House set of exercises for girls. The excellent form without excess efforts

House set of exercises for girls. The excellent form without excess efforts

The third of women are more senior than 20 years are anxious with the problem of excess weight whereas when overcoming the age boundary in 40 years the army seeking to lose weight is replenished with the half, and even kind two thirds of women. At someone all problem consists in disposal of two-three of the collected kilograms, and for someone the problem finds more terrible lines.

Extra kilos give in to the victory, let and not fast if the balanced diet and the dosed exercise stress act as allies. Such tandem is capable to bring success, otherwise all attempts will resemble flight of the plane with one wing. Therefore only after revision of the habitual food allowance it is possible to start development of the house set of exercises for formation of the slim silhouette without excess efforts.

Occupations of the house have the number of advantages which can't provide group and individual trainings in the gym. It is possible to refer the following features of occupations to number of such advantages at home:

  • organization of occupations in convenient time without costs of the road to the gym and back; • popular wisdom "houses and walls help" gets relevant sounding;
  • lack of foreign views and critical remarks in the address; • there is no need to pay services of the coach.

The house set of exercises for girls initially includes several general exercises on the main groups of muscles to save from fatigue and considerable time expenditure in the first days of trainings. Further it is possible once a week or every other day to expand habitual set, including exercises for study of the most problem zones. It will give to confidence in the forces, and the positive spirit makes the half of success.

In breaks between occupations it is necessary to go on foot and whenever possible to visit the pool. It not only will give additional forces and cheerfulness, but also will serve as loading for all muscles of the body.

When choosing exercises it is necessary to pay attention to those elements which help to correct the relief in the necessary area and intensively load separate groups of muscles. When forming of the required silhouette, zones of the stomach, buttocks and legs are usually problem. At the same time it is necessary to leave the priority those elements of the training in which performance not one is involved, and several groups of muscle fibers. It will allow to achieve desirable result rather. For the prokachivaniye of muscles of the prelum abdominale it is possible to use the following combination of exercises with number of repetitions not less than 10 times: • lying on the floor with the legs bent in knees, to get the hands bent in elbows under the head and to start pulling and relaxation of the chin of the raised head with the maximum muscle tension; • from the same situation along with pulling of the chin raise the basin; • from the same situation raise both legs up so that socks touched the floor behind the head.

Sitting on the edge of the chair, draw in knees to the breast at quiet pace, and for loading of oblique muscles of the stomach perform this exercise with the institution of knees obliquely.

Running on the spot within ¼ hours and exercise "bicycle" – basic elements for the prokachivaniye of muscles of buttocks and legs. Exercise at which, lying on the back, as much as possible part the legs raised up promotes pulling up and toning of muscle fibers of the internal surface of hips. Buttocks can return elasticity if daily, sitting on the chair edge, to clamp with the maximum tension the book between knees, and then to relax the involved muscles.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team