How not to be tired at trainings

How not to be tired at trainings

Not to lose energy and to feel constantly in the tone at trainings, it is necessary to keep up with the healthy and balanced nutrition. You remember: the volume of muscles, endurance, and, so and result depends on the diet.


1. Examine pompously inclusion in food of any given product. For example, the main sources of carbohydrates are fruit, potatoes, rice, grain bread, cereals and grain, pasta from firm grades of wheat. Their reception is very important for the people leading active lifestyle. Carbohydrates supply the organism with glucose. It, in turn, accumulating in the liver and muscles, it will be transformed to the glycogen. In this look the power stock of the person is stored in cellulose. Thus, using this group of products, you without feeling of fatigue will also most effectively spend time at the training.

2. For restoration and creation of muscle bulk use the products enriched with proteins. Treat to this group: fish, eggs, low-fat grades of meat (veal, turkey, rabbit, chicken).

3. The use of vegetable fats isn't less necessary at sports activities. You remember: their lack of the diet reduces the tone, reduces efficiency of physical exercises. Enter into the diet vegetable oils, nuts, etc.

4. Pay attention that minerals and vitamins also play the important role. They promote effective transportation of oxygen in the organism, strengthen fabrics and bones. Consider also the fact that at exercise stresses and active lifestyle the plentiful sweating considerably reduces their quantity. Consult to the expert about purpose of the special vitamin and mineral complex.

5. Don't forget to use enough liquid. Its lack of the organism will prevent the normal current of occupations and can cause spasms of muscles. At trainings you keep around the small small bottle of clean drinking water. Thus you in any second will be able to fill the water stock in the organism. But consider that liquid at trainings should be used room temperature.

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