Food allowance for the set of muscle bulk

Food allowance for the set of muscle bulk

The healthy nutrition is the cornerstone of any training process. No trainings will give the maximum effect without observance of the corresponding diet. The food allowance for the set of muscle bulk has the mass of nuances which to follow to consider by drawing up the menu.

First of all, for the set of weight, it is necessary to use products with the high content of proteins. Treat them: light meat, fish, eggs, milk, cottage cheese, mushrooms, nuts, etc. During the day, each athlete has to receive about 2.5 g of protein on kilogram of body weight. I.e. the athlete weighing 70 kg. needs 175 g of protein. This quantity should be distributed evenly for all day. In particular it is important to use proteins, during the recovery period after the trainings when there is the growth of muscles.

It is often difficult to provide the organism with enough protein from usual food. In that case, it is necessary to begin the use of sports food: proteins or geyner. Today, the best view of the protein is considered complex, it combines positive effects of all types of the protein. It is also possible to recommend the use of the casein protein before going to bed. Getting into the stomach, it turns into the uniform clot which is digested long time and provides the organism with nutrients on all night long that prevents catabolism development. Proteins are recommended to the people inclined to completeness or those who wants to build muscles without excess fat layer. Geyner will be suitable better for those who have problems with the set of weight. They are more kaloriyna since the percentage of proteins and carbohydrates is displaced in favor of the last. One portion of the geyner may contain up to 800 kilocalories that can help with the set of weight considerably.

At food on the weight, preference it is necessary to give to complex carbohydrates which contain in various grain, pasta, bean cultures. They are very useful, nutritious and provide the organism with energy for long term. Complex carbohydrates need to be used before the training. Plain carbohydrates, for example confectionery, it is necessary to use in limited quantity since they lead to formation of the fat layer. The only time when they approach best of all – right after the training when the organism needs recuperation. The use of proteins right after the training isn't recommended since all of them will go not for development of muscles, and will be used as the additional energy source.

You shouldn't forget about vegetables and fruit which will fill up the diet with vitamins and minerals. It is the best of all to use them for breakfast. Since these products also contain plain carbohydrates, they will be able to help to restore energy stocks after the dream. At the training on weight, it is necessary to eat not less than 5 times a day. Portions have to be small, so useful substances will better be acquired. It is impossible to allow emergence of feeling of hunger at all, there will be differently the catabolism development. If during the day there is no opportunity to eat often, various power bars or the same geyner can become the exit. They don't need to be prepared long, and the use doesn't take a lot of time.

When choosing sports food, preference should be given to products of better known producers. Of course such additives will be more expensive, but it is possible not to worry for their quality and efficiency.

Observance of the correct diet can increase effectiveness of trainings considerably. At the sufficient caloric content, weight immediately will begin to grow. The competent combination of healthy nutrition and trainings is the most right way to success.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team