Fitness in transport

Fitness in transport

Sounds a little unusually. But such type of fitness exists, and it is strongly recommended all those who long go to the car for work, long get stuck in traffic jams, spend at the wheel or in any public transport much time. This type of fitness will help to put body muscles in order.

In the modern world we spend time for movements from Paragraph A to Paragraph B much (work, traffic jams, the house, giving, etc.). Also there is the stereotype that when driving in the bus, the electric train and even sitting on the passenger chair in the car of people, has to be not mobile. To move – it isn't acceptable - defiant behavior! But at the constant postural pose, his lymphatic system is corked, breath ceases to perform massage of internals, and muscles in general are in the weakened state that extremely for them is pernicious.

But from any situation there is the exit! General gymnastic exercises are quite suitable, for their performance in the sitting position.

 For a start take care of the numb neck. Only it isn't recommended to do it during driving as then concentration on the road decreases. 

1. Turn the head to the right and to the left to warm up numb muscles.

2. Bendings forward and back, in bendings the main thing as much as possible to stretch the neck from the seventh cervical vertebra to the top. There is no purpose, to reach the breast or to drop the nape on the back. The main thing that will help to resume blood supply of the brain this makushechny effort up!

3. Ducking to the left and to the right, effort also directionally up!

4. "To look down, to look up" with rotary motions the head is rolled on the maximum radius.Even if you don't feel that your neck became numb, it is all the same necessary to take care of it. Pay attention that in time warm-ups of cervical department the main direction of effort is the top as our task to warm up muscles, but not intervertebral disks. Further, to warm up the back, turn in different directions, extending hands the number of the standing sitting aside, for strengthening of effect it is possible to adhere hands for the next chair and to slowly tighten the case towards hands.  

 There is such popular exercise which is called "cat". Fasten wrist lock grips, round the back back, and pull hands forward, having twisted palms from themselves. Then curve the back in the opposite direction, and get hands for the head. This exercise allows not only to muscles to warm up, but also to become stronger. Besides, this quite good beginning for the extension. Planting the feet against the floor, and the neck in sitting, lift the basin with the sigh and lower with the exhalation. Any passenger and the driver can do this exercise if it is in the stopper. During long sitting in transport, all liquids flow to the lower extremities, i.e. to legs, for their warm-up there will be enough straightening and pullings up of the sock and its spin.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team