Features of exercises on the rowing exercise machine

Features of exercises on the rowing exercise machine

Today in the market of sports goods there is a wide choice of exercise machines for the house. One of such shells — the rowing simulator, or the rowing exercise machine. In this article we will discuss features and possibilities of this apparatus, types and technique of trainings.

What represents the exercise machine

The shell imitates occupations rowing on water, most precisely repeating movements by oars. Let's consider it in more detail.

Main functions of adaptation:

  • develops and strengthens muscles, keeps it in a tone;
  • it is effective for weight loss (burns fat deposits);
  • stretches and strengthens sinews and sheaves;
  • levels a bearing, adjusts coordination of movements.

Important! At hernia of a backbone or osteochondrosis the load of a back during the occupations on the exercise machine has to be most sparing. It is desirable to make the program of trainings with the professional coach.

Opportunities and features of the sports tool:

  • as much as possible brings closer exercises to real rowing on water (some models thanks to the built-in fan imitate wind whiff);
  • it is possible to regulate intensity of a training (it is equipped with the timer);
  • there is an opportunity to control pulse and other indicators of an organism;
  • easily it develops;
  • it is simple in service;
  • easily moves by means of special rollers;
  • provided with steady support.

The device and the principle of action of the existing models can differ a little, but a basis of all designs one:

  • the flywheel — provides a tension and stretching of a cable;
  • seat;
  • handles (oar).

Now there are 3 types of devices:

  1. Mechanical — compact, inexpensive, are suitable for beginners as in them it is easy to regulate loading degree.
  2. Magnetic — silent, are equipped with the computer allowing to choose the program and intensity.
  3. Aerodynamic — are suitable for gyms more, take a lot of place, noisy. The fan creating the additional resistance to an air flow is included in the package.

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Advantage and indications

Thanks to the big amplitude of the movement the efficiency of study practically of all muscles is provided: shoulders, back and stomach of legs and hands, area of a breast. Indications to application and pluses from occupations on the rowing exercise machine:

  • blood circulation improvement;
  • improvement of work of lungs — fabrics are saturated with oxygen;
  • strengthening of a cardiac muscle and vessels;
  • normalization of work of central nervous system;
  • support of muscle tissues in a tone, relief of muscles;
  • help in fight against diseases and deformations of a backbone.

The main advantage of the rowing exercise machine — in the smooth course: it provides uniform load of knee and coxofemoral joints, excepting risk of a trauma.

Harm and contraindications

Besides advantage, sports occupations on the rowing exercise machine have a number of contraindications:

  • violations of work of a brain;
  • serious cardiac diseases;
  • problems with joints of shoulders;
  • shift of intervertebral disks.

Important! At the available problems with health before beginning occupations, it is necessary to consult with the attending physician.

Carry to minuses of the exercise machine also its dimensions: some designs take a lot of place, and still can publish noise.

Types of draft

The simulator of rowing has 2 appearance of draft:

  1. Central — is ideal for house occupations. Allows to involve 80% of muscle tissue in work, as much as possible to work it, to load evenly.
  2. The Scandinavian — is more designed for professionals. Imitates rowing, as much as possible studies a back.

Whether you know? In 1900 won against crew as a part of which the 10-year-old athlete was a helmsman the rowing championship.

The working muscles at occupations

At the competent organization of a training on this shell and the picked-up program such muscles will be involved:

  • chest big;
  • deltoid;
  • trapezoid;
  • front wall of a stomach;
  • humeral;
  • forearms;
  • biceps;
  • triceps;
  • buttock big;
  • hip lobby;
  • chetyryokhglavy hips;
  • femoral straight line;
  • sciatic and cavernous;
  • sural.

The rowing simulator — one of the few types of exercise machines which not only swings muscles but also strengthens sinews. Regular trainings increase endurance of an organism, immunity, improve a condition of skin.

Training on the exercise machine

Councils from professional coaches will be necessary for beginners for full-fledged and productive occupations.

Recommendations about a training

Let's consider what needs to be considered at occupations on the rowing exercise machine:

  1. It is necessary to be engaged in the comfortable spacious clothes which are not holding down the movement.
  2. Footwear should not slide.
  3. In breaks between approaches drink water.
  4. Prior to occupations of a muscle it is necessary to warm warm-up, after — to work a recovery extension.
  5. It will be correct to begin occupation with average intensity (to 25 fungi a minute).
  6. All movements have to be smooth, without sharp breakthroughs.
  7. It is not necessary to overstrain joints of knees.
  8. It is not necessary to bend strongly forward, following a cable.
  9. At emergence of painful feelings it is necessary to reduce speed or to change an exercise performance manner.

Whether you know? In 1992 the English athlete Steve Redgrave won the third gold medal at the Olympic Games in Barcelona at rowing competitions, being sick diabetes.

Technology of performance of exercises

How correctly you will be engaged, the effect of a training will depend. Basic principles of the technology of performance:

  1. Starting point: legs are bent in knees, feet stand directly, palms clasp exercise machine handles. A back equal with an easy inclination forward, her muscles are weakened, strained a press and tricepses.
  2. Start of motion: strain shoulders and by means of legs make a start from a support. Along with a push, straining hands, pull a cable on yourself to area under a breast. In the course of the movement the back is leveled, the chest department comes forward, legs become straight.
  3. End point: handles of the exercise machine are as close as possible to a body, belly muscles are strained, elbows are taken away back. At the end of the movement hips and buttocks strain.
  4. Return to a starting point: overcoming resistance, smoothly release from yourself a cable, holding handles. Slowly bending the case forward, bend legs in knees.

The main efforts (draft) take place on a breath, and on an exhalation — relaxation.

Training scheme

Let's consider the approximate program of trainings for different level of training:


Quantity of trainings in a week

Number of approaches

Quantity or duration of fungi

Training duration (in minutes)




10 short, 10 long





7 minutes





10–12 minutes


How to choose the rowing exercise machine for the house

When choosing the exercise machine for the house it is necessary to consider a set of factors and parameters. The market abounds with various models of designs of the simulator of rowing. Let's consider the most popular of them.

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Popular models

Rating of home rowing exercise machines:

  1. Concept 2: metal details are made of aluminum with a covering from stainless steel. Differs in an easy, but strong frame. It is equipped with the monitor, strong and durable, easily gathers and understands. The aerodynamic system of resistance smoothly regulates intensity of a training. Cost — about $1500.
  2. Torneo Golfstream: compact, the small size, ideal option for the beginning athletes. A wide choice of settings, simplicity in management and low price — about $200. It is desirable to replace a seat with stronger as in a design its basis — from a tree.
  3. Kettler Favorit: the built-in monitor allows to trace organism parameters (pulse rate) and intensity of a training. Resistance degree is regulated. The price — about $400.

What it is worth paying attention to

The main criteria when choosing the rowing exercise machine:

  1. Size: consider the room size where the shell will be located.
  2. Be convinced of reliability of all fastenings and support.
  3. Quality of transmission — a good tension and return.
  4. The built-in computer — an important element: it will allow to control load of an organism and its state with an accuracy.
  5. Existence of the console — to regulate the frequency and a distance, occupation time, to keep data.
  6. Soft coverings, it is the best of all with latex dusting — it will provide them the maximum durability.
  7. Function of adjustment of loading.
  8. Power supply (magnetic and electromagnetic models): it is necessary to think over safe connection.
  9. Adjustable pedals, levers and seat will provide a comfortable training to all family members.

It will be interesting to you to learn what muscles work on the exercise bike and it is how effective.


To keep durability of the apparatus, it is necessary to look after it correctly:

  1. All mobile details need to be greased with oil means.
  2. Frequency of service of details from metal — once a month.
  3. It is necessary to delete dust, paying special attention to connections with a carving.
  4. You should not use aggressive care products behind surfaces, rather damp sponge.
  5. The design has to stand on a plain surface, distance from walls — not less than 0.5 m.

In conclusion It should be noted that the rowing simulator for the right is considered one of the best apparatuses providing effective trainings with small loading. Adaptation equally well suits also beginners in sport, and to professionals.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team