How not to guzzle for the night

How not to guzzle for the night

Is for the night very harmfully. And not only because it harms the figure. For a long time it was proved that late acceptances of food lead to fast aging. But to refuse the dense dinner very much and very difficult, especially if you work till late time, and at work there is no opportunity to have a bite. However there is nothing impossible for the person who aimed.


1. Generally eat for the night for two reasons: because of feeling of hunger and because of boredom. With the first reason to cope much more simply. When want to eat, drink the glass of hot green tea with the tea spoon of honey. Instead of tea it is possible to drink dense tomato juice, it will give feeling of satiety too. However, for a while. But low-calorie liquid can be drunk even before going to bed, it won't do harm to the organism.

2. Surely eat about 5-6 in the evening. Food eaten at this time doesn't do harm. If you have no opportunity to have supper fully, drink the yogurt small bottle, eat fruit or the handful of nuts. After such having a snack in the evening you won't test the increased appetite.

3. In the second half of day don't eat the food flavored with seasonings, they aggravate appetite. It is the one dinner best to eat boiled low-fat meat and vegetables. After such dinner you long won't feel hunger.

4. That isn't for the night, it is possible to involve reflexes and fears. For example, clean teeth. After this action at you the conditioned reflex will work, after evening toothbrushing is it isn't recommended. Hang up on the fridge of the photo of very stout persons. Every time when you want to get food, these photos will provoke unpleasant thoughts. It is also possible to consider pictures with very slender people (or to imagine them) that you had the incentive isn't.

5. Use the aromatherapy in fight against hunger. If you wanted to eat, smell the crust of the citrus, light the aromalamp with fruit aroma or put the drop of perfume over the upper lip. The centers of sense of smell and hunger are nearby therefore after feeling of the pleasant smell getting hungry less.

6. Much more difficult not is for the night if you have nothing to be engaged. The boredom pushes many people on campaigns to the fridge. Therefore it is better to take evenings with useful affairs. If they are absent, take the hot bath with foam or couple of droplets of essential oils. This procedure will help to relax, will dull feeling of hunger and will occupy you for some time.

7. It is also possible to play sports. It works the same way – reduces appetite and takes time. After the exercise stress getting hungry less and it is possible to spend for this occupation the whole evening.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team