Extension on a twine for beginners: how to achieve success in house conditions"

Extension on a twine for beginners: how to achieve success in house conditions"

Twine – it is not simply beautiful, but also is sexual. Besides, the good extension brings a body into a tone, does it flexible and is prevention of many diseases of the musculoskeletal device, especially if you have a sedentary work at office. Let's try to understand how quickly to stretch out if your childhood and youth already passed, and you can be engaged only in house conditions.

It is a little theory

Before beginning to do an extension, it is desirable to get acquainted with anatomy of our body and to learn what muscles and sheaves stretch during exercises what processes at the same time proceed in a body what features the human body has. Knowing all these nuances, it is possible to influence the muscles most effectively.

Except muscles, fastion (special "case" into which each muscle is put), sinews and joints are also involved in an extension. Some of them last, others – are not present, however have "tolerance" to an extension or are capable to reveal.

Before beginning to do in house conditions exercises for an extension which will help you to stretch out let's study some anatomic features of an organism.


  • at extension the muscle is extended because increases new segments in the structure. It is gradual process therefore also the extension has to be gradual not to be traumatized. Also before each occupation it is necessary to do warm-up – it does muscles by more flexible and warms them because of what they become more pliable to stretching;
  • best of all muscles strong and trained last. If you were engaged in power exercises, and you have a sports body, then and it will be easier to stretch out to you. Besides, strong muscles still prevent restretching and an anguish of fabrics, doing exercises by safe;
  • connecting fabric in muscle fibers consists of collagen, as well as joints with sinews. The ability of a muscle to stretch directly depends on elasticity of the connecting fabric caused by collagenic fibers.

Learn how to save ligaments and joints by means of collagen and what needs to be done if muscles after the training hurt.

Important! For increase in flexibility of a body during trainings it is possible to drink medicine with collagen.


  • peculiar "sack" into which the muscle is put and which limits its growth and gives the form. Stretches badly, but it is capable to remember a form;
  • with age fastion are inclined to reduction and restriction of a muscle;
  • the constant tone of muscles and static tension (for example, because of stressful work or a sedentary life) lead to reduction of a fastion;
  • it is possible to stretch a fastion and without preliminary power preparation, but it is long process. Fastion best of all stretches and grows when performing power exercises when to muscles flows blood. Supply with blood also promotes growth of a fastion.

Joints and sinews:

  • joints do not last at all, and sheaves and sinews only gain "tolerance" to extension, that is become capable to sustain the big amplitude of movements and an extension without traumatization, become elastic;
  • joints do not stretch, and reveal, and it occurs at the expense of the "stretched" sheaves which allow a joint to come to a condition of disclosure;
  • the greatest disclosure at a twine, especially cross, is demanded by coxofemoral joints, at the same time they also are the most pliable to disclosure in a human body;
  • not all people have tendency to stretching out as because of the individual structure of coxofemoral joints the disclosure happens it is just impossible. But you should not despair, it is not a frequent case.

Important! There are joints which are inadmissible for opening! It is elbow, knee and cervical: function of these joints consists in ensuring reliable fixing and mobility, and disclosure will make them unstable that will lead to a set of problems.

Some more facts about flexibility of a human body, that the nobility, as in house conditions to learn to stretch out:

  • men and women have various tendency to flexibility – women by nature more flexibl while men are more inclined to accumulation of muscle bulk;
  • not all joints are equally inclined to disclosure: if one joint well reveals, others can be more static;
  • big muscle bulk is an obstacle to stretching. And vice versa – the weak stretched muscles are inclined to traumatization. An optimal variant is simultaneous both pumping of muscles, and their stretching, for example, as in track and field athletics. It is ideal if you and train the body power exercises, and to stretch it;
  • there is a certain range of flexibility to which the person is inclined. Of course, there are people who are capable to overstep the bounds of this range, but it is promoted also by inherent tendency to flexibility, and intensive exercises since the early childhood. However most of people cannot be extended more, than it is admissible the nature.

Popular exercises for an extension

Most often process of extension takes a long time, however many ask a question of how it is possible to stretch out in a week and whether it is possible in general. Answer is as follows: perhaps, but it is necessary to follow the accurate rules of occupations to avoid traumatization, and daily to carry out 8 effective exercises.

Important! The sedentary life and full-time employment at the computer reduce flexibility of a body much more, than advanced age.

Costing inclinations with hands in the lock

This exercise is a good preliminary extension for a twine which can be done in house conditions, and promotes to stretch the back surface of hips. Exercise also straightens shoulders, levels a thorax and gives a bonus to flexibility of a backbone.

Usually the extension is quite painful and tiresome procedure. Therefore it is possible to begin it with the easy exercise leveling and relaxing muscles.

Holding a back directly, get up so that yours of a foot settled down at shoulder length. When performing exercise your legs have to be equal, you should not bend knees. It is necessary to get hands for a back, having made "lock" of fingers.

Then make an inclination forward, trying to reach a nose knees. Raise hands up most highly, your backbone at the same time has to cave in. For several moments be late in this pose, for example, it is possible to count five breaths.

Stretching of a back and front surface of a hip

For stretching of a back and front surface of hips it is possible to do deep attacks. When performing exercise you will feel how front muscles of a hip on a front leg stretch and back muscles of a hip on that leg which behind stretch.

Having bent at right angle one leg in a knee joint, take it a wide step forward. Other foot at the same time has to leave back as it is possible further – this leg rests a sock and a knee against a floor. Lay down the case on a front knee.

You hold hands below, on both sides from the bent front leg. Try to lower a basin closer to a floor, making the quiet springing movements. Spring in this pose, counting about five exhalations. Then replace legs.

Whether you know? Occupations for an extension are a great way of weight loss. In four weeks of trainings it is possible to dump about five kilograms of excess weight, at the same time without limiting itself in food at all.

Inclinations to legs serially

This exercise needs to be made carefully not to allow traumatizing muscle fibers. When performing you feel the pulling painful feelings in a sacrum and under a knee joint. But in house conditions it is a good extension for beginners which will help to become closer to a full twine on couple of centimeters.

Fall by a floor and extend before yourself equal legs in a pose sitting. Then it is necessary to bend one leg in a knee, opening a coxofemoral joint on the one hand, and to attract foot of this leg closely to inguinal area so that foot of the bent leg rested against an internal part of a hip of a direct leg.

Position of the bent leg reminds a lotus pose, is only carried out unilaterally. Having accepted this pose, begin to reach finger-tips of both hands for a sock of an equal leg. Try to lay down on a leg below.

However, carrying out exercise, you should not bend a leg in a knee, do not stoop, do not strain shoulders and you always hold a back equal. Be recorded in this pose within several seconds, then change a leg.

Whether you know? The dexterity and speed of human reactions and also coordination of movements directly depend on plasticity and flexibility of an organism.

Trunk inclinations forward

Put legs in a standing position at shoulder length. Bend forward, making attempts to completely press palms to a floor. The back has to be a straight line as if in a corset, knees cannot be bent. Begin to spring, trying to nestle a trunk on legs.

Inclinations forward to legs from a sitting position

In this pose muscles of a back surface of a hip and a lower back perfectly last. After you finished the previous exercise, again sit down on a floor and extend before yourself both legs. They have to be direct and pressed to one another.

Get acquainted with a complex of morning exercises for all body.

Begin to do inclinations forward, trying to get socks. You hold a back a straight line. You can clasp feet with hands, try to lay down on legs so low as far as it is possible. At the same time it is important that you did not bend knees.

Exercise "butterfly"

It is recommended to carry out exercise during a couple of minutes, however if so far it is heavy to you to make it, it is possible less, over time gradually increasing a performance interval.

This exercise is known also under the name "lotus". It is carried out sitting. Having bent legs in knees, part them widely in the parties. Feet it is necessary to press one to another and to attract to area of a groin closely.

You hold a back equal and weakened. Open shoulders and raise a chin, try to extend a backbone in a straight line. Rest hands against knees and elastic pressing begin to press them to a floor, raising up, again lowering.

The pose allows to increase elasticity of byoderny muscles and as much as possible to open coxofemoral joints.


Remaining in a sedentary pose, level legs, having parted them in the parties very widely. Move a basin a little forward. Shoulders and a back have to remain equal and to look so as if you swallowed arshin. You hold knees straight lines and do not bend. When performing you hold knees and a back equal.

Undertake hands feet: for right – the right hand, for left – left. Bend forward. Record a trunk so low as soon as you can, and make elastic rockings.


For this purpose one leg, having bent it in a knee, take a step forward, and leave the second behind most far. Be reluctant hands on both sides from the case, leveling a back at the same time. That leg that behind, has to be absolutely equal, and that that ahead, bend at an acute angle.

The springing movements pull a hind leg in a half-split. Then replace it another. This exercise reminds attacks.

Important! When performing any exercise always you watch a back – it has to be equal, the curvature and stoop is not allowed.

Councils, recommendations and precautionary measures

When you are going to be engaged in house conditions, and near you there will be no trainer controlling process of an extension, it is necessary to know how to stretch out, having armed with councils for beginners:

  • each extension has to begin with a muscular warming up, otherwise muscles will be inelastic and can be injured;
  • listen to the body, select convenient poses, concentrate on those sites which you study now – it will help you to feel changes in a body and more effectively to control extension process;
  • as for food, it should be taken into account that the use of a large number of meat food promotes coarsening of sheaves, and here the use of a large amount of water, on the contrary, promotes the increased elasticity and flexibility;
  • do not try to master a shock dose of trainings in the first day, otherwise you can be injured. It is better to increase intensity of trainings gradually, allowing a body to adapt to loadings;
  • it is better to do an extension twice a day – in the morning and in the evening. But have to be morning of exercise sparing and soft, and here in the evening when the body is warmed also in a tone, it is possible to give full load on muscles;
  • for more effective extension it is better to pull toes on itself, but not from itself;
  • all exercises need to be carried out the springing fluctuations;
  • at an extension there is pain, and the organism reacts naturally – answers with tension of ligaments and muscles. But it is necessary to try to relax as much as possible that sheaves could stretch smoothly;
  • trainings need to be held as often as possible – they differ in it from power exercises after which the organism needs the recovery period. At an extension, on the contrary, the more the rest interval, the more muscle return to an initial form;
  • before the training try to take a hot bath or a shower. After such weakening influence the body becomes more flexible and plastic therefore it will be much easier to stretch.

Whether you know? The human body consists of a huge number of muscles which is estimated in about seven hundred! And a quarter from them are located only in a front zone.

For someone the twine is a dream, but as we see, this dream is quite achievable. At regular trainings and sufficient persistence it is possible to stretch out in quite limited terms. Carrying out the listed exercises at least on twice a day within a week, already you will be able shortly to surprise the relatives and friends with a good extension.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team