Features of intake of creatine

Features of intake of creatine

Many people consider creatine the indisputable leader among sports food. It is the account component of muscle tissue. The more it contains, the big results will be shown by the athlete. This additive is received in addition for completion of the lack of creatine of muscles.

Organism capacity to creatine

Muscle tissue contains the certain amount of creatine. There are kreatinovy depots when which filling the use of additive won't give any effect. That is excess of optimum dosages doesn't make any sense.

For whom works and creatine doesn't work

This dietary supplement can work only on that person who has the low content of creatine. If the person has problems with food, he almost doesn't consume squirrels, this additive will work on it fully.

Also especially effectively this additive will work on people at whom synthesis of creatine in muscle tissue is broken. They need to increase at least consumption of meat and proteinaceous products in the diet.

Creatine can cause really good progress in such types of people. That is the increase in muscular volumes and power indicators can be comparable to the athletes training with use of banned drugs.

In other case before reception of this sports food of people well ate meat, its creatine was on high values. Most likely, the use of additive won't yield due result as this element in muscles already is in the peak state.

Creatine dosages

The day norm of creatine, as a rule, pays off so: 0.05 of creatine is multiplied by kilogram of body weight. For example, to the person weighing 100 kg, it is necessary to consume 5 g of creatine a day. It is the maximum which can acquire the human body. Everything that will be used from above, won't go anywhere.

The most effective way of consumption

There is such concept as "loading" by creatine. That is you can "be loaded" by this additive in one week. The raised creatine dosage - 0.3 g on kilogram of body weight is used. These grams are divided into four receptions with food during the day.

Then after seven days the consumption decreases and it is worth passing to the supporting portions. And until the end of the month receive 0.05 g on kilogram of body weight a day.

There is other loadings option. It is long and slowly fills kreatinovy depots. Within the month you from the very first day use maintenance doses in the form of 0.05 g on kilogram of body weight a day. But in both cases by the end of the 30-days cycle the creatine content in muscles will be identical.

The use with food and water

Why this additive is better acquired with food? It is proved that creatine is kept by muscles better if it is consumed together with proteins and carbohydrates. You watch the reference to researches in sources. Also together with creatine it is recommended to use the large amount of water during the day that it was better acquired. Muscle tissue consists mostly of water.

Creatine is considered one of the most effective sports additives. But, as we know, it works not for all. Use it intelligently. Follow the provided recommendations and progress in your trainings!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team