How more effectively to grow thin by means of fitness

How more effectively to grow thin by means of fitness

Process of weight loss will go much quicker if to add exercise stresses to healthy nutrition. However at the same time it is necessary to consider some nuances connected with trainings.

When is: after or to?

Increase in exercise stresses inevitably leads to strengthening of appetite, and it is quite normal, the organism begins to spend energy actively. But there is the problem: if in the course of food to gather it is more calories, than it is spent, weight won't be lost. The exit from this situation following - begin to train in 1.5-2 hours after meal, but till that period when the feeling of hunger becomes strong.

After the training afford easy having a snack, for example, the yogurt glass. In half an hour it is possible to eat fruit in addition. Thus you won't bring yourself to hungry gripes and will burn calories. By the way, after the training the metabolism becomes at several o'clock more intensively.

When to train: in the morning or in the evening?

Be engaged in the mornings. So you not only will put the muscle tone in order, but also "start" metabolism and you will burn more calories during the day. By the way, in the fresh air in this plan it is more productive than occupation.

How to train: approaches or around?

Very often in the description of exercises it is specified what number of approaches needs to be made at its performance. For example, you perform exercise of 15 times, minute have a rest and repeat at first. However such technique will suit more those who already have quite good sportswear and now to seek to support her. The training "around" will be suitable for owners meanwhile of curvy shapes more, that is you at first perform all exercises of the program one behind another in one approach for everyone, and then start the second circle over again from the first exercise. For weight reduction such system is more effective.

The more repetitions, the better?

It appears, this rule works not for all exercises. For example, for press muscles only the first 15-20 repetitions will be effective, then it is necessary to change exercise, or to add burdening or the fitball - with it the training becomes complicated.

Weight left - whether to reduce trainings?

So, you at last lost weight. How now to be with trainings? Whether it is possible to reduce their intensity? Isn't necessary better, on the contrary, it is possible even to increase it, but at the same time to reduce training duration. However it is the best of all if occupation makes not less than 30 minutes. At the same time don't forget to watch food.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team