 10–15 minutes;
  • you watch food — enrich a diet with fruit, vegetables and proteinaceous products;
  • start trainings not earlier than after 40 minutes after meal;
  • is after the training it is possible at least in half an hour;
  • drink a little water during the occupations;
  • it is important to monitor breath: at the time of tension it is necessary to do an exhalation, and at relaxation — a breath;
  • it is necessary to load the same muscles not more often than 1 time at 48 o'clock.

Be not overloaded at trainings. The efficiency of occupations consists in the correct distribution of loadings and their gradual hobby. It is possible to call the crossover the universal exercise machine as he studies practically all muscles.

Video: how to use the exercise machine the crossover its structure allows to reconstruct quickly it on performance of the following exercise. It is easy and convenient in use, is characterized by the high level of safety.

Whether you know? The crossover — the exercise machine with the smallest probability of injury of shoulder joints. Therefore occupations at the crossover often are present at training programs for beginners.

This shell is intended both for beginners, and for experienced athletes, and is simply necessary in any comprehensive training program.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team