is the special gymnastic exercise aimed at the development and strengthenings of the lower muscles of a back. This technique is recommended for prevention of injuries, stretchings of a backbone and sinews. As additional cargo the pancakes weighing from 2.5 to 25-30 kilograms upreplyaemy before a thorax, or behind the back can act. It is possible to use a bar or dumbbells in the bent hands.

Giperekstenzy can carry out both in house conditions, and on the special exercise machine. If you decided to train at home, then it is the best of all to be engaged on a bed, previously having strengthened legs, or on several chairs.

Special exercise machines happen two types - to 45 and 90-degree situation. The first exercise machine allows to lower as much as possible sgibatel of a back, and the second - to lift additional cargoes without special traumatic tension.

Exercise performance technique:

Classical giperekstenziya:

  • We strengthen legs, the body rests on a support the lower part of a stomach slightly above inguinal area. The top part of a trunk is lowered as much as possible down. Hands are in the crossed state, or about ears.
  • Final position – the straightened trunk.

Return giperekstenziya:

  • We become stronger hands, the body rests on a support above inguinal area the lower part of a stomach. Legs polnyustyyu are lowered down.
  • Final position - horizontally straightened trunk.

Exercise is carried out smoothly, without additional breakthroughs and an enertion. As much as possible to use muscles of a lower back it is necessary to rest more strong hips and to feel tension. The exhalation falls on the trunk raspravleniye moment, a breath - in the lower point of exercise. The minimum quantity of repetitions - 10-15 times on 2-3 approaches. It is desirable to increase the number of repetitions gradually not to feel any tension and to pass to more difficult loadings.

Before performance of this exercise it is necessary to remember whether there were no spine injuries, otherwise such method can only do much harm to carrying out. Very much the giperekstenziya at osteochondrosis, a protrusion and hernias of intervertebral disks helps (the small size and not with the sharp period).

Usually the giperekstenziya is carried out before a training of muscles of a back, stanovy draft and work as the T-shaped signature stamp.

It is possible to carry out exercise and on the ordinary field - by lowering and a raising of all extremities.

Lifegid: It should be noted that the side press can be swung successfully on the same exercise machine. In more detail in article: exercises for a side press

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