Exercises on the horizontal bar

Exercises on the horizontal bar

Exercises on the horizontal bar help to exercise muscle of the top part of the trunk at all not worse, than work with the post. Besides, such occupations effectively strengthen the back, develop force and endurance, it is necessary to work in this case with body weight.

Pullings up on the horizontal bar

Pullings up on the horizontal bar allow to develop muscles of hands and the back: the broadest, big round and diamond-shaped muscle, big and small pectoral muscle, biceps and triceps. It is necessary to begin with the most usual exercise – pulling up with two hands wide top grip. At the same time movements should be made slowly and exactly, straining muscles of the back and hands. The back should be held perpendicular to the earth.

After simple pulling up is mastered, it is possible to pass to more difficult. Undertake one hand the horizontal horizontal bar the top grip, and another – for vertical as low as possible. Be tightened several times, and then change hands, having passed to other corner of the horizontal bar. Such exercise is especially useful at teenage age when the bearing is still formed.

To strengthen muscles of the back and shoulders, perform exercise on pulling up of the breast to the horizontal bar. For this purpose undertake it wide lower grip and sip the trunk, trying to touch the horizontal bar by the breast. At the same time it is necessary to try to bend the back, as much as possible to weaken bicepses and to cramp together shovels. It is possible to train the broadest, round, trapezoid and subbone muscles by means of pulling up for the head. That is the horizontal bar has to appear as a result behind the head at the level of the neck. However this exercise needs to be performed how all others as it belongs to quite injury-causing will be mastered. At the same time it is necessary to watch constantly that the body was strictly perpendicular to the earth, and the top grip has to be the widest. To increase the biceps, it is necessary to be tightened by the lower narrow grip. At the same time it is necessary to try to reach the horizontal bar the breast. And for increase in the triceps it is necessary to undertake the horizontal bar the neutral grip when one fist is directed to the right, and another near it to the left. During pulling up the head needs to be taken away in one party, in another. Don't wait for fast results as the horizontal bar – quite difficult apparatus for the beginner. Have patience, collect will in the fist and every time try to be brought up on once more. At the same time on hands it is useful to put on the special leather gloves defending them in callosities and damages, and on the waist – the wide belt protecting muscles from stretching. They can be bought in sports shop.

Exercises on strengthenings of muscles of the prelum abdominale

The horizontal bar also is suitable for strengthening of muscles of the prelum abdominale. For this purpose it is necessary to hang on the horizontal bar, having undertaken the horizontal bar the top or lower grip and to raise the extended legs so that between them and the case the corner in 90 degrees turned out. At the same time it is useful to fix position of legs in the top point for couple of seconds. It is also possible to tighten knees to the breast, but the back at the same time has to remain the straight line.

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