Fish saury: how to choose, the caloric content, properties, advantage

Fish saury: how to choose, the caloric content, properties, advantage

Fish as food product, has high nutritional value and therefore in a diet of the person takes the important place. On the general background of all fishing industry ocean fishes which all useful properties cannot be listed are favourably allocated. The noticeable representative of especially valuable species of fish is the saury.

Description of appearance

Saury — the ocean gregarious fish living in the top thicknesses of water that defines its high importance in fishery. The body of a saury extended in length from 25 to 40 cm, gradually utonchayushcheesya to a tail. The scales covering a body small, silver-gray color on each side and dark blue-green color on a back. Weight on average — 180 g.

Whether you know? The scientific name of a saury — Cololabis, in translation from Greek means short lips that not fully displays her big mouth disproportionate to a body.

The long, proportional head to a body, with considerably the put-forward lower jaw. Relationship with family of makreleshchukovy defined at fish existence of longitudinal tail fins — back and anal. At the same time the back fin is a little shifted to tail and complemented with five or six small fins. The tail fin has the expressed deep dredging. The appearance of the Pacific and Atlantic saury is a little various and consists in degree of shift of the lower jaw — at the Atlantic saury, in comparison with Pacific, the lower jaw is more expressed is put forward.

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Structure and nutrition value

The high value of a saury is explained by the rich chemical composition at the low caloric content that does it by an irreplaceable source of useful substances, especially at observance of diets.

Nutrition value of 100 g of a product:

  • full-fledged digestible proteins — 19.5 g;
  • saturated and nonsaturated fats — 14.1 g;
  • plain and complex carbohydrates — are absent.

Caloric content of 100 g of a product — 204.9 kcal.

Important! In comparison with freshwater species of fish the saury exceeds indicators on the content of useful substances.

The chemical composition is presented:

  • vitamins: And (Retinolum), group B, D (calciferol), E (tocopherol), RR (nicotinic acid);
  • minerals: iron (Fe), nickel (Ni), fluorine (F), chrome (Cr), molybdenum (Mo);
  • macrocells: calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg), sodium (Na), potassium (K), phosphorus (Ph), sulfur (S), chlorine (Cl).

Using a saury, the organism is replenished with the main part of a daily reserve of vitamins and minerals, and the nutrition value guarantees a high stock of energy for active day.

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Useful properties

The saury, as well as any other representative of the water world, is certainly a useful product which main feature is explained by the content of polyunsaturated Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. The organism does not produce these fats independently therefore fish — an excellent source of replenishment of these substances. Useful properties of a saury, thanks to the high content of substances in the chemical composition, consist in a wide range of actions on all systems of an organism:

  • nonsaturated fats, reducing the level of bad cholesterol, clean vessels thanks to what improve work of a cardiovascular system. Having antioxidant properties, prevent early aging and development of oncological diseases;

Whether you know? Receipt in an organism of nonsaturated Omega-3 and Omega-6 fats increases the level of the youth element which is independently made by an organism — antioxidant of the coenzyme Q10 increasing life expectancy.

  • vitamins, stimulating the system of blood formation, improve quality of blood, regulate a metabolism, strengthen a bone tissue, increase elasticity of skin and provide good condition of hair;
  • the mineral structure prevents development of anemia, strengthens the immune system and has the general anti-inflammatory effect.

Besides, the high content of amino acid taurine provides protective action on cells of a liver, promotes production of bile and, respectively, production of insulin that is especially valuable to people with diabetes.

Tinned fish: in what advantage

Fish — a universal product in kitchen. It can cook, extinguish, fry, smoke, to be dried and also to use not only as a main course, but also as a stuffing in snack or in pastries. A sure bet is the tinned saury. Nobody will argue on advantage of fresh fish, but what advantage can be from tinned fish? All know that long heat treatment kills all useful substances as a part of a product, but this property does not belong to fish canned food.

Whether you know? The mineral elements taken from fish scales use in production of lipsticks.

Certainly, heat treatment reduces concentration of vitamins and minerals as a part of fish, but in a closing balance they are in the maximum quantities. At preservation all vitamins and macrocells remain, and antioxidants reach the maximum when heating and long thermal treatment. Therefore the saury, not only natural, but also tinned, bears big advantage for an organism. One more important advantage of fish canned food is the fact that undergoing long thermal treatment, all pathogenic microflora and dangerous microorganisms at preservation is destroyed. And it, first of all, concerns such infectious disease as botulism. The toxins produced by bacteria pose deadly health hazard of the person, but at high temperatures perish. It is worth mentioning that fish canned food, bearing in itself high nutritional value, are the self-sufficient product ready to the use without any additional processing also.

Important! Upon purchase of fish canned food it is worth paying attention to existence of marking of C20 on a can is an indicator that a product of poor quality.

Contraindications and harm

Hippocrates's expression Everything is good that moderately — is true also concerning consumption of fish canned food. In moderate quantities such product does not pose health hazard of the person, but it is worth showing care after all. As well as any other product of production, violation in respect for technologies bear harm for a human body. Here it is possible to refer also dishonesty of the producer concerning production time and suitability of a product.

Also there are always risks that raw materials (crude fish) were incorrectly stored, were poor cleaned and processed for production that significantly affects not only quality of a product, but also consequences after its use. Often, depending on the producer, for production of a saury in oil vegetable oil of poor quality is used that can affect work of important human body — a liver. Fish canned food contains a large amount of salt therefore can do harm at violations in work:

  • cardiovascular system, especially at arterial hypertension (so-called elevated pressure);
  • diseases of a liver and gall bladder;
  • digestive tract (DT).

Important! Amount of salt in fish canned food in 10 times more, than in fresh fish that by 1.5 times exceeds daily requirement of an organism.

Therefore with the diagnosed diseases of heart, liver, kidneys and a GIT it is recommended to people to eat fish canned food in the small portions in exceptional cases and only after consultation with the attending physician. A direct contraindication to the use of a saury is the individual intolerance of a product.

How to choose good fish

When choosing fish canned food including sauries, it is necessary to be guided by the basic rules of the choice:

  • the label with readable structure where on the first place the type of raw materials (fish or fish waste) is specified of which the product is made has to be accurately pasted;
  • the can has to be without defects and damages with easily noticeable, squeezed-out in the direction from within-outside or marked by the laser date of production (in a format dd/mm/yy) and the code of the product range (for a saury are used: 177 — smoked in oil, 186 — blanched in oil, 308 — natural, 931 — natural with oil addition);

Important! Existence on a cover of the marked or squeezed out letter P which is a sure sign of the fact that as raw materials the natural fish product was used is obligatory.

  • when opening banks before the use the attention should be paid to color (meat has to be light, without dark stains) and began to smell canned food. At the slightest suspicions on a low-quality product you should not use fish canned food.

To buy a fresh saury in our country it will hardly turn out, but upon purchase fresh-frozen it is important to pay attention to such properties:

  • ice (glaze) should not be much;
  • proglyadyvayemy natural, without yellowness, color of a carcass;
  • the equal, not rumpled carcass;
  • existence of factory markings on packing.

Observance of these conditions upon purchase will help to save itself from poisonings and intestinal frustration.

Rules of storage

Period of storage of tight fish canned food — no more than 2 years of date of production. It is desirable to store in the fridge with observance of the temperature condition specified on the label. If bank with fish canned food it is opened, then it is possible to store such product only in the fridge, but no more than 24 hours.

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When opening, fish canned food is recommended to be taken in glasswares, without allowing thus chemical oxidizing reactions of metal at contact with air. The period of storage of fresh fish in the freezer can reach also years provided that temperature is lower than 0 ºС and is not exposed to frequent fluctuations.

Whether you know? The fat content of a grade of fish is higher, the smaller period of storage is admissible. It is connected with the fact that the contained cod-liver oil spoils first of all and subsequently gives bitterness at preparation.

Saury — the ocean fish having high value in the food industry. Being a well of vitamins and minerals, its moderate use interferes with development of many diseases. Irrespective of a way of processing and preparation of a saury, amount of useful substances and the brought benefit do not decrease. Despite such characteristic, the saury can do harm to people with diseases of digestive tract, heart, liver and kidneys. Therefore you remember that everything is good that moderately.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team