How not to be tired at run

How not to be tired at run

Run is excellent cardioloading for the organism, it involves practically all groups of muscles and brings the body into the tone. Not to be tired, making jogs, it is quite possible if to carry out simple rules.


1. Run in comfortable clothes. Glance in sports shop, practically you will find department with equipment for run in any of them. You need several things: running sneakers, trousers or shorts and shirt. Sneakers have to approach by the size and not cause inconveniences, the clothes - densely to adjoin, but not to pull together the body (otherwise you will break the blood-groove). The sports bra which will help to keep the breast from extensions is obligatory for girls.

2. Add loading and pace gradually. Beginners often try to begin with long runnings because of what get short wind and stitches. The fact is that the body which isn't adapted for loadings won't be able to apprehend more than fifteen minutes of slow run in the first week. Pace is recommended to be added only from third week. So, by second month of runnings you will be able to run without fatigue symptoms forty-fifty minutes at pretty fast pace.

3. Drink the glass of clear water in fifteen minutes prior to jog. It will help the organism to cope with loadings and not to get dehydration. Is before run it isn't recommended.

4. You monitor breath. The main mistake - sharp breaths and exhalations. It is necessary to get rid of this habit. Breath has to happen into three scores: the breath (one-two-three) - the exhalation (one-two-three). Balanced breath will give much bigger opportunities to runners. Count can be kept by quantity of steps.

5. Don't take the long break between trainings. Not to lose all skills acquired by long efforts try not to interrupt jogs longer, than for the week.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team