Hamilton changed the mode of trainings before the season

Hamilton changed the mode of trainings before the season

Lewis Hamilton experimented with trainings in off-season to adapt to new rules F1, concerning the racer's weight, and said that he never before was in such tremendous shape.

In the 2018th Hamilton said that he will become "other athlete" in the 2019th after in royal races determined the minimum mass of the racer at the level of 80 kilograms. It allows racers not to go on diets and to gather a little muscle bulk, than and Hamilton in off-season was engaged.

Hamilton, answering the question of the journalist of the Motorsport.com edition of its physical state, told: "I kept within restrictions therefore everything is good. Before every season the fundamental things don't change. We strive for the identical goal from year to year. It is good that raised this bar of weight, it allowed to pay attention to other aspects of the training. It is the interesting call. Every season at the time of return to trainings is for the organism rather painful. But to try different methods - I for the first time worked with several coaches according to different programs at once and it was very interesting. All this work the cash itself will be returned a hundredfold during the season. I became physically stronger and today I feel very strong".

Hamilton tried surfing and martial arts in the winter and also densely cooperated with various athletes and coaches. And the diet of the five-time champion was watched by several nutritionists - vegetarians

According to Lewis, his weight still fluctuates in certain limits - depending on loading.

He told: "Fat weight decreases, and it is good. There is a wish to have more effective and relief muscles. I don't try to become the superhero Hulk. Correctly to increase muscles, a lot of time is necessary. It is good that I can eat now so much how many there is a wish, and to take large portions. When I took the wheel on Monday on tests, I was quite heavy. By the Wednesday morning the weight was lost, I could dump several kilograms. Such fluctuations will continue within several weeks. I enjoy very much more than ever trainings. It is good what turned out is more interesting to make them, to bring new elements. I also try to be engaged in it".

Hamilton passed to the vegetable diet two years ago. According to him, it including helped it to become the champion in 2017 and 2018.

According to him, the new rules concerning the mass of the racer will help pilots to become more balanced.

"Namnado was to support the certain weight, and it was not really great. We had to refuse meat and other things to keep within the limit. Now it will become easier for racers. It is possible to become healthier. I feel healthier and strong, than ever for the last 12 years. Now it is possible to eat more and thanks to it it is better to sleep, receiving more energy. Therefore I am more happy, than earlier".

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