How not to recover in the fall

How not to recover in the fall

The cool rainy weather which replaced the summer heat – the excellent opportunity to reduce walks in the fresh air and to enrich the menu with more high-calorie dishes. The result of such changes will quickly affect your figure. Therefore in the first autumn days it is worth thinking of how not to recover and keep symmetry.

It is required to you

  • - cardiovascular machines;
  • - dumbbells;
  • - scales;
  • - subscription to the pool.


1. To receive the necessary number of calories and not to recover, change the diet. Exclude "fast" carbohydrates – pastries, sweets, chips. Refuse semi-finished products in batter, fat meat and pelmeni. Instead use porridges, grain bread, the bird and fish and also soups. Fall – not the most successful time for the diet therefore try not to gather extra kilos.

2. Drink more. Give preference to the clear water, home-made fruit drinks and fresh juices half diluted with water. Also green tea which promotes weight loss will approach. Be not fond of the drinks allowing to lose quickly weight – they break water-salt balance in the organism.

3. Pay special attention to cardioloadings. Master the racetrack, the stepper, the exercise bike. For the best result vary loadings. For example, after ten-minute intensive jog switch the exercise machine and 15 minutes you go the fast pace. Ideally cardioexercises need to give half an hour every day.

4. Begin morning with gymnastics. Master several simple exercises studying your problem zones. If you are inclined to the set of weight in the waist, twist the hoop, carry out bendings, twisting and side extensions. Those who is dissatisfied with the volume of hips should carry out squats of different depth and hanging leg raise.

5. Strengthen the body power exercises. During the fall and winter of the muscle can lose the tone and you will meet spring not in the best form. Add the small power complex to daily gymnastics. Be not engaged with the big weight – for a start quite enough weighting compounds on legs and three-kilogram dumbbells.

6. Register to the pool. Two occupations a week are enough to find the lost summer tone. Don't spend time for splashing and the talk with girlfriends. Float several tracks at fast pace better. Most quicker the butterfly stroke style burns calories. If you didn't master it yet, take several lessons from the coach.

7. Try some new type of fitness. It will improve not only your form, but also mood. It can be the kallanetika, the step aerobics, kickboxing or yoga. One occupation a week for a start is enough. If the new option of fitness is pleasant to you, the intensity of trainings can be increased.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team