Five new effective stomach exercises

Five new effective stomach exercises

People who try to gather in the stomach by means of burning of calories are surprised to not too impressive results. It is connected with the fact that the body pretty fast adapts to changes to which it is subjected – therefore weight loss without exercise stresses gives only temporary reduction of muscle bulk. To remove the fat from the stomach and to pump up the beautiful press, it is necessary to perform special exercises.

Bicycle and chair

Researches of biomechanics of the body showed that it is possible to lose weight and to get rid of the drooped stomach pretty fast – by means of the exercises demanding muscular activity in the field of the press. One of the most effective exercises is "bicycle" for which performance it is necessary to lay down on the back and to get hands for the nape. Knees at the same time need to be tightened to the breast, having at the same time raised shoulders over the floor and having slowly brought closer the left elbow to the right knee, straightening the left leg. Similar action needs to be repeated with other leg. It is necessary to repeat exercise from 12 to 16 times, carrying out from 1 to 3 approaches daily.

When performing exercises on the press it is very important to breathe correctly that muscles were actively saturated with oxygen.

For exercise performance "the captain's chair" it is necessary to sit down on the high chair, having left legs freely to hang down from it. For bigger stability the chair needs to be moved up closely the back to the wall. Hands need to be closed on the nape, and the back to nestle on the back or the wall and to slowly tighten knees to the breast. At the same time it is necessary to experience reduction of muscles of the stomach well. After that legs need to be lowered slowly. Exercise is performed from 12 to 16 times daily (from 1 to 3 calling).

Ball, stance and hand

Excellent stomach exercise also is exercise "ball". For its performance it is necessary to reach the prone position and with the bent knees so as if under the lower back the ball lies. Hands need to be got for the head and to tighten the thorax towards hips so as far as it is possible. Then it is necessary to return slowly to the home position and to relax stomach muscles. Exercise is performed from 1 to 3 times a day till 12-16 of approaches. If it is heavy to hold the basin some legs, under the lower back it is possible to enclose the real small ball. For exercise performance "the vertical stance" it is necessary to lay down on the floor, to straighten legs, to vertically raise them up and to cross, having enclosed hands under the nape. Then it is necessary to tear off as much as possible shoulders from the floor and to be late in such situation as far as it is possible. It is desirable to do the stance 1-3 times a day till 12-16 of approaches. To perform exercise "the long hand", it is also necessary to lay down on the floor and to extend completely straight arms over the head along the floor so that to touch by forearms of ears. Then it is necessary slowly and without tearing off the back from the floor, to raise shoulders, holding hands straightened. Exercise is done of 12-16 times daily on 1-3 calling.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team