How many it is necessary to practice yoga

How many it is necessary to practice yoga

The Hatha yoga can yield very good results if we are engaged regularly. Therefore it is very important to develop the habit to be engaged. It is possible even to see on one this indicator as far as our practice is successful. We will receive the valuable fruits from practice when we approach the level at which the number of our occupations in the week will be at least two times.

In yoga it is considered what to be engaged less than two times a week not so effectively. But also you shouldn't forget also that the excessive eagerness to occupations for beginners won't be able long to remain. The person "fuses" and gives up occupations instead of receiving for himself huge advantage. Therefore two occupations a week this optimum quantity for beginners. Gradually our body will get stronger, will gain strength and "will ask" to increase loading. Speaking about increase in loading, means that to increase also the frequency of occupations in the week, and complexity of the asanas which are carried out by us. But all this comes gradually! We need to remember it, friends!

The yoga doesn't set as the purpose to reach some external indicators. Increase in our force, flexibility and beauty comes by itself together with our regular practicians. But the main thing what you shouldn't forget about when we practice yoga that if in our occupations there is no harmony, then already and yoga it will be impossible to call our practice. It will be gymnastics, acrobatics, but not yoga in any way. Not just to feel it that who only begins to be engaged because we constantly are distracted by external factors. It and is clear. The modern rhythm of life in the cities, megalopolises not especially promotes that we were guided by the inner world more and trusted it. To learn to listen to itself, to trust the internal feelings, we also were given practicians of yoga. It is not the fast, but reliable and checked way. This road which will lead us to our initial condition, the condition of happiness and joy. And not to achieve it without harmonious approach. Therefore we remember that gradual entry into practice very important principle.

Desired occupations will be successful and will yield to us excellent result, will help with life and will teach to listen to themselves! Therefore our task at the initial stages, it to develop the habit.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team