Fitness on age

Fitness on age

It is no secret, that regular exercise stresses help to be with the tone both in 20, and in 40 and 50 years. However it is necessary to do fitness correctly. If it is wrong to give to the organism loadings, then it is possible not only not to achieve any positive result, but also quite strongly to itself to do much harm. Now you learn how to choose sport, considering age.

Fitness from 18 to 35 years

This age period is the most active and fruitful as the organism is in constant development. How you will feel all next years will depend on this period. From 18 to 35 years you are able to afford to do any sport if, of course, you have no contraindications or the other limiting factors.

It is the best of all to begin to play sports even till this age period because from 12-13 years the muscular framework on which your figure will depend further begins to be formed.

Sport in the age threshold from 18 to 35 years it is necessary to give to the organism loading regularly. Even will be quite good if you daily give to physical occupations at least half an hour of the time. The main thing at daily sports activities evenly to distribute loads of all groups of muscles.

It is the best of all to perform endurance exercises in this age period because the endurance is responsible for organism reserves.

Fitness from 35 to 50 years

When your age crosses the mark of 35 years, it is worth changing exercise stresses a few. In this age period of sports are also important, as well as in previous, just now it is necessary to treat the organism more carefully and attentively to it to listen. As a rule, at many by 40 years chronic diseases are shown therefore it is necessary to observe the recommendations of the doctor and already on their basis to select the suitable type of fitness.

Best of all during such period of life to play sports no more than 3 times a week, at the same time to give preference to those sports where the opportunity to be traumatized is reduced to the minimum. For example, the following types of fitness will approach:

  • swimming;
  • aerobics;
  • streyching;
  • cycling;
  • jogs;
  • Pilates;
  • respiratory practicians;

The organism can also give power loadings, but they by all means have to be moderate.

From 35 to 50 years in sports activities not the loading, but regularity is the main thing. Supporting active lifestyle, you will feel healthy and young all next years.

Fitness from 50 to 60 years

It is so got in the human body that after 50 years it begins to lose significantly muscle bulk and to accumulate fat deposits. Not to allow it, it is necessary to lead enough active lifestyle.

If up to 50 years you never played sports, then you shouldn't increase exercise stresses sharply. The most important is to do fitness regularly and that look that to you to liking.

That who carried out all life with sport it is much easier for to make the training plan in this age interval. It is enough to lower loadings and to add to them respiratory practicians who help to improve work of heart and vessels.

To people to whom in 50 years, it is quite good to begin to do swimming and easy jogs or even walks by the fast pace. Such loading is capable not only to keep the organism in the tone, but also to make the dream stronger.

Fitness to whom for 60

After 60 years it is necessary to reduce exercise stresses to the minimum and to carry out them when own health allows. Ideal option are daily walks in the fresh air.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team