How at home to play sports

How at home to play sports

Over time many girls begin to show much interest in ways of maintenance of health and beauty of the body. Some go to massage, others count the number of calories in products, and the third prefer exercise stresses. It is possible to play sports and in house conditions. The useful recommendations of experts will help with it.

General recommendations

Maintenance of the healthy flush, cheerful nature and good shape doesn't require a lot of time and material wealth at all. It is remarkably possible to look, having accustomed itself to daily morning exercises. The only secret – each 3 months it is necessary to change the chosen set of exercises. This variety positively affects not only the figure, but also maintains interest in trainings. Any basic set of exercises can be laid 15-20 minutes. At the same time on occupation all groups of muscles will be involved.

Advantages of home trainings

Not all cozy and comfortably feel in modern fitness the centers. Someone feels the complex concerning appearance. Others are confused by excess weight. And to someone it isn't allowed to carry out graceful movements on shaping or dances at all. For this reason individual occupations of the house – the excellent way out.

In addition you shouldn't miss also material aspect of the question.

The training in house conditions doesn't mean at all that it will be boring and unproductive. It is possible to perform exercises together with the best friend or the neighbor under favourite musical compositions.

Set of exercises

As warm-up it is possible to execute several simple, but effective exercises. For this purpose it is necessary to rise directly. Legs together. Brushes arrange on shoulders. Execute 10-12 turns hands back and forth. After the pause in 5-7 seconds make bendings of the case of the body to the left - to the right. After that repeat bendings back and forth. Further put hands on the waist. Execute slow circular motions by the basin. At first counterclockwise, then clockwise. After that raise the left leg and execute circular motions of foot. Repeat exercise on the right leg. Make pauses in 5-7 seconds. After that jump on the place within 1-2 minutes. The main sports training can be begun with exercise – squat. It is simple and effective. Legs arrange at the level of shoulders. You hold hands on the belt. For increase load it is possible to use small dumbbells weighing 1-2 kg. Repeat exercise 15-20 times. Further execute lunges. For this purpose get up directly. Legs together. Hands are located on the belt. Take the step the right leg and sit down so that in the knee the corner in 90 degrees was formed. Accurately return to the home position. Repeat exercise on the left leg.

Consider: lunges can be carried out as back and forth, and in the parties.

The basic complex which is suitable for performance in house conditions surely has to include exercises on the press. Lay down on the back. Bend legs in knees, without tearing off foot from the floor surface. Hands arrange behind the head. Slowly execute raising of the top part of the trunk. Accurately return to the home position. Repeat exercise in 2 approaches till 15-20 times. The following exercise perfectly will be suitable for pumping of the lower press. Lay down on the back. Tear off legs from the surface of the floor and bend in knees, having crossed them. Hands arrange behind the head. Rising on elbows, accurately tear off the basin from the floor on 10-15 cm. Slowly return to the home position. Exercise should be performed within 2-3 minutes.

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