Extension of hands on the vertical block down: advantage, equipment

Extension of hands on the vertical block down: advantage, equipment

Power exercises subdivide into basic and isolated. Those when which performing there is a bending extension in several joints are the first and therefore several different groups of muscles work. In the second case the movement happens only in one joint and, respectively, the block of muscles which are attached to it works. Feature of a training on extension of hands on the top block in a standing position is that all emphasis is the share only of a triceps.

The involved muscles and advantage of exercise

This mini-training is directed to study only of one group of muscles, namely a triceps. It, in turn, consists from:

  • external (or lateral);
  • average (or medial);
  • internal (or long) muscles.

They also work at the correct technology of performance of at first sight simple task. Other muscles are backs, the press, hand — work statically, that is only provide stabilization.

Get acquainted with a set of exercises on the crossover on all groups of muscles.

Triceps per se occupies two thirds of volume of a hand therefore maintenance it normal does an extremity visually beautiful due to increase in a relief and a form. Especially women are disturbed by a situation when the triceps droops and such impression is made that flabby all body.

It is possible to tell the following about advantage of work on a triceps:

  • muscular force develops;
  • the three-headed humeral muscle is separately and selectively studied;
  • the relief of muscles improves;
  • the hand visually looks more;
  • zhimovy characteristics when performing general exercises increase.

As it is correct to do

At all, apparently, simplicity of a task many, and beginners especially, not always do it technically correctly. Because of it the desirable effect very often is not reached. Therefore further it will be a question of technology of performance of extension of hands on the vertical block down and of some cunnings of performance.

It is important! If you feel tension of any other muscle, except a triceps, the training is carried out incorrectly!

Choice of the handle and successful fellow

It is possible to train a triceps on the vertical block and in the block exercise machine. Many fitness trainers give preference to the last because the roller is below and therefore it is more convenient to distribute load of a triceps. Depending on what holder is used when performing, certain muscles work or load of them varies:

  • if to use classical option, namely a direct handle and the ordinary successful fellow, then lateral and medial muscles of a triceps work;
  • with keeping of the handle the reverse grip more studies a long muscle of group.

The level in the form of letter V is very popular in use, but reduces scope of exercise therefore for it loading no more than sixty kilograms usually is chosen.

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If to use a rope as the holder, it on a third complicates exercise and does wider it amplitude therefore such successful fellow is recommended only to athletes with a decent experience. Further it will be a question of technology of performance of the classical ordinary successful fellow.

Technology of performance

To do exercise it is correct, it is necessary:

  1. To approach the exercise machine, to choose the desirable holder handle and to establish it and desirable weight.
  2. To rise at a shell so that the holder was approximately at distance of the hands bent in elbows.
  3. The holder on level has to settle down so that the shoulder and a forearm formed a right angle.
  4. To bend hands in elbows, to clasp a handle with palms from above so that they settled down at shoulder length. The thumb is below.
  5. To press elbows to the case, to level a back, to develop a breast and at the same time slightly to move forward.
  6. To choose such position of the case to feel its stability. For this purpose it is possible to give slightly forward one leg.
  7. To unbend hands in an elbow joint so that the handle concerned a femoral surface in front, having made at the same time an exhalation.
  8. To be late couple of seconds in this situation.

Important! It is impossible to carry out exercises on the vertical block if you had recent injuries of humeral, elbow or luchezapyastny joints.

  1. To bend hands up in initial situation — a breath. It needs to be done not really quickly, and approximately twice more slowly than the speed with which hands were unbent down.
  2. To men to execute on three approaches to fifteen times everyone with up to twenty kilograms. To women to do the same number of exercises, but with a weight, smaller twice.

Video: technology of performance of extension of hands in the crossover

Practical councils

Professionals recommend to do this exercise in conclusion of a training for final completion of tricepses. So many time how many you visit gym is recommended to do such exercise.

It is very important to pay attention to that the triceps worked, and for this purpose at first it is necessary to do exercise at slow speed. It will help to choose optimum position of the case and to feel work of other muscles if you do exercise incorrectly.

We recommend to examine the best exercises for a triceps.

From the very beginning it is necessary to try to carry out exercise technically to avoid mistakes about which the speech will go further.

Typical mistakes

When performing it, at first sight very simple exercise, after all mistakes are made, namely:

  1. Elbows are not pressed to a trunk, and widely placed. At such statement not only the triceps necessary to you, but also back the widest works that is not correct. Besides, you cannot work with the necessary weight.
  2. Bending of brushes. It is necessary to remember that in this exercise the bend occurs only in an elbow joint. If brushes are bent, it is incorrect as there is load of this joint and other muscles begin to work.
  3. The straight line is resistant. If not to incline the case, to correctly make approach it will not turn out as the broadest back muscles will get into gear.
  4. Stoop during performance. In the equipment does not lead to a mistake, but in the future threatens with problems with a backbone. When performing any power exercise the posture has to be correct.
  5. Too close statement in relation to the exercise machine. If to use such rack, then at extension the elbows will leave back and stabilization of a body will be lost.
  6. Too distant statement in relation to the exercise machine. In this case you strongly will bend forward that will overload lumbar department and involves other muscles.
  7. Initial draft back. Very many do initial effort, using back muscles. It is quite misleading. The bend goes only in an elbow and only the triceps works.
  8. The look is directed sideways or down. The head should not be neither is inclined, nor turned — it is necessary to look only directly, having focused on the equipment.
  9. Performance of exercise sitting. This exercise is carried out only standing.

Secrets and subtleties

Experienced athletes and trainers pay attention to some aspects which will help you to master this exercise, namely:

  • the first several times carry out exercise slowly, having as much as possible focused on the equipment;
  • do not choose too big weight;
  • choose the correct position of the case: its top part has to be only slightly inclined;
  • forearms have to be straightened in a final lower point;
  • you watch elbows — they have to nestle on the case without the plant back;
  • for the best training of a lateral muscle it is possible to carry out extension by one hand;
  • bend hands up slowly;
  • legs have to be not direct, and a little bent in knees;
  • it is necessary to be late in dive of load of couple of seconds;
  • do not carry out exercise if the pain syndrome of shoulders takes place.

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What to replace in house conditions with

There is a number of exercises for a triceps which it is possible to carry out houses. The most popular of them — a press because of the head with use of dumbbells both one hand, and two, a press from a prone position narrow hold, a press French with weighting compounds. However only the first of them is isolated. It is possible to try to make something similar to the vertical block, using improvised materials.

For this purpose it is necessary:

  1. To take hard rubber about two meters long.
  2. To put in half and to fix by the ends — for example, on the Swedish wall.
  3. To sew up the middle with a thread so that there the level located as in the exercise machine entered; it has to be at height of the bent elbows.
  4. Further to carry out exercise the same as in gym. The tension of rubber will replace weight.

Exercise on a triceps needs to pay due attention — the relief, so, and beauty of your hands depends on it. Especially it is necessary for women. It is better to carry out it in the hall as final completion of muscles of this group.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team