Hamilton won't be able to achieve success in motorcycle races

Hamilton won't be able to achieve success in motorcycle races

The world champion Formuly 1 Lewis Hamilton always emphasized that he has passion for motorcycles. On April 1, 2018 as May Day British even declared jokes the transition to MotoGP. But even if it was just the joke, the idea that Hamilton will change on two wheels, at least in the theory, looks rather interesting.

Whether Hamilton will be able to compete in races? "It isn't so difficult to overcome the rule of 107 percent, - the former racer Alex Hoffmann in the interview of Motorsport.com told. – Many amateur racers can overcome this border and get admission. We speak about six or seven seconds depending on the race circuit. In the past Michael Schumacher managed to make it. Then he was for three-four seconds more slowly for the best result world to the Superbike".

If to take in attention Hamilton's speed during tests of Yamaha in the Sherry, theoretically he can get admission on participation in races. According to Michael van der Mark in the Sherry time of the circle of Hamilton was for about seven seconds more slowly time of the circle of racers of WSBK.

"In my opinion, racing drivers won't be able to overcome the last two or three seconds", - Hoffman told. - Of course, they have feeling of speed and go very quickly. But technology of driving the motorcycle very much differs from technology of driving".

The experienced racer van der Mark, when worked with Hamilton in the Sherry, gave to it advice of such contents: "He tried to pass turns as quickly, as on the car. We had to stop it and to show what lines it is correct to go".

Step by step it is possible to become quicker. But that the racing driver can really take the step to world elite of motorcycle races Hoffmann doesn't trust.

"They can't master such tricks as braking in the maximum bending in turn or acceleration in bending. It, in my opinion, is impossible".

Except technology of driving, safety is driving the car and the motorcycle absolutely different. If you make the mistake on the motorcycle, risk of the trauma is much bigger.

"Let's hope that Lewis will derive more pleasure, than will do himself harm as Schumacher", - Hoffmann told, paying attention that the beginner can be overzealous. – You can reach very quickly the highest level, and then think: "Anything to! Now I do everything as it is necessary". But then the motorcycle shows the habit. There are no eases".

For this reason Hamilton tested Yamaha only after end of the season of Formula 1.

This year the world champion of MotoGP Mark Márquez also decided to check himself driving other car for races. It and Dany Pedrossa tested in June in Austria for Red Bull the Ring old Toro Rosso of 2012.

"The motorcyclist feels in the car immortal", - Hoffmann thinks of safety in the racing car. – He should look narrowly, get used to dynamics of the movement and to learn, how fast it is possible to go".

The former racer of MotoGP participated in the 24-hour race on the Nurnburgring. But Hoffmann doesn't believe that the motorcycle racer can pass to Formula 1 and struggle there with leaders.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team