How does the yoga belong to abortions?

How does the yoga belong to abortions?

Abortion is the murder! Murder of life which arose in mother's organism. But after all, to do or not to perform abortion, in each case, parents solve. First of all, mother. Why the system which first principle the principle of kindness and not infliction of harm to any living being is considered, considers that there is no definite answer in all situations?

When we speak on abortion, it is necessary to remember some nuances. For example, there are situations when pregnancy threatens health or even mother's life. Then it is necessary to listen to medical indications in this respect. In yoga it is considered that mother's life, in such cases, the priority. Because the woman can give birth to other child in more favorable conditions.

It is also necessary to remember that souls differ on the level of the development. If the woman who doesn't practice yoga becomes pregnant, doesn't go on the way of spiritual self-improvement, then she will make the decision on the basis of the moral ethical principles, in that measure in which she owns them. And the yoga won't make any accurate recommendations here!

But if soul of the child comes to the woman who is engaged in practicians of self-development, then the chance is high that advanced soul will come. Such soul can come to our world to help us, to teach us. And in this case it will be very sad if such soul doesn't get the chance of the birth! Therefore the position of Patrimonial yoga on this matter such is. If you followed the way of yoga and furthermore on the way of the Triad, then in every way avoid abortions!

As a rule, the decision to leave or not to leave the child, receives mother. Then she already addresses the father with the ready decision. So occurs in most cases. But, anyway, both parents are responsible! There are even situations that the father never learns that there was pregnancy and abortion. Nothing means! Karmic both will be involved in it.

What to do?

The yoga says that it is necessary to take care very carefully of safety, it is recommended to use contraceptives.

Those yogis who perfectly know the body have no such problem. So was also with yogas of antiquity. The man controlled the ejaculation, the woman owned certain techniques. But it is advanced practicians! And what to do to us? To people who followed the way of self-development only recently?

The modern science presented us many mechanical ways of contraception. We use any, accepted for us. But we don't use abortalny means! There are such tablets, for example, which work how there was the conception. If pregnancy now well isn't in our plans in any way, then we avoid fertilization!

Anyway, not superfluous will be to study this subject in terms of medicine, to the woman to consult to the doctor. The literacy in this question has the vital value! The yoga, in turn, recommends to study yogis Triady. For example, you will find in yoga of the sexual union certain practicians who will help you to understand this difficult question.

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