How does the male Maiden in love behave?

How does the male Maiden in love behave?

The men born under zodiac sign of the Maiden attract many women, however it is not always simple to find a common language with them. In the relations with such men astrologers come to the rescue. How to communicate with representatives of this sign, read further.

Characteristic of zodiac sign

The man born during the period from August 23 to September 23 is very specific person. It proves as extremely rational personality. Sometimes it seems what in his life to feelings of the place is not present and everything solves only a reason voice.

Whether you know? Under the sign of the Maiden such celebrities as Michael Jackson, Freddie Mercury, Stephen King and many other talented men were born.

Main characteristics of the sign following:

  • beautiful appearance, neatness;
  • good taste in everything: from clothes to an interior;
  • selectivity in communication — at this person the narrow and carefully picked up circle of friends;
  • suspiciousness, susceptibility to criticism;
  • insistence to other people, including to their appearance;
  • realistic outlook, they do not make unimaginable plans and accurately count everything;
  • commitment to the established habits;
  • tendency to an order not only in the house, but also in life;
  • stability in everything: from work to the residence;
  • perfectionism;
  • desire to teach and criticize others.

Features of character of the male Maiden

Distinctive feature of the men born under the sign of the Maiden — concentration on material values. These are pragmatic people for whom the wealth is more important than emotions. For representatives of this sign the career becomes often main goal in life. These are hardworking people who for the sake of wellbeing are ready to work hard. Since young years they earn additionally, then or climb a career ladder, or build the business.

Whether you know? Statistically, occurs among Maidens most of all bachelors and "old maids".

In most cases Maidens at first achieve professional and material success, and then marry and bring children. At the same time money is necessary to male Maidens not for execution of personal whims. For them the wealth is a confidence in tomorrow. Often these people spend a little and save much.

As the male Maiden in love behaves

The woman who cast in the lot with the male Maiden most of all is interested he behavior in love. Astrologers speak about the following features of the sign.

As looks after

Courtings of the male Maiden quiet. You should not expect romantic feats — astrologers speak about practicality of the sign. The guy Maiden by the nature not that which tries to obtain women. He not from those who at any cost win darling. He expects response from the woman. If the girl detains the answer, the male Maiden, most likely, will cease to wait for reciprocity and will look for the second half further. Representatives of this zodiac sign look after slowly. Maidens will not force an event and to pass promptly from acquaintance to proposal. The relations before marriage with them usually long. The short-term relations in life of representatives of this sign meet extremely seldom.

In whom is interested

Male Maidens have usually overestimated requirements to the companion. Representatives of this sign are practical perfectionists. The combination of three factors is important for them: well-groomed, but not elaborate appearance, mind and human qualities.

Important! Male Maidens on a horoscope are attentive to details. His sexual desire at the concrete moment can disappear because of some trifle like a spot on a sheet.

The ideal beloved for the male Maiden:

  • erudite intellectual;
  • honest;
  • responsible;
  • true;
  • tidy;
  • well-groomed.

It is difficult to find the girl equally having the characteristics stated above. However, male Maidens just do not seek to be in the relations. They need ideal couple. The representative of this zodiac sign will remain the bachelor more likely, than marries the woman, improper by all criteria.

What he is a spouse

As it was already told, male Maidens are selective. For this reason they long look for couple. Seldom male Maidens who thoughtlessly marry at early age meet. Men under this zodiac sign marry when they find the ideal woman. Most often they have one partner for the rest of life. Maidens do not leave in insignificant occasions. Reaches a divorce seldom.

Important! The relations with male Maidens after a gap sometimes cannot be restored. If after parting, especially through your fault, you want to reconcile, sincerely apologize to it — often only it can help.

Male maiden as spouse:

  • is not jealous;
  • true;
  • stable;
  • requires attention and respect;
  • wants to be necessary.

With the wife who considers features of character of the partner this person will be affable and careful.

Intimate proximity

Often at male Maidens the weak sexual constitution. Sex is necessary to them just as physiological process. Guys under this sign have no special whims, to them rather traditional communication. As the lover, the male Maiden does not show a lot of tenderness. Passionate bed games will also not be — for this zodiac sign the sexual relations are not on the first place. The maiden in the center of intimate relations puts the feelings to the woman. When such man is in love, he does not need to try to be kept a variety in a bed. There will be enough regularity. Spiritual compliance, than carnal confirmation of love is more important for it.

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Compatibility with other signs

Before the introduction in the relations many women who are fond of astrology check compatibility of zodiac signs. Astrologers concerning male Maidens and women suitable them tell the following:

Zodiac sign



Character and temperament at such partners too different. Over time there are claims to each other. Because of mutual criticism of the relation most often break up


In the relations of the Taurus and Maiden there are three stumbling blocks: sex, food and money. To these things at partners the different relation. However, if to constrain rushes to criticize the beloved, the relations are possible. The male Maiden and zhenshchina-Telets perfectly cope with joint life


Female twin difficult get on with male Maidens. In particular, they difficult take out joint life. Twins, except ability to communicate, can attract with nothing Maidens. After acquaintance such relations do not last long


At Maidens the rationality prevails, and Cancers are guided by emotions. This only distinction of zodiac signs. The family at them will turn out quite good. The relations often stable and long, both partners do a big rate on marriage


Lion — good couple for the Maiden. The conflicts are possible because the man in such couple is avaricious on emotions. An important role is played by inherent thrift of the male Maiden. Often these two signs very long establish rules of maintaining the joint budget or at all run financial business separately


The long relations of two clever, successful and rich people are about couple two Maidens. To them will always be about what to talk. The joint budget will not cause any claims neither in the man, nor in the woman. Perhaps, constancy will a little bore both partners over time, but at the correct behavior of a problem are improbable


As well as with many other signs, in such couple there can be problems with finance. Zhenshchiny-Vesy like to spend money what economical male Maidens do not understand. However in all the rest is an ideal couple. They are similar on character and appreciate each other


The relations of this couple can last until the end of life. The main thing is to avoid mutual criticism of each other. For the rest, it is very good couple. Scorpions care for Maidens and respect their pragmatism. Male maidens, in turn, are faithful to female Scorpions, than bribe them doubly


For devoted male Maidens zhenshchina-Strelets — not the best couple. The problem is that Sagittariuses are not always right. They make of change of partners and unfaithfulness light. Maidens do not perceive the similar relation as normal. Sagittariuses, in turn, want active succession of events and intensity of emotions what quiet Maidens cannot offer them


These two signs perfectly complement each other. Both of them need constancy. From this couple the stable and happy family will turn out


Male maidens are inclined to stable life, and for female Aquarius a main goal is freedom. Different approaches to life do not allow couple to get on quietly together. Even if the relations arose, long they will not proceed — the cause is different temperaments


Zhenshchiny-Ryby attract male Maidens with tranquility and mystery. Problems arise over time. The man will try to build life as he wants. With the woman born under zodiac sign of Fish, similar re-education will not take place. The man should or be reconciled with character of the companion, or to break off the relations

How to behave with the male Maiden

If you managed to subdue the male Maiden, so you clever, beautiful also have high moral qualities. As representatives of this sign long look narrowly at the woman, the long period means you proved in the best way. Continue to behave also, and you will have no problems in the relations. However pay attention to some nuances:

  1. You speak directly about the intentions and desires. At the first stage of the relations straightforwardness of the woman plays advantage of the further relations. The man can long deliberate, and only the active attention of the darling helps it to be solved on close contact. Do not hint, and you speak directly. Similar games when the woman speaks in equivoques, and the man guesses, Maidens are only tired.
  2. Male Maidens are pragmatic in everything. If there is an established order, it is necessary to adhere to it. Representatives of this sign are irritated by dirt and a disorder in the house. Sometimes reaches to the point of absurdity, for example, claims concerning chaotic arrangement of books on the shelf. A way out — installation of personal borders. Let your pedantic partner will have the inviolable space, and at you — the.
  3. Do not exasperate the partner in life with insignificant talks. His mood will be also badly affected by inquiries when he does not want to answer. Let's the man stay alone with itself.
  4. Lack of scandals. Even very offended the male Maiden does not make scandals. At most — easy verbal abuse. The worst that can be made with it in the relations — to beat ware, to shout and cry. If the quarrel took place, it will be simple to reconcile with the Maiden. Have a heart-to-heart talk, structurally state claims, discuss possible solutions of a problem. For the pragmatic representative of this zodiac sign it will be an indicator of prudence of the woman.
  5. Common interests. It will be pleasant to the maiden if his woman is able to keep up any conversation. Let you will have the general subject or a hobby. But you should not adopt all interests of the man. Having personal hobby, you will be able always to interest and surprise the beloved.
  6. The relations with male Maidens — it is stable and for a long time. Usually companions of representatives of this sign have no question how to return the beloved, they seldom dump the girlfriends. Support a quiet situation of the house and the man will be near always.

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Male Maidens in many respects seem ideal — they are beautiful, clever and rich. In the relations with them it is not necessary to apply special knowledge. Use the councils stated above, and in your union both partners will be happy.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team