For what the physical education is necessary

For what the physical education is necessary

Advantage of physical education - the fact of common knowledge. If external changes at the person who began to play sports become quickly noticeable to people around, then the clear understanding of influence of sport on health at them often is absent.


1. The human body is genetically programmed on physical activity. The hypodynamia, on the contrary, isn't natural to people therefore it is capable to accelerate aging of the organism and to cause the set of diseases: obesity, diseases of bodies of the small pelvis, backbone, heart and vessels. Since ancient times the people had to move daily actively - to get to themselves livelihood, to work at the earth, to escape from predators, to overcome distances on foot in view of lack of transport. If something isn't used, it atrophies. For this reason at the people leading the inactive life the tone of muscles and skin falls, the volume of lungs decreases, internals suffer, the ability of vessels to adapt to changes of atmospheric pressure falls - the meteodependence appears.

2. Weekly, and even better daily physical exercises provide advantage in several directions: train the cardiovascular system, make active current of the lymph and the conclusion from the organism of slags and toxins, harmonize work of nervous system, improve saturation of all fabrics oxygen and at the expense of it their updating. The minimum time which needs to be devoted in day to the exercise stress - not less than half an hour and ideally 2-4 hours (also walking, house efforts, etc. enters here). After awakening it is necessary to make at least articulate gymnastics and the small extension in the morning to prepare the organism by new day.

3. Performance of regular power trainings of moderate intensity and stretching exercises already in few weeks gives noticeable effect in the form of improvement of health. There is the feeling of ease in the body, coordination of movements improves, the person begins to feel the body. In process of occupations the body gets used to loadings, they cease to seem too heavy and unpleasant, the body begins to ask exercises. Short wind at rise on the ladder through the training of heart and increase in volume of lungs vanishes, the person feels rejuvenated. Gradually there passes the meteodependence, the dream is normalized, becomes stronger and quiet.

4. The immunity in general amplifies, increases resistance to infections that is especially relevant for those who often have in the winter catarrhal diseases and ORZ. The metabolism is normalized at the expense of what excess weight leaves, and the body becomes tightened and attractive. Excess cholesterol is removed from the organism.

5. After the qualitative muscle tension they at last have the opportunity to relax qualitatively at the expense of what not only the physical, but also emotional pressure leaves. Thanks to production of hormones of pleasure the mood improves, it is the good way to cope with the stress or the depression. The cheerfulness and activity increases, resistance to stress grows.

6. There pass dorsodynias at the expense of the extension and strengthening of muscles of the back, extension of the backbone (it is especially promoted by yoga). The bearing improves, all musculoskeletal system becomes stronger. Joints become stronger, bones become stronger, the risk of injuries and fractures during the falling or kick decreases. The flexibility of muscles and elasticity of soft tissues provide mobility of the skeleton till the old age, eliminate constraint and stiffness in the body.

7. Aerobic loading (run, aerobics, dances, vigorous walking) revitalizes and strengthens heart and vessels, improves blood supply of the body, stimulates work of lungs. At overbreathing blood is better saturated with oxygen, and nutrients are quicker delivered in fabric, waste disposal of metabolism accelerates, the endurance also increases.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team