For what are necessary and as mantras influence life

For what are necessary and as mantras influence life

If you decided to introduce by means of mantras in the life harmony and grace, then before meditations it is important to learn to read correctly them and to listen. That these tools of human consciousness began to operate, attracting streams of the necessary energy, force and awe, reading it is necessary to master the main principles of canons of Hinduism. Further we will try to understand article what is a mantra as it works and as far as can change your consciousness.

What is a mantra

Each of us many times heard about the improbable force of mantras, but only the few know subtleties of these ancient sound formulas, their main appointment. At the same time at ordinary Christians they are associated not with keys to consciousness, and with some mysterious magic. And not for nothing.

Whether you know? In Hinduism there are about 20 thousand mantras.

In translation from Sanskrit the word mantra (मन्त्र) designates the tool for implementation of the psychological act, a spell, sorcery. Actually it is the sacred text or one word, the syllable demanding exact reproduction of sounds of which it consists.

Mantras are very popular with supporters of the Buddhism, Jainism and also Hinduism. If to go deep into etymology of this term, its value is completely disclosed by components. So, one of particles, manna, is deciphered as mind, and another, Torah — tool. As a result the mantra in literal treatment means management of consciousness, it is technology of release of subconscious energy that is made by means of modulation and concentration of attention of an individual on the allocated internal streams of Force.

People who trust in force of similar keys to human mind often compare them to psalms and prayers. Hindus are deeply convinced that not only the mind and a mental condition of the believer, and and the environment surrounding him, the outside world depends on sound combinations of a mantra.

Important! For the correct reading a mantra matter: time of declaration of an ancient formula, part of the world, concentration on the text deity, a pronunciation rhythm, ritual actions.

Despite of a short sound set of the making linguistic units of a mantra, everyone them them bears the deepest spiritual sense. For example, the sacral sound combination of Ohms actually consists of 3 components: And, At, M, each of which is characterized by a variety of semantic loading and interpretation.

Main types

All sacred texts of Hinduism can conditionally be divided into 2 groups. The first are read only by persons who already had experience with mantras and even suffered their action. And the effectiveness of the second does not depend on presence of such intermediary. In addition religioveda distinguish 8 types of ancient sound formulas. Let's dwell upon each type of mantras and we will understand that it and what it is intended for.

Bidzha (mantra)

Experts claim that each of Hindu deities had own bidzh which quantity does not give in to the account. It is a so-called seed mantra that long since it was widely used in Tantric traditions and created a separate literary branch of Mantra-vidya (mantravidyā).

Important! In many sources of Hindu religion it is mentioned that everyone who will undertake to read any mantras without the presented Gurus of knowledge will lose everything soon, than values. Such person is expected by great disappointment, his children will renounce it, and parents will be doomed to painful diseases. Therefore it is important to receive preliminary blessing of the Guru.

The most popular badges are mantras: Sokham, Ohm (ॐ, oṃ), Shiva (hauṃ), Kama (klīṃ), Davy (sauḥ), Nrisimkh (kṣrauṃ).

Similar sound formulations differently are read. Some are intended for independent reproduction, others — for group, and the third have to be said only as a part of other mantra.

In yoga great attention is paid to also physical practicians who go in a resonance with spiritual development - an uddiyana of a bandh, a mule of a bandh, Jalandhar of a bandh, a pose of a lion, hare, a dog a muzzle down, stars, a rack on the head, exercises Surya Namaskar.


This Vedic mantra takes very important place in Hinduism. It is devoted to the local deity Savitara and differs from other spells in a poetic form. From there is also its name.

All gayatr consist of 24 syllables which are a part of the anthem Rigveda. And this mantra always in 3 lines in which about 8 syllables are strict registers. They are read by rules of a move-vyakhtri (great saying).

If literally to translate one of a gayatra, we will receive such text:

OHM! Oh, Earth, Sky, Svarga!

(O) volume Savitare the best,

The shining Deity, razmysly

Thoughts those ours (It) (yes) will inspire!

The yoga has the different forms - an akroyog, Fly yoga, yogalates, Hatha yoga, kaula-yoga, a prana yoga, Bhakti yoga, yoga-challenge.


The literal interpretation of this type of Hindu prayers sounds as a mantra of the great winner of death. In use there is also its parallel name: tryambakam-mantra. Culturologists consider it one of the most ancient formulations which our ancestors tried to affect human subconsciousness. Reading this Hindu formula is made only when obtaining special permission of the Guru.

Makhamrityyumdzhaya-mantry practice at the meditations directed to improvement of the state in society and achievement of harmony with outside and inner world.

Ohm (mantra)

In Hinduism this sound combination is an initial mantra. It is perceived as the word of force and a symbol of the strongest deities of a Hindu pantheon — Vishnu, Shiva and Brahma. Many followers of Vedic traditions interpret it as the first manifestation of the Brahman who is the founder of the Universe. It is considered that processes of the universe were caused by vibrations at pronunciation of a sacral sound of Ohms (ॐ). Today it is often used for meditations and in practicians of yoga.

Whether you know? In the most ancient Indian temple of Carney of Mata that the Saint which is considered the embodiment of Durgi is built in honor of of the same name Hindu, believers worship rats. These, apparently, small animals, unacceptable for the European, there are about 20 thousand. Parishioners consider it as honor to try rat scraps or to taste milk from their bowl. If accidentally any animal dies because of the person, the guilty person has to pay surely a damage a gift — the rat made of pure gold.

Ohm attract Padme khoum

This kind of mantras is one of the most popular traditions of the Buddhism of the Mahajana among followers. It is associated with Mister of 6 syllables that is considered Avalokiteshvara's embodiment. Therefore as explain religioveda, the sound combination possesses the deepest sacral filling.

Travelers can contemplate this prayful inscription on a mountain Bayan-Togod slope that it is located in the Buryat settlement of Ivolginsk. The mantra is executed by Cyrillics in the form of a geoglyph. Attribute it a set of meanings, but experts claim that the making sound combinations seldom are interpreted in separate values. Literally a phrase Ohm attract Padme khoum the pearl shining in a lotus flower is translated as Oh!.

At the time Dalai Lama treated this mantra as primitive corporal and intellectual purity of Buddha, aspiration to consciousness awakening, compassion and love. This interpretation follows from values of the words making an ancient key: Ohm designates force of a divine triad of Hinduism, attract — a bodhichit jewelry that consists in awakening; to padma — wisdom which is symbolized by the blossoming lotus; khoum — unity of practice and mind.

It is important! That the mantra worked, it is necessary to understand its sense and to thoughtfully say each syllable. Such meditations contribute to normalization of work of internals, help to get rid of a depression and introduce harmony in your life.

Ohm nama of Shivaya

The spell is the most ancient and takes the major place in Hinduism. Its role equals to above-mentioned types of mantras of a gayatra. For the first time the sound combination nama of Shivaya was recorded in the anthem Sri Rudman therefore there is its parallel name panchakshara-mantra. And in structure with a syllable of ohms it is accepted to call a prayer shadashara-mantra that is meant by six-syllabic.

All Shaivas admire this sacred text as they believe that in its sense the essence of all universe is put. According to experts, The ohm nama of Shivaya can be treated as dzhnyan and as bkhakt. In the first option the phrase is interpreted as illusory perception of the world, limitation of a human soul and omnipotence of World spirit. And the second variation provides interpretation of a prayer as accessory of the whole world, both live, and lifeless, to god Shiva.

Religioveda incline to a thought that the deep value of this mantra needs to be looked for not in the words making it, and in sounds. They bear in themselves 5 important elements of which the person and the Universe consists. It is about water, fire, the earth, air and air.

Important! The ohm nama of Shivayu can be said aloud, in a whisper and even mentally. This one of mantras which reading is authorized at any time.


This kind of ancient Hindu formulas of management of human mind is of particular interest. Panchabrakhma-mantra represents in himself 5 God's faces of Shiva. According to religious legends, this deity at the beginning of the universe was in a five-sided image of Panchabrakhma. And soon from it there was all other live and lifeless.

Therefore, the major part in Shaivism is assigned to this key. Believers never prepare vibkhut (sacred ashes), previously without having read a spell.

Culturologists claim that number 5 is honored Shaivas as sacred, in it the main functions of Shiva are transferred. To understand what is Panchabrakhma a mantra and as to use it, we will consider in more detail all God's faces:

  1. Sadyodzhata — a mantra given rise today. In this image Shiva acts as the creator of Earth. It is represented always turned on the East.
  2. Vamadeva — a formula of Beautiful God. On Shiva the Universe keeps and also from him one of elements — water appears. In an iconography the deity always looks at the South.
  3. Agkhora — a mantra Fearless. The image represents one of destructive functions of Shiva, of it fire appears. In this form the deity looks at the West.
  4. Tatpurusha — that person, the highest being. It is considered that the face grants desires of asking. From it there is an air. On graphics god looks at the North.
  5. Ishana — the Lord's mantra. It is treated as the grace of God. From Shiva's image air appears. It is represented looking up.

Important! Experts consider the best time for reading ancient Hindu spells early morning and advise to begin reading at 4 o'clock.

To Chara Krishna

Is called A great mantra and represents the text from 16 words — names of Hindu gods. The popularity of a formula is closely connected with the Indian Saint Chaytanye who lived in the 16th century. Historians consider that outside the country the mantra extended only from the 1960th when the International society of consciousness of Krishna founded by the local guru of Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada worked.

Religioveda are sure that reading and even listening of this spell develops human consciousness, thereby exempting it from results of a karma. It is a way to the highest perfection, love and harmony from the Universe.

If to go deep into value to Chara of Krishna, then at us the personified formula of the address to the highest Hindu deity will turn out. Literally the translation sounds as About Vseraduyushchy, Vseprivlekayushchy God! About spiritual energy! Allow me to serve You faithfully!

The mantra is sung to the accompaniment of a musical instrument, also it can be said in a whisper and mentally. If to do it thoughtfully, then the key will work.

Whether you know? According to traditions of Hinduism, God's frequent repetition of names promotes entry into close contact from the Universe. Believers do not distinguish the concepts god and its names.

Influence and rules of use of mantras

Experts claim that verbal formulas will begin to work, only when they will be said sincerely and thoughtfully. It is considered that is necessary for start of protective functions of subconsciousness either 7, or 108 repetitions of phrases. Then in mind of saying there is an image of any deity which represents the personified energy of the Universe.

As a result it turns out that the mantra plays a role of the magnet attracting to praying certain vibrations from space. Similar formulations help the person who consists of power chaos, to allocate the necessary stream and to concentrate on it.

Any mantra is directed to establishment of contacts with space. Over the years this communication weakens therefore the harmony is lost. Gradually people, even without wishing that, gain independence of the highest power forces and the nature. They seek to live in warm and light houses, do not run from predators and care for the cozy life.

In such, apparently, comfortable conditions of people it appears beyond the scope of space vibrations. As a result he begins to be ill, is depressed, loses meaning of life, seeing it in black-and-white paints.

Whether you know? In Hinduism there are about eight and a half million gods and goddesses. And the belief does not forbid to pray to several patrons at once.

Having lost harmony with the world around, people as a magnet, attract to themselves failures, problems, poverty and loneliness. Then the ancient spells checked for centuries come to the rescue. Only working on itself and on the consciousness, it is possible to change a vital palette. And as soon as you will feel internal devastation, it is time to look for keys to the inner self.

Be ready that instant restoration of the lost communication will not happen. For this purpose it is necessary to make efforts, the patience and time will also be necessary. Changes will come gradually. Those who already practiced mantras, say what happiness, though was very expected, came imperceptibly. They felt the sudden joy that have, and learned to enjoy it.

The Universe will hear you if you speak with it one language. It is necessary to understand this sense scrupulously as it is correct to read mantras. According to religioved, it becomes in 4 ways:

  • repetition aloud;
  • in a whisper;
  • singing;
  • pronouncing in mind.

No matter how you will read a key, it is important to follow the basic rules of work with it:

  1. To understand value of a mantra and its semantic depth. It is necessary to penetrate even into texts, big and difficult for perception. Of course, at this stage the spell needs to be learned by heart.
  2. After the meaning of a sound formula becomes for you clear, it is necessary to listen to Hindu chants performed by professionals. It is important for the accuracy of pronunciation of words and sound combinations, especially if it is about records of the monks made during a prayer.
  3. It is useful, listening to records of pronunciation of mantras, to repeat them aloud. Only having passed these 3 stages, you will master technology of performance of Hindu formulas to consciousness.
  4. Further every time when reading mantras it is necessary to focus on their sense, having relaxed soul and a body. Words have to go not automatically, and from the heart.
  5. It is necessary to start meditations when you learn the correct pronunciation of words.
  6. Any technology of pronouncing spells has to be carried out when you remain alone. As exceptions there can be cases when you plan collective meditation.
  7. Every time before reading sit down conveniently in a lotus pose. If for some reason it is impossible, experts just recommend to cross legs.
  8. Track that to you it was comfortable, warm and cozy. For this purpose it is necessary to be located on a rug.
  9. It is necessary to begin with three deep sighs. It becomes in order that to exhale from itself the collected negative, offenses and bad thoughts. In mind transport all this lump for the closed door.
  10. Then try to feel, the body and each body in it, feel its importance.
  11. After the done manipulations it is possible to begin to say a mantra.
  12. Pronunciation of the sacred text has to be measured with accurate accents in words.
  13. Do not do it hasty at all quicker to reach the last sound in a formulation. Such practice is absolutely useless.
  14. It is important to pass through itself each sound, to feel it.
  15. Irrespective of, aloud or mentally you read a mantra, it is necessary to do it slowly and drawlingly.
  16. Between each repetition make a small pause.
  17. After the end of meditation you do not hurry to run on affairs. Do not jump. It is necessary to sit in such pose about 5 more minutes, to focus on itself, to have a rest, smile and feel the organism after the chant.
  18. Then it is possible to rise slowly. Meditation is ended.

Important! Mental pronunciation of a prayer is considered the most effective. Then praying reaches the highest extent of control over himself, the mind, and reaches self-control tops.

Mantra and prayer: what's the difference?

As both mantras, and prayers represent the appeal to the highest forces, often confuse them, considering synonyms. But experts accurately distinguish

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