Features of kendo as type of martial art

Features of kendo as type of martial art

Martial arts divide into types, schools and styles – and each of them has the differences and features from each other. In what then do these features consist in such style as Kendo?

So ancient history kendo, as well as the Japanese people. In the Middle Ages the fight on swords was the privilege only of Samurais, boys were learned to own we throw since small years. But sources of this art originate in China, Chinese skill conducting fight brought technology of fight with cold weapon on the Japanese earth. The Japanese, in turn, who are famous for the passion to bring all to perfection, improved the Chinese technique to unrecognizability. They created own, unique style.

Over time the Chinese roots were completely rejected, and the system of fight was considerably improved and became truly Japanese.

The mysteries of kendo were passed from the father to the son, or the pupil from the teacher, and brilliant masters were glorified to all Japan. So, for example, Japanese say the name of Miyamoto of Musashi with the deepest respect to this day – he was the most outstanding master of the Middle Ages. The book "Book of Five Rings" written to them, is and now the grant on mental conditioning to kendo.

Kendo is as you already noticed, this fencing art assuming masterful possession of weapon. Of course, weapon is meant as not firearms, and swords which call Sinai. The essence of this single combat also consists in them - it is lack of the right to make the mistake and ability to own skillfully the body. Kendo cultivates ability to make decisions, non-standard and sudden for the opponent. The current version of Kendo allows only two types of kicks – cutting and cutting. The first put in the head, the wrist and the trunk, and the second can be put only in the throat. At competitions the points are awarded for the accuracy of the fighter and for observance of rules and conditions of fight. Many other single combats, include performance of some rituals, such as Kat in which both the teacher, and the pupil take part. Kendo isn't the exception to the rules. Equipment of the fighter consists of several elements - it is the mask on the head, the defense for hands and the trunk, the belt. During the trainings and competitions the athletes don't use any footwear. The sword which is used for conducting fight – Sinai – is produced from several polished bamboo stalks with the steel plate inside. The indicator of skill of the athlete is its current is given which needs to be proved in fight, but not more often than time during the season. At present in community of the International Federation Kendo forty five countries consist, and competitions are held every three yearsevery three yearsevery three yearsevery three years.

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