How does the mantra yoga work? Nama and rupa

How does the mantra yoga work? Nama and rupa

Those who practice the mantra yoga ask sooner or later the question what mechanism of action of this yoga. It yields really grandiose results. And we want to learn at least as a first approximation at the expense of what mechanisms this magic.

Today we will mention the fundamental section of yoga of indivisibility of the form and name. In Sanskrit it sounds as "nama" and "rupa" that is meant by the name and the form. Each name has the form, and at each form – the name. And they always coincide!

What is the name? The name is the certain vibration of the sound. We perceive her organs of hearing. If someone calls us by name, then we will be reached by certain fluctuations and compression of air. If to display it in graphics, then it will look as fluctuation of pressure. As soon as these fluctuations get into our ears, they form fluctuations on our nervous terminations. Then these fluctuations transmit the signal to thinner level.

As a result of this process, we understand that called us. So process looks externally. For our internal device there is the certain language. This compliance between vibration which takes place on the surface or in ours budh, and that venue which builds budh.

What is Budhi? Budh (sanskr.) is the concept of the Indian philosophy, the intellectual and strong-willed beginning, reason. Budh gives the assessment to thoughts and the ideas.

Here in the same way. There is the sequence of what in budh is the exact copy of the venue which is presented to budh. It is possible to tell that there is parent language, initial language which is clear to all who have budh. On the basis of it there is even the belief that there is such superability of the budha – to understand all languages of the world and also languages of birds and animals. But it already from area of the fantasy and myths which surround yoga.

As soon as any given information through sense organs gets in manas, vibration is formed, and this vibration also is the exact copy which is formed in budh. As a result, we see not separation of the name and form. It turns out that if we know the name and it we say, in budh at least on the fraction of a second the image corresponding to the name is formed. This image, in turn, is capable to compete with those images which come to us from the surrounding Universe.

And if there is some situation which to us to have to see or perceive itself in any given situation, then not to allow the situation to be developed, we replace not the necessary venue necessary, kind of we squeeze out the unnecessary venue. At the same time we visualize the necessary venue and we support with the mantra.

Images of these venues begin to clash among themselves. Wins at the same time against stronger of them! To become strong that which ourselves allocate with this force. It turns out that from us to the surrounding Universe there is that impulse which we generated the will! And the surrounding Universe, in turn, begins to change as it is necessary for us. Such here difficult mechanism!

We, operating various images by means of the imagination, supporting the yantrama mechanism, mantras, we reconstruct all the Universe. Fantastic theory! Leaves so that if any venue or the phenomenon was necessary for you, then you can provoke its emergence by repetition of the mantra. The mantra will create the image, and the image will affect all the rest. And the Universe only to adapt to it!

Of course, in fact this mechanism is much more difficult. This information is given only for the first understanding as the mantra yoga works. The main thing that we weren't obsessed with the theory, and adopted practice. We choose the mantra and we begin to change the Universe!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team